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By the Light of Earendil's Star  by Branwyn
After an ambush in Ithilien, young Faramir has little hope of rescue from his captors or from his own despair. Unless help unlooked for should arrive ...
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Prisoner; News from Ithilien2
Chapter  2: Hope Fades; Stealing Away4
Chapter  3: On the River; On the Road2
Chapter  4: Of Rhymes and Ruins2
Chapter  5: Draw the Bow; Let Loose the Arrow5
Chapter  6: Red Was the Sunset3
Chapter  7: Lessons; In Harm's Way5
Chapter  8: Of Milestones and Journeys5
Chapter  9: At the Farmhouse; Under Siege3
Chapter 10: Of Snowflakes and Swords4
Chapter 11: Rode the Fair Horselords5
Chapter 12: Sticks and Stones; Rescue5
Chapter 13: Waking the Dead; Well Met Indeed7
Chapter 14: Fair Sailing; Far Seeing6
Chapter 15: Of Laurel Wreaths and Poppies8
Chapter 16: On A Knife's Edge; Letters7
Chapter 17: The Bonds of Fealty and Kinship6
Chapter 18: Oft the Old Tales are True3
Chapter 19: Epilogue7

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