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Buckland Celebration  by Baggins Babe 5 Review(s)
AntaneReviewed Chapter: 4 on 10/21/2007
Never get between a Gamgee and a Baggins when they argue about who is most heroic - they will never agree that they both were! And he was dancing again and happy and Sam is joyful because he is.

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

MirkwoodmaidenReviewed Chapter: 4 on 6/20/2005
my dear BB!

Once again you have outdone yourself! I found the bit about the blowing of the horn to be stirring. And of course it follows that any celebration the hobbits would have a banquet. I like the bit about "Watkins Ale" made me laugh!!

You have the wonderful facilty of writing dialog that seems to come straight from their hearts. Even their light moods there is a nicely level of depth in the characters.

You've traced Frodo's recover with real skill. I have enjoyed reading about the path of his journey back towards who he has been and who he will become?


Author Reply: My dear MM!

Thank you for that review. I thought 'Watkin's Ale' was a suitably hobbity song! As you say, can't have a hobbit party without food.

It was fun trying to imagine the celebration and the blowing of the Horn of Rohan. Glad the dialogue is realistic.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/17/2005
What an absolutely delightful chapter! I am so in love with this story, and with this AU!

Some of the things that just give me pleasant chills are the way Frodo can now speak freely of the sad facts of his past, such as his loss of parents and of the terrible experiences of the Quest, and the way, even though he is now well, Merry and Pippin and Sam are still so protective of him.

Pippin's expression for early morning cracked me up! The "crack of sparrow-fart" indeed! LOL!

I also love the way the motherly types still mother Frodo to death--and the way the lasses are still attracted to Frodo. ( I will go against the tide, though--I know several readers want you to have a romance for Frodo, but I like the way you have made him happy without a wife or child. He *has* family: Sam, Rose, their brood, his cousins...I too, believe that could have been enough to fulfill him. If you *do* decide to, it's going to take some convincing for me!)

I see that you also like to make Pippin musical (the lute and mandolin for your Pip, huh?) And the dances--"Gathering Peascods" I'm familiar with, but not "Lilac Time"! I am also familiar with "Watkin's Ale" and you are right it is a very naughty song--*tsk*tsk*tsk*. ( I love the version by the Baltimore Consort.)

This chapter was fun!fun!fun! And I look forward to the next update!

Author Reply: I had a friend who always used that expression to describe an early start!:-))

Yes, 'Watkin's Ale' is a very naughty song - I first heard it on the UK's classical music station and later bought the cd 'Nutmeg and Ginger - Songs from Shakespeare's London' so it is a good bawdy Elizabethan ditty.

I really think Frodo is very fulfilled with his extended family and at present I think that is enough. I think the women in his family like to fuss over him, and Esme, like any mother, still thinks of him as the little orphan lad.

Glad you enjoyed it. Working on Chapter 5 now!

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/14/2005
"You're so bloody modest you each insist the other one was the bravest. Save me from stubborn Bagginses and Gamgees!" That's so true. Merry has always been a good observer, when it comes to Frodo.

It is good to see Frodo so happy again, but I'm not giving up hope yet, that there might be a Mrs Baggins some day!

Author Reply: Yes, Merry knows his friends very well and has been observing Frodo for years.

You never know what plot bunnies may attack me - there are dozens of the little dears!

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 4 on 5/13/2005
What a marvelous, love-filled celebration. But I love the gentle teasing the best...

"This time you're going to light the beacon." Pip thrust the torch into Frodo's hand.

"Me? Why?"

"To celebrate the fact that you're here to light the beacon, you blockheaded Baggins!"

Author Reply: As Merry says to Aragorn in the Houses of Healing, hobbits cover their true feelings with humour and light-hearted coments, so I think the teasing covers all their emotional feelings about Frodo being with them.

Glad you enjoyed the celebration - and the teasing.

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