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By the Light of Earendil's Star  by Branwyn 4 Review(s)
FiliKiliReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/28/2004
What a great story! So much excitement! Poor Faramir, snatched and bullied by Varag the orc! Hope that Hirluin kills Varag and can get Faramir out of harm's way...

Author Reply: Thanks for the kind review! I do wish I could just send Boromir over to whack off that darn orc's head, but unfortunately Boromir is otherwise occupied at the moment. ;-D

mirthorReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/27/2004
My first time reviewing fanfic - just wanted to say I've read this since it's beginning & look forward to every update. The descriptions are vivid, the action seems realistic, the story is exciting and not rushed (though it'd be great if you updated more often).

I also appreciate that you haven't bashed Denethor - while I understand many see him as a villian & assume, by Peter's Jackson's version, that he was abusive and neglectful, I do not believe that is the man Tolkein intended, nor that any of Tolkein's information has given us. Yes, he may often have been displeased by his youngest, but that does not mean he was a tyrant to him all his life, as so many write him to be. You haven't done much with Denethor yet, but what's been hinted so far seems refreshing to me.

Author Reply: Mirthor--

Thank you for writing, especially since this is your first review!

Regarding the action scenes, I have tried to write them realistically, so I am extremely happy if they seem convincing. I do have an interest in military history, plus I do some shooting with a bow. And I have the services of a "military advisor"--my husband, a long-time student of the martial arts. He answers my questions about arms and armor, and he offers suggestions for my fight scenes; when I need to visualize a fight, he gets out a shield and wooden sword (he used to do medieval re-enacting) and we walk through the moves. If I need a sneaky trick for someone to use, I just ask him!

Sorry I can't update more often (but glad that you see that as a bad thing!). I just don't have enough free time [sigh]. Perhaps I should try to write shorter chapters?

Regarding Denethor, I agree that Peter Jackson distorted the character almost beyond recognition. Denethor treated his second son very unfairly and he was not a particularly kind or pleasant person, but he was not the villain portrayed in the film. People forget that by the time we actually see Denethor in the book, he has just lost his oldest son (only three weeks before, I believe) and he is already losing his sanity. Yes, Denethor does play a bigger part in future chapters of my story (hope that doesn't scare anyone away--it will be OK, really!).

Thanks again for writing!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/27/2004
A great cliffhanger chapter! Eldahil and Haldan are in terrible danger, either dead or soon to be dead. Faramir's courage in making Hirluin hide while Faramir faces the terrifying enemy wounded and helpless is well-written. The horror of Faramir's recapture is particularly gripping. And Hirluin steps out with a vengeance; he shoots, he scores!

Faramir's nightmare, and the concept of Varag as the werewolf from Denethor's tale are well done.

Author Reply: Thanks for writing! Hirluin has definitely come out of the stands and onto the court, LOL. It remains to be seen if he will win the game or go down in defeat....but he is a stubborn sort, so it won't be for lack of trying! I am glad you caught the reference to Denethor's storytelling to his young sons, which was way back in Chapter 3 (written almost six months ago).

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 10 on 9/27/2004
"So like my noble cousin to charge off to die with glory, while the rest of us just get to die. " I love this kind of cynical comment.

And the shifting battle scenes were tense as always. I really felt for each soldier and you focused in on them.

Author Reply: Hullo,
Thanks for the review (my first for this chapter--yay!).
Note that Eldahil very rarely says those little asides out loud, and though he curses like the proverbial sailor (no coincidence there), he is far too well-bred to curse out loud. ;-)

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