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Mithrim  by perelleth 15 Review(s)
BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/1/2006
Lost, poor elves. And as broken as Maedhros hanging from Thangorodrim, whether they know it or not. Do you think they became who they did in defiance of their doom? Refused to mourn the elves they should have been - for love of their father - and embraced the fate of kinslayers? I'm not particularly fond of the 'C' sons of Feanor - while the 'A' sons seem a bit character-free - but I do pity them. For love of their father, they followed him into a fate worse than death.

I love Huan's viewpoint. Excellent stuff. So much said, so succinctly.

Author Reply: Thank-you again, Bodkin, this was most generous of you!

I had never before given much thought to the sons of Feanor. As many things drafted and redrafted along the years by Tolkien, I suspect that most of the seven were there mainly to exemplify the different ways of coping with or reacting to an an evil they had call upon themselves. The twins seem to live apart and come in only at the call of the oath, being ruthless in the fulfillment of their task, while the Cs seem to have indulged in different ways of minor evilness, "since we are at it" with Maglor and Maedhros representing the "tragic" figures of trying to give meaning and honur to what was meaningless and honourless. Don't know.

I had great fun in Huan's head. I'm glad that you enjoyed it as well.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 12/1/2006
Poor child.

She was young to lose Elenwe - a good thing she had that family that she did to look after her ... but even then ... They are all badly damaged.

And the strength of Aredhel and Artanis must seem far less unconventional in the face of the suffering of the Helcaraxe.

Sad. Beautiful, but sad.

Author Reply: I had fun picturing Turgon as a devoted father, intent on raising a perfect princess and terrified by his tomboy sister and cousin... but surely the ice must have changed all that.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 12/1/2006

Fingon showed great courage there. I wonder if Maedhros thought his rescue was a kindness - or not ...

Huan sees the love between the brothers - and I'm not at all sure Mandos's fate didn't need defiance. It seems cruel to condemn all those who were bound to follow their lords. The sons of Feanor no less than their bondselves.

And I think it delivered several lessons for Idril to learn. Independent thinking isn't such a bad thing. Taking responsibility for your own decisions and not indulging in blind obedience.

(Fingon seems to be his niece's hero. And fair enough.)

Author Reply: wonder if Maedhros thought his rescue was a kindness - or not .../i> Yes. At times it must hve seemed a cruel joke to him...

Again Huan is one of the, still defiant of the powers, and hoping that a Vala ( one or all) could be defied and defeated. They still hoped then, I bet...

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 4 on 12/1/2006
Idril sees remarkably clearly.

Poor Maedrhos. And Maglor. Neither of them were born for this. Nor the rest of Feanor's horde, really. They have found themselves mired irretrievably in deeds that cannot be reconciled with the elves they were meant to be.

Author Reply: Idril seemed to me as a pov sufficently separated from the deep of things, yet close enough to have a revealing, reflective and somewaht compassionate point of view. She must have known them, if distantly, and after all that she and her people have suffered, she has had enough training to see the marks of suffering in others, I think.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 5 on 12/1/2006
I'm going backwards!

I can't help but pity the sons of Feanor. They had little choice but to follow their father - and he wasn't exactly the most rational of elves. Then, once they had taken that oath and followed him into exile, they were already condemned. Of course, had they not indulged in the Second and Third Kinslayings, they would have been a lot more forgivable.

Huan's point of view is very interesting. I like the distinction between the dark-heads and the golden-heads. And Maedhros has moments of indulging in a humility that really make me like him.

Fantastic summary of the family relationships of the Silmarillion in remarkably few words.

Author Reply: I'll go backwards as well, then, :-)

This was an old piece that I had not finished posting here, as I discovered the other day. I enjoyed very much figuring out Huan's point of view of the family. He saw himself as one of the feanorians, he was doomed himself (to meet the most powerful hound that walked the earth) and so I suspect that until Celegorm's definite fall from grace in Nargothrond, he was quite faithful to their cause, and saw Fingolfin and his kin as usurpers, and was shocked by mAedhros' decison..

Thank-you for taking the time, Bodkin.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 5 on 11/29/2006
Anyone who's ever had a dog will recognize Huan's loyalty, although I suppose Huan is an exceptional dog. :-)

Author Reply: Yes, they are loyal to a fault, aren't they? Cats should learn from dogs, I say!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 4 on 11/29/2006
The Feanorians are pitiable in their doom, despite the evil they worked. And yet, I don't think I could have mustered much pity for them had I been Idril. Too many people suffered for what seems to me to be their deranged, self-centered obsession.

Author Reply: Aww, Daw, thank-you for making the effort...
I think there comes a time of realization when one is able to separate the deed from the doer, rejecting the first and pitying the second...and perhaps the circumstances helped Idril here, since she saw herself surrounded and warmed by family and people while confronting those fools before them...

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 4/20/2005
OK. Let me see if I've got the F elves sorted out. It's Maedhros and Fingon(?). Anyway the cousin who loved him and freed him by cutting his hand off.

So I wonder what this all meant to Idril in the future when Gondolin was collapsing around her.

Author Reply: OK, you do have a way, :-) !!! I...somehow have the feeling that I'm making you suffer unnecesarily daw! :-)

So let's see:

a) Yes, Findekano is Fingon, and Russandol is Maedhros, so yes, 10 points!

b)Idril had a bad feeling concerning Maeglin and the future of the city, and, without telling her father, she did what she "thought that had to be done", and had a secret passage delved, that helped so many people escape the Fall of Gondolin.

Always at your service ;-)

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/17/2005
Perelleth, I really liked these. You're able to pack so much into such a few words and NOT leave me feeling like something is unfinished. Your drabbles are round and whole. I'm truly impressed. These seven carried powerful images and such powerful emotions. VERY well done.


Author Reply: Well, THANKS! (blushes) I sometimes fear I'm imposing upon kind readers...I'm SO glad you find them round and complete!, for these are the equivalent to stories to me. I'm struggling to write a long story, but I keep unsheathing my blade and cutting at everything! economy of words, I fear, blame my job! Thanks again, it's very encouraging to read from you!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 4/16/2005
Again, it's very interesting how the POV gives these little pieces a theme that's tied together and adds depth. I liked these, even if I do have trouble keeping the Quenya names sorted.

Author Reply: Oh, oh.. I feared it would be that way, that all that quenya stuff and subsequent foot notes would make it even more difficult, if not plainly discouraging... Thanks for letting me know, daw! Maybe I'll go back and do some cleaning up! I always can blame Thingol!;-) Thanks again!

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