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Reunion in Minas Tirith  by Baggins Babe 72 Review(s)
Tallis KeetonReviewed Chapter: 14 on 9/2/2020
Frodo is happy and healed. That is the best part of the story. I love that he could have stayed but at the same time I must admit that I was always getting some problems with accepting fanfictions with storyline in which he died in mortal lands. I prefer these versions in which he sailed and lived many years waiting for Sam – maybe even not aging much – but not becoming immortal. I dont like the storylines in which he simply died after the war from his wounds – the tragic versions, or even the ones in which he was healed and lived long and happy but died at normal old age. I always prefered the Valinor’s death scenes with longer years given him.

As I m not fluent in English, esp in speaking/writing I have to make some citations from some other comments to help me with my own comment :

„ Rose is a jewel to understand this so completely. „

This is how you properly express immense thanks for your version of Rosie. She is mostly ommited in many other fanfictions. And I must say that as a charachter for longer stories she has great potential. And your Rosie is one of my fav Rosies in any ff I’ve ever read. There are only two long fanfiction novels in which Rosie’s development as a novel charachter is as great as I would see her to be in original LOTR. It was this „Reunion” series of yours and the stories from „Preatty Good Year” series. Though those stories showed the 3 of them as lovers (threesome) and I prefer that Rosie has more sibling-like relations with Frodo. With of course a bit of mothering and bossing. But „Preatty Good Year” was also great bunch of stories, very sweet and about loving family though not so happy as this story becouse in PGY series Frodo is not healed but lives longer with the two of them.
And I love the scene with Rosie and the map. Just few days ago I was boringly scrolling through Piterest and I found these Middle-Earth maps compared to the maps of our continents. And the line of Frodo’s travel was overlayed on the real USA map. And it started at the centre of Nevada and ended somewhere at the borders of Florida. This struck me. Such incredible long way on foot mostly. This is what Rosie would felt at this moment.

„ I don't think Sam could be happier, could he, surrounded by *all* his treasures. „

It was one of the nicest parts of the story – Sam being whole not torn in two. And I realy like how he can be bossy and snickering toward the Capitains.

The Valars intervention was also big part of my reason to appreciate this story.
Becouse at the end of LOTR it seems to me that all those Valars, Maiars, Kings and Lords simply didnt even care. Didnt even try to help him. It was sooo utterly unfair. It was not fair. All these people simply got what they wanted – mainly becouse of him – and just didnt make any effort to help him, to heal him. It was like they forgot him. My anger for Valars and all those guys is always so white-hot at the end of the book or at the end of any sad or tragic fanfiction. And here at last I was given the proper divine intervention I would liked to see. And proper celebration in Minas Tirith.

„Nice royal intervention too”

This part was so hilarious. I just adore this part. But I agree that the king should done something with all this mess with citizens who didnt know nothing about the Quest. I think that Aragorn was not a guy who could forget his honor and not find a way to show every citizen – not just the nearest ones in the city – just who in reality brought him his crown. He was of course not a prideful king.

„I could get down on my knees and for the same reason.”

I could get down on my knees too. Before our Lord Iorhael.
Esp his version from Larner’s stories. I just adore this ff version of him.
Although your version of the charachter is actualy more funny and thats becouse here he is healed.
Actualy I guess that my fav version of Frodo was constructed becouse Larner’s stories gave me the parts with more solemn and courtius Lord Iorhael but your stories gave me the parts with more funny and joyous Uncle Frodo. For me he is both of them.

Your chapters about Rufus are also on my list of fav fanfics of all time. And you must know that for about 20 years I probably read some 3 K of tolkienian fanfics. Rufus is one of my fav charachter from your stories just after Frodo, Rosie and Esme and thats becouse I m huge fan of cats. Often I got between 2 and 5 of them and at one time I got 7.

„ I love LoTR, but I've always felt that the way it ends is sad in a way. „

For me the original book ending was generaly happy ending – with adequate awards for everyone. And as Tolkien said in one of his letters (if I remember correctly?) Frodo could chose one of two ways both of them not so happy – to be gone either „by ship or grave.” So yes, the only reason I could see chosing the ship as better way is that he could not be living longer than a few years. I guess that if there could be any chance of being healed in ME or even not being healed but living with the sickness a proper amount of years he would have chosen to stay with his friends. I think that 10 years with friends and family is better than 100 years with strangers. Even in the paradise of Valinor.
But the original book ending was a happy ending with a twist. Not the strightforward, simple kind of happy ending. This is why LOTR is such an exquisite book. I havent read many fantasy novels - maybe about 12 of these - but those I read were with simple happy endings mostly. The Scouring part and the Grey Heavens part were not such simple as the endings in the other novels. This is why I think that LOTR Jackson’s adaptation is great but would be even greater with the Scouring part.
And I always liked any scenes with rebelions. Be it in the books or movies. In every book or every movie. I m always the reader who cheers for those heroes who turned rebels. Its just probably in my Slavic DNA. 😊 One of my main disapointments with PJ movies ( beside this horrible flattening of Frodo’s role and twisting of Faramir’s charachter ) was that there wasnt chance to see this part with rebelion. I would love to see the epic movie scenes with Took’s archers decimating invading Men from trees, roofs and hedges.
Actualy do you have any story with Hobbits archers? I would love to see it in your writing.

„A very vivid description of the celebration of Ring-Day”

I love this chapter as most chapters in this story. Including these harsh, brutal, painful chapters about Frodo’s illness. Whenever I need some powerful tearjerker to cry for a few minutes I come back to these sad chapters. Or to some Valinorean scenes from Larner’s and Antane’s stories. But the name „Ring-Day” just doesnt seem to be proper name for the celebration of victory over the Rings. I m glad that the king holds celebration of Frodo’s birthay as national holiday – its only fair and proper - but „Ring Day” is not a name I would have applied to Ringbearer’s b-day.

„Gandalf and Galadriel moved the Valar to intervene!”

This was kind of eukatastrophe I would love to see in the original.

I m addict of reading ME fanfiction.
But from time to time I translate some of my fav stories. I’ve translated mostly stories of my fav authors. And these authors are Larner, Dreamflower, Shirebound, Lindelea, Antane, Pearl Took, Arathlitiel, Elendiari, Citrine and few others. I translate mostly shorter stories from a drabble up to 4 chapters. Mostly Hobbits-centered and Fellowship-centered stories. And sometimes it is about Eowyn or Gimli or Bilbo or Gondorians or Rivendell.
I would like to translate some of your stories too. If you dont mind?
I realy like findings of stories in which there is some „canonical” dialogue between two persons about whom we know that they must have talked at some point – for example at the coronation time after the war – but we dont have any of their interactions in the books or movies. Like Sam and Legolas, Eowyn and Pippin, Eomer and Frodo, Radagst and Gandalf, Faramir and Merry.
Most of my translations are general topics - funny or lyrical or spiritual kind. Sometimes its more dramatic or tragic topics too like the AUs in which all of the Fellowship was killed in the war. And once I’ve translated even horror-kind story with Aragorn. Usualy I dont translated adventure ff becouse the better ones of adventures stories I can find are mostly too long novels. And I m not patient enough to translate a story with more than 4 or 5 chapters. Though I like long adventures stories like those of Budgielover. Thats why I also dont translate the ff about long travels. For example to Harad.
I prefer to translate dialogues, remembrances and internal reflections. And I like the topic of „clash of cultures” – like in ff in which Haradrim’s embassy is introduced with the kings company in Gondor. The only battle scenes I ever translated were the ones in the Scouring timeline.
And I dont translate romances, het or slash, or any erotic scenes or anthing like this. The closest to this topic was a translation of short lines about Eowyn dreaming about Faramir beofore their bethrotal day, just becouse it were lines starting a longer ff about Eowyn talking with Frodo. I dont translate these topics becouse I dont think that I have enough skill in English to translate romances and erotica in any good way and my native language is not one very useful to translate such topics, in this language all in this topic seems either stupid and sentimental or too medical and brutal.
But I very like to translate friendship’s scenes and funny scenes. With Rosie, Sam and their children too.
To this point I avoided translating of long stories with canonical death scenes of the heroes though I like to translate the scenes about Afterlife of the main heroes.
And I also avoided too brutal tortures scenes. Though I translated few fanfics with Frodo’s illness scene but these were very short scenes.
The politics and legal matters of 3th and 4th ages are very interesting topics for me as reader and as translator. I like the politics between Gondorians and Haradrims and between Gondorians and dwarves. But I also done few ff of non-Shire and non-Fellowship topics which means Silmarilion topics. Like the tragic story with Melian lamenting after Elured and Elurin.
I also like the stories about earlier generation of hobbits – with parents and uncles and aunties of the four hobbits. But only with their parents, uncles and aunties as youngsters and adults. Like young Sara and Esme helping Frodo, or Bilbo and Lobelia quareling. I m mostly bored by the stories about the childhood of earlier generations of their families. So I m not into ff about the childhood of Primula or Saradoc or smt like this. So I like the ff about the older memebers of the four hobbits families but with the 4 of them in the background as younger ones. Though I adore the short ffs with Primula and little Fro
So for a long time I would planned to ask you (humbly) if you would agree to me translating few of your „Shire Sketchbook” scenes? The funny ones with Rufus and children mostly?
I know that Larner liked the idea of my translations. And I translated about 20 of her shorter stories. And some of the others like Pear Took, Arathlitiel, Dreamflower, Lindelea, Iorhael and Citrine have agreed for this or that of their stories. I want to say that even though my speaking/writing abilities are not very well my translations are much, much better.
I’ve read many of your stories : Shire Sketchbook, A realm regained, Growing up tales, A Centenary of Special Significance, Old Scores, Birthday Surprises, Tea and Seedcakes, the Stars Danced 😊, the Neighbourly thing to do, Buckland celebration, Protocol and Pipeweed, Reunion in Minas Tirith,
Warm Greetings from your humble fan

LouReviewed Chapter: 14 on 7/15/2011
I said I would leave a proper, non-tear-soaked review at the end, and so I do. I have never had particular thoughts on Rose, though I loved her for loving Sam, but your story has made me see what a remarkable hobbitess she is! I really enjoyed her as almost the main character, and particularly her sister/mother interactions with Frodo. Merry and Pippin are my favourite characters in the canon, and they were charming here, too. I would have loved at least a glimpse of their wives (I felt rather sorry for them, being abandoned by their husbands so often during the story!) as I think they probably ought to be rather special too, to be married to such special hobbits. The journey into Mordor was very well done, and a nice way to show exactly what they all fought for, especially with the young lads accompanying them and chattering.

And the Shire, when you were telling that part of the story-I could just see Bracegirdles and Boffins and all manner of other folk, first snubbing Frodo and then making him pies; the Shire positively danced off the page, as did the Gamgee children. I liked the remark about Sam and Frodo-lad and the glut of pumpkins. (I'm sorry. I know I'm listing random and rather inconsequential things in this review, but I didn't want to clog up your inbox with too many reviews, though I was sorely tempted). It was so marvellous to see the Fellowship almost altogether, and particularly the honouring of Boromir, who I always thought was wonderful until he stumbled for a moment.

And of course, Frodo is happy and healed. That is the best part of the story! Now he needs to return home for a nice plump wife (though maybe not so plump as Mrs Bracegirdle!) and half a dozen faunts. Or one at least.

Thanks again for a wonderful story! I'll be wandering through the rest of your AU verse over the next few days :)


LouReviewed Chapter: 9 on 7/15/2011
I was planning to wait until the end of the story to leave one long, impossibly gushing review, but after this chapter I couldn't bear to wait any longer. I have found it very difficult to read in places, particularly at the start, for my father suffers extensive mental illness and has exhibited most of the same symptoms as Frodo. In fact, I almost stopped reading--and I'm so glad I didn't. I have been in tears a ridiculous number of times since I started reading: such a silly thing for me to say, but it's almost like reading about Dad getting better, to read about Frodo's miracle healing, and it has cheered me up so much. I mean, of course I know that that kind of turnaround doesn't happen in real life so often, but it gave me a lift at a very difficult time. I guess maybe you thought you were just writing a story, but this has touched me in a very genuine way and given me a touch of optimism about my dad's condition which I haven't felt in a long time. So thank you, so so much!

And why this chapter? Well, I'm a children's nurse by profession, so to read all about the children's hospital being made in the hobbits' honour... oh, I am so happy! Of course, there are all the things I could and probably should say about how excellent the writing is and how in character everyone is (and I love adventurous Rose), but maybe I will save those for another review at the end of the story. I just felt like I ought to tell you how much this story has meant to me already, ridiculous though it may sound. Thankyou again!


Darth StitchReviewed Chapter: 14 on 12/28/2008
You realize, don't you, that you have to eventually write the meeting of the ENTIRE family at Anuminas right? I want to see the hobbit kids, the Gondor kids and the Rohan kids all getting into mischief together! Whee!

Seriously, I love this AU of yours... it is absolutely delightful. Frodo Lives! has been the battle cry of LOTR fans ever since and this AU is a wonderful portrait on a life well lived.

Every time I feel crappy, I find myself wandering over to this site, wanting to read the newest stories in this AU or re-visiting the old ones. It always cheers me up or as the LOTR gang might put it - it does gladden my heart.

Author Reply: What a delight, to discover a new reader and a new review. I'm thrilled that you like this AU of mine, which has grown from rather a small acorn into a reasonable sapling!

I'm sure all those children will be more than capable of getting into mischief, and watching them will certainly be fun.

Enjoy the other tales in this universe.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/3/2007
"We'll, we're back," he said.

I'm finally finished! And what a lovely last sentence - we're instead of I'm. Love it! Sam would indeed be the happiest hobbit around - if he's not in a tie for first with his master - simply because of that.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 13 on 11/3/2007
A wonderful birthday indeed! Love Frodo trying to get his arms around everyone trying to hug him - he loves being an uncle as much as I love being an aunt sounds like - and very glad he is finally realizing more completely that he is worthy of such love. He and Sam will always be each other's heroes, always each insisting they did nothing much on the Quest and it was the other who really got the job done.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 11 on 11/3/2007
Celeborn smiled to see Frodo so happy. This was as it should be, and Mithrandir and Galadriel would approve completely.

And so would I. Too bad it couldn't have really been this way, but we have to hope he was happy and peaceful in the West and still very much knitted to souls of his three shadows. :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 9 on 11/3/2007
"You were what kept Sam going, and quite right too. I think he thought of me a time or two, but it was his love for you which kept him by your side."

Quite right indeed. Rose is a jewel to understand this so completely. Yes, it is too bad that not everyone could see what sacrifices were made, what a long, long journey it was, in body, heart and soul for Frodo and Sam. Love also the visit to the memorials and Frodo and Sam leaving flowers at Faramir's mother's grave.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 8 on 11/3/2007
Sam WAS home, had always been home...

And Frodo was home for Sam and now his Rose and their children. I don't think Sam could be happier, could he, surrounded by *all* his treasures. I love the idea of the memorial gardens too. Very Frodo like indeed to have thought of that and understanding of Sam who knew his beloved's heart so well. And Aragorn and Frodo's scene in the beginning was very nice too - two other kindred spirits. The trip into Mordor should be interesting.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 7 on 11/3/2007
Hear hear to Gandalf and Galadriel's words of wisdom! And that most stubborn of Baggins listened too! :) Wonderful!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

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