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New beginnings  by perelleth
Settling down -and departing- becomes an entangled -and somewhat hilarious- family matter in Lindon, first years of the S.A. Epilogue:"New Beginnings" In which Finarfin practices the noble art of gaping and Celeborn experiences his king´s unique way of ruling.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Sparks8
Chapter  2: Having Fun6
Chapter  3: Pleasant encounters6
Chapter  4: Kingly dinner7
Chapter  5: A busy morning7
Chapter  6: The council of Ereinion6
Chapter  7: Flying words7
Chapter  8: Before the festival6
Chapter  9: Night Fires4
Chapter 10: Preparations6
Chapter 11: The Council of Gil-galad6
Chapter Epilogue 2: New Beginnings10

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