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By the Light of Earendil's Star  by Branwyn 3 Review(s)
daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/31/2004
Oh an update! Excellent! I've been away and am looking to see what I missed and found this.

I was amused that Haldan sees himself as forced into a heroic death by Boromir. Actually, Boromir is very interestingly rendered in this chapter. He's plainly younger than Boromir of the Fellowship and he's more reckless ("noble but insanely reckless" as Eldahil thinks). But he's so clever and writers don't often give us a clever Boromir. I liked watching him think about how soldiers -- be they men or Orcs -- could become too well-disciplined. I also really felt for his horror at losing men to the orcs.

I liked the little detail about not looking into the fire when you know you're going to have to shoot into the dark. I'll have to remember that. With your permission, I may find use for it.

Author Reply: Thank you for the review!

I am trying to portray Boromir as extremely intelligent, so I am glad you think he is clever in my story. While Boromir lacks the sharp insight into human nature which Denethor and Faramir possess and he does not share their love of languages and lore, this does not necessarily mean that he is unintelligent! It mystifies me that some writers portray him as a complete chucklehead. (Actually, I recall Tolkien saying that Boromir WAS interested in ancient lore--as long as it involved battles and head-bashing!)

After years of experience as a soldier and commander, he has developed "battlefield intuition" (coup d'oeuil is the actual name for this)--the ability to quickly analyze a situation and seize on an effective course of action. When he was younger, I think Denethor would have made him sit in on strategy sessions and debriefings and then asked him afterwards, "Why did they do that? What would you have done? Why?" Sort of a case study approach to learning tactics and strategy. However, this being Boromir, I do think his heart would occasionally get in the way of making the most rational decision...but that is why we love him! But I ramble! (Sorry, I do have some strong opinions on this...)

Sure, I wouldn't mind if you had the people in your story keep their backs to the fire so they don't lose their night vision! Just be sure to kill a few orcs for me. Regards, Branwyn

GalimerilReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/31/2004
Awww! Don't stop now! This is all that's keeping me going, as school starts tomorrow. :( What ever am I to do? This is a really great story and I'm thouroughly (sp.?) enjoying it. I usually don't read pieces with Boromir or Faramir, but this is quite the exception to the rule! Update soon!
Galimeril ;D

Author Reply: Galimeril--
Thanks so much for letting me know you like this! I don't have much free time to spend on writing, so the next chapter won't appear until near the end of September. Sorry about the slow updates. But I can hardly wait to publish this next one! *evil grin*
Good luck with school (I can't believe the summer is over...)

RAKSHA THE DEMONReviewed Chapter: 9 on 8/29/2004
You really didn't need much help with this! Great chapter; the last paragraph is particularly scary; excellent visual of the orcs closing in, their eyes like those of wolves...

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