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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower 3 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 4/15/2013
Reading this again and laughing still! Poor Grekh, not that he didn't deserve what he got. But Beechbone is going to have to foul some stream to get his foot clean now!

Author Reply: I know. Poor Grekh, I feel as sorry for him as I can, which is "not much", but still it's kind of an awful fate.

And poor Beechbone--yuck! Orc parts all over his foot!

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 50 on 4/12/2013
Ah, makes me feel sorry for the poor ork!

Author Reply: Yes, Grekh just can't seem to win for losing. I think there were not too many good job opportunities for Orcs!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 50 on 4/7/2013
Dark humour, indeed! Beechbone reminds me of my reaction to stepping on a slug... or dog waste. One less orc to worry about. I'd almost feel sorry for him. I would feel sorry for him if he'd been more nervous about being left alone. No, I wouldn't. So I can't say "poor orc"! But I will say, it's so nice to have a few quiet moments and click into SoA and see your stories waiting.

Author Reply: Yes, that sort of disgusted look when you've got something nasty on the bottom of your foot.

Well, I feel as sorry as I can for him as an orc, which is "not very much"!

Thank you, dear! I'm behind getting some things up over here that I've been writing for challeges, so I hope to put up a few more.

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