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By the Light of Earendil's Star  by Branwyn 5 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/28/2004
Excedingly well written. Am enjoying it immensely.

annmarwalkReviewed Chapter: 8 on 7/31/2004
Branwyn: Please park yourself in your writing chair, with your lucky writing hat and socks on, and lots of tasty caffeine or golden beverages, and a goodly supply of fortifying snacks, and don't move until this is finished!

Author Reply: Ann--
I will do my best to hurry, but I write really sloooowwwly (and then there are the many, much-needed rewrites....). I started on Chapter One back in the middle of February. But now I know the problem--I do not possess a lucky writing hat! With so many of the characters in this story carrying around sharp pieces of steel, I do feel a little uneasy about drinking and writing--someone might get hurt. However, I did just pour myself a nice cuppa coffee, so that should help. With luck, Chapter 9 will be out there before the last week of August. Thanks for writing, and I am glad you like the story. Regards, Branwyn

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 8 on 7/31/2004
Yay! They're doing OK so far. I fervently hope that everyone you've introduced us to will survive.

I like Boromir's determination not to leave the wounded man.

Author Reply: Daw--
Yes, Anborn has been out in the woods with the orcs just a LITTLE too long. Please don't think I am implying that all rangers would act similarly; however, I do think there would be a few rangers like him. It would be difficult to fight such a ruthless foe without becoming equally ruthless. This man has gone over the line from being a soldier to being a partisan; at this point in time, he is following his own set of rules. It could be argued that he is acting correctly (and mercifully), but I don't think so and Boromir doesn't think so.

EilenachReviewed Chapter: 8 on 7/31/2004
You are writing a great tale! In this chapter, just as I think you are going to wrap things up, events turn for the worse again and you ratchet up the tension level. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 8 on 7/31/2004
Hooray! A new chapter. Loved the fight scenes, the plot thickens, and poor Faramir is in peril - if the orcs don't get him, the fever might.

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