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Rhapsody's ramblings  by Rhapsody 4 Review(s)
shireboundReviewed Chapter: 20 on 9/28/2013
What a sweet, lovely story!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/26/2009
A most small, delightful prince here, luxuriating in physical and emotional warmth. I say this, who has two kitties currently cuddling up to me! Heh!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/24/2009
Awwwwwww. Cute kitty! Glad that the little feline refugee from Ost-en-Edhil found a good home in Imladris. I can see Elrond being kind to animals, and having many pets over the years.

Lady_RoisinReviewed Chapter: 20 on 7/24/2009
I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed this story. I love the title, the description of the cat. I love the image of the cat's eyes, the way it moves, all of that. I especially love the image of the cat sitting on Elrond's lap (lol, I accidently typed Eli first, teehee.) This was suh a fun read. Yes, you must consider makin the cat a daddy. :-) I just truly loved this so much.

Author Reply: I hardly write fluff and added to that, once I gave into the plot-kitten's demands... it just flew. Who knows, perhaps Miuro manages to climb into my legs again with those charming kitty eyes... Thanks Roisin, I am so happy that (re-)reading this brings you so much pleasure!

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