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Dreamflower's Dribs and Drabs  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 66 on 7/20/2015
He hugged his farewells, at least, and knew that his beloved companions would miss him terribly and yet accepted he must go--now.

Love this trio, as I said before. Again, thank you for bringing out the similarities, and that in each case he was able to exercise his own free will.

Author Reply: Yes, he did have to go when he did.

It was always about choices. Yes, he'd been chosen for the task he undertook, but he chose whether or not to accept. And it was a choice he had to continue making over and over, at each stage of the journey.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 66 on 7/20/2015
And simply walked onto the ship of his own free will too - and not so simply too, all three of those journeys. Thank God he had Sam for two of the three and Gandalf the whole time. Bless the dear wizard for his love of hobbits! :)

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

Author Reply: Thank you, dear! I'm glad you liked it!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 66 on 7/18/2015
As I mentioned on the other site, in addition to the content, I find the structure elegant. I love the mirror symmetry of the first two parts, and the breaking of the pattern (breaking away? freeing?) in the third. And Gandalf, as a constant.

Amazing how you were able to accomplish this in a fixed-length piece.

Author Reply: Thank you for commenting here as well!

Honestly, I find a set of short fixed length vignettes the easiest way to examine a specific theme! I am not sidetracked so much by the interesting little side-trails of conventional plots.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 66 on 7/18/2015
Very nice!

There is one constant in these three arrivals and departures: Gandalf.

But while in the first two situations the wizard has arrived just in time to see Frodo awaken (and may leave again any moment), in the last situation he is at his side and will be there as long as Frodo needs him. And that is a very comforting thought!

Author Reply: Gandalf is definitely Frodo's constant in these situations.

I definitely like the comforting thought that Gandalf would stay Gandalf as long as his hobbits need him.

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