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New beginnings  by perelleth 79 Review(s)
AldwenReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 9/7/2023
Fantastic story! The events, the humour, the characterizations!
And the ending... "...a land that was now free of evil..." Oh, this was heartbreaking!
Thank you so much for this!

Author Reply: Sorry I had not seen this. Thanks for letting me know. I am particularly fond of this story, I was at a time in which levity came naturally to me, although as you noticed, the future was not as promising or happy as I made it be. But still they kept on going. I am happy that you enjoyed it!

mystarlightReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/26/2018
I love this story and absolutely love your senseof humour. Thank you so much for sharing.

KloseReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 4/8/2010
It seems I never reviewed the last chapters of this story, which is odd and terrible since I know I read them, and loved them.

I'm really quite in awe of how much you've accomplished with this story - there's political maneveuring, diplomatic issues, family, friendship and so much more. The little details - like Ingil's new friend - truly make this story (and the little post-War of Wrath encampment) come to life.

This is definitely one of those stories I'll come back to re-read every now and again, and having just done so, I know it will be as funny, heart-warming and engaging as it was the first time I read it! Thank you so much for writing this, and sharing your wonderful portrayals of these great characters with us!

Author Reply: Well, seems like I never answered this review, so I apologize for that! Thank you very much again for all those kind words. I really had a great time in this story, it's good to see that readers did too.

HalethReviewed Chapter: 5 on 10/11/2008
The vision of Ingil, son of Ingwe with a seagull perched upon his head will haunt me for some days. The comparison between the calm, measured life in Valinor and the hectic, chaotic life of Middle-earth is an interesting one. The confusion and sense of misplacement would be quite real.

Poor Erenion. Honest to goodness, though. For supposedly being perfect or next to perfect, Tolkien's elves certainly could carry a grudge. It's not a glowing character trait. Mortals forgive each other far worse in far less time.

I really enjoyed Elrond's musings on the differences between himself and his twin. Tolkien doesn't have much to say on the reasons the brothers chose different fates. Your ideas really add depth to Elrond, who has had millenia to reconcile all of the different elements of his background and upbringing by the time we see him in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Erestor with his love of schedules and proper penmanship makes me laugh. It's one way to try to impose order on a chaotic world but I doubt he'll have much luck with Erenion.

Author Reply: Ingil "a la Siddharta" as Bodkin dubbed him, appeared out of nothing in this chapter and I haven't been able to get rid of him!

I think that in this story all the things that I had thought of these characters simply filtered out, and made for an entertaining chaos to write. SInce we know what happens to these characters and the most imporntatn events in their lives, it is difficult to figure out situations that are interesting enough, but the chaos of this camp at this moment and the many personalities and intersts clashing offered a welcome chance. I hope you have fun reading the rest, and thank you for letting me know! :-)

KloseReviewed Chapter: 7 on 3/15/2007
Lovely to see that short mention of Anaire - between her, Nerdanel and Earwen, people seem to forget that she also lost her husband and all her children (and most of her grandchildren) to death.

Very nice to see the conversation between Ereinion and Finarfin being described to Ciran - yet another unusual story-telling device, and yet it tells us just as much about the complex relationship between Cirdan and Ereinion. Father/son, brother/brother, mentor/student, etc.

And I do now feel that much more for Finarfin, too, now that I see the reason for his antagonism towards Celebrimbor. It's justified, I would say, but still a bit unfair to Celebrimbor - and that for me is such a poignant reminder of how messy and tangled relationships truly are, and I'm in awe of how you've showed that here - in this whole story, really, but also in this chapter as seen from the discussion between Oropher and Celeborn.

So many difficult things tackled in this chapter, but you really do make all this look so easy, with all the details and threads you incorporate into the narrative. This is easily becoming one of my favourite 'classic' fanfiction stories! :D

KloseReviewed Chapter: 4 on 3/11/2007
I loved the... discussion of Galadriel and Celeborn being depicted from the perspective of the guards, their irreverent observations are easy to relate to, and give it the right touch of humour.

And I'm not sure how you managed to do it, but that has to be the best dinner party scene I've ever read! (And you do have me intensely curious about just how exactly things went down for Fingolfin during the Mereth Aderthad! Any chance we will ever see that? :D) All your carefully wrought threads of tension came together very nicely, and despite there being quite a number of them, I think it's indicative of your talent that I could keep up with everything without being too confused.

I have to say, Elros is quite an endearingly obnoxious young man, isn't he!

Author Reply: THe poor guards were looking for a dignified way ou of that tight spot!

(And you do have me intensely curious about just how exactly things went down for Fingolfin during the Mereth Aderthad! Any chance we will ever see that? :D) LOLOL! The plot bunny has been jumping around for some time, so perhaps!

I do not think that Finarfin would agree with your appraisal of his dinner party, but I for one are pretty proud of it! Thanks again, Klose, you are a trooper indeed!

KloseReviewed Chapter: 3 on 3/11/2007
Yet another fantastic chapter - mostly dialogue, but these are some very meaningful conversations taking place. Finarfin and Celeborn - I've read a few far-out philosophical verbal sword-dances between them, but this must be my favourite. Two headstrong people, both with their own agendas and intentions, each doing what they think is best - and at the same time, coming to a bit of an understanding. "...and suddenly that knowledge became admission, and the dams of pride and diffidence were overflowed by understanding and compassion, the gift of the wise." Beautiful.

And of course, there's your dry, witty style which I admit I now love to bits and wish I could emulate!:
“Look, my love!“ Galadriel chimed in a falsely mellow voice, seeing the dwarf looming over Oropher, “your kinsman seems to have made a new friend!” she laughed out heartily as Celeborn felt an overwhelming urge to gag her and pack her back to Nenuial.

And Ingil's little retrospective monologue had me laughing for a few minutes! Mistaking the Edain for the enemy, oh dear! ... because nobody had thought of carrying horses on board. *dies* :D Such wonderful details truly bring this story to life. His disconcertment with death was sobering, but also thought-provoking.

I'm terribly excited at Celebrimbor's appearance in this story. I think I'll need to read through this story slowly, to savour each chapter as best as I can, and I realise my reviews aren't quite worthy, but I just want to let you know that I'm truly enjoying this journey I've begun with these characters!

Author Reply: I'm really thrilled that you are taking the time to review each and every chapter, Klose. It is deeply appreciated!

THnking of FInarfin's feelings at this point, aout to return to safety leaving behind four dead sons and his only children was heartbreaking, and so ceelborn the Wise would have to somehow find out and understad. One of them had to take the first step and it was reciprocity all of a sudden.

Ingil came up out nothing and ended up being almost my favourite character in this story.

ANd your reviews are truly worthy and very intersting as well, than you very much indeed!

KloseReviewed Chapter: 2 on 3/10/2007
The... argument between Ereinion and Oropher was absolutely perfect - poor Ereinion, getting knocked down like that! But poor Oropher too, although he did have it coming. Even if his dislike for dwarves is understandable!

The Peredhil are very interesting - complex characters, especially Elrond. But what really shone in this chapter was your skill with dialogue, between the twins and Ereinion, but more so Ereinion and Oropher. It's all terribly amusing, but there's always still that hint of gravitas that makes it all the more believable.

Author Reply: THank, you Klose!.

The story flew out of nothing, cetered in Ereinion's expereineces as a newly minted high king in such a convoluted environment, surrounded by so manuy powerful elves, with so many responsiblities and his own insecurities to deal with. Everybody have their own agendas, and still they are all responsible rulers, worried for their people´s well being...each after their wn manner, and with their own personal worries as well, so it had to be amusing, bordering ridiculous while serious as well. I am so glad that it came through!

KloseReviewed Chapter: 1 on 3/10/2007
The premise for this story is so refreshingly original - the transition from an Age of darkness to one of more hope, following Melkor's fall, and of course the clashes of all the various characters that could of taken place - and I'm so excited because this first chapter seems to indicate that you're going to tackle all of these things, and more.

I have to commend you on your portrayal of Finarfin, in particular - he's really such a neglected character, oft doomed to being the goofy, wimpy younger brother... but surely the father of Galadriel, brother of Feanor and Fingolfin can hold his own among all the greats of the Noldor. And surely your Finarfin does, and I had to giggle a bit at Celeborn's discomfort in the face of his father-in-law.

Your writing style is so beautifully casual, and it's so easy to relate to all of the characters here. And there are so many tantalising plot threads you've set up in this first chapter - leading the people to new lands, Ereinion having to come to terms with his Kingship and building a new settlement for himself, etc - can't wait to proceed to chapter2.

Author Reply: Thank you Klose!
I am tickled pink that you like this protrayal of Finarfin.

The many plot threads became kind of a challenge in the end, but this assorted camp did ask for a multiple character comedy of sorts, I felt. I hope that you ahve a great time reading!

EllieReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 10/31/2005
I have been reading this story in bits and pieces for months now and finally got around to reading the conclusion. Nicely done. I like the way Ingil turned out and what was awaiting Finarfin at Mandos. The scene with Erenion. Elros and Elrond all having to go one to something new was well done. I loved the Curdan bit about Fingon's most valiant undertaking was sending his son to the Havens. Nicely done!

Author Reply: Thank you Ellie! it is good to know that you enjoyed the story! I myself had a great time writing it, and all of the characters grew in me as the story progressed, and it is so nice to hear from other readers!

Surely Finarfin agrees with you that the surprise outside Mandos was great

Thanks again for your kind words!

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