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During a journey in the dark...  by Thundera Tiger 72 Review(s)
JanvpalsReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/15/2022
The small part where the fellowship was bantering was so sweet! I absolutely ADORED it. And the part where the hobbits jump across the chasm, and Boromir encourages Pippin so awesomely, and Boromir has such character! I'm in LOVE with that as well. Just, this is so awesome!! Thanks so so sooo much.

JanvpalsReviewed Chapter: 5 on 5/15/2022
I'm so glad you added Bill's perspective into this!! It feels so sweet indeed to read and it feels like something Tolkien would 100% appreciate. I'm loving your work so far, and am going to check out all your works! Awesome job and thanks for bringing me joy through your story :))

NolemeReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/20/2015
An amazing read! I spent several evenings on the edge of my chair until I finished reading this fic. So well-chosen in how the POVs keep changing, and so well-researched and tolkienesque (as is the rule with your fics, true). I didn't even notice the borrowed movie elements, I must admit. So thrilling, too; I don't think I've ever experienced it before that my palms would get sweaty just from reading a fanfic, but that's just what happened to me when reading the last chapter. The Bill POV was quite a welcome surprise, too.
I took a peek at the reviews to see the chances of seeing any more chapters published, and it seems there's a few of them in WIP stage. I don't know about the others who faved and follow this, but I'd personally welcome even a single chapter update which, judging from the length of the already published chapters, would be sure to provide an all-evening entertainment for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can post some more soon. Thanks for the enjoyment and thrills I got from this fic!

Estel_Mi_OlorReviewed Chapter: 6 on 9/23/2012
I usually make a point of *not* reading WIPs but...after rereading While The Ring Went South, I got all excited again about the proposed trilogy idea of the Fellowship's journey and bonding time so I...lost all control (and reread this story)... It has been a while since I read these particular stories, but I still remembered your details : )

I have to praise you again for the dexterity with which you interweave Tolkien's original dialogue and your own writing. The chapters are seamless. Not only that, but the characters are also seamless. I mean that never am I caught unawares by some suspiciously Tolkien-esque words coming out of say, Frodo's mouth, when the dialogue wouldn't be in keeping with the personality and perspective of the Ringbearer, which you have embellished in your fic. Although your skill with interweaving dialogue is great, I would say your consistent characterization is even more impressive. Astoundingly well written, Thundera, but of course, I've come to expect nothing less from your amazing writing.

I would also like to say how much I enjoy your method of using third-person limited POV (I think that's the right term, if memory serves). The narrator is consistently third person, but the way that you flit in and out of observing particular characters truly makes that particular moment in the story feel like it's coming from their perspective. This tactic adds flesh to the narrative and makes it 3D...if that comment makes any sense at all. Shall we say, the narrative is far from flat!

I know it's been a while since you updated this story, and I sincerely hope you haven't abandoned I hope to encourage an update on one of my favorite LoTR fics!

Author Reply: Spot on with the terminology. This is written from third-person limited, which is far and away my favorite perspective to write from. It means I don't have to worry about being omniscient, which is far too much work for this mere mortal! ;) Plus I like the way it helps a reader feel as though they could be inserted into the story as that particular character.

As for abandoning this story, I haven't. But I'm trying to get all the chapters finished before I start posting again. That way, people won't have to wait but will be able to get it all at once. That's taking more time than anticipated, but it is something I'm steadily working on.

BakonekoReviewed Chapter: 6 on 12/29/2011
Just wanted to leave a note saying I'd stopped by again! WTRWS, DAJITD, LOLAS, and FND are all still on my regular reread list. =) Still holding out hope for new chapters (every time I read the Author's Notes when you talk about your plans for Legolas and Gimli, it makes me want to read those developments even more!) but in the meantime, I love your short fics too!

Thank you for sharing your talent!

BakonekoReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/13/2009
I know it's been a while, but I hope you haven't given up on updating this story! I would still really love to read the rest of it. The same goes for Fear No Darkness and Land of Light and Shadows. I'm thoroughly wrapped up in all three stories - I reread them all every few months or so, and I'd so love to see how they're going to end!

ElentarriReviewed Chapter: 6 on 2/13/2009

I found this story again. I love your style of writing. Can you please finish the story?



cookiefleckReviewed Chapter: 6 on 1/4/2009
I read this story realizing it was an abandoned (?) WIP but thoroughly enjoyed it, anyway. Your writing is fantastic, makes it easy to picture what is going on, depicts the action and drama well, etc. I hope that you might see your way to continuing it someday. But in any event, thanks for a good read.

KestrelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/12/2007
I'd read your previous stories and loved them, and it seems like years ago. Very glad to see this sequel! Surprisingly (to me), I'm really drawn to Gandalf here (as attracted as I am usually to Legolas and all things Elven) because you've captured his "helplessness" (what a word to use, I know). More so than the book or movie, to me. He knows what is going to happen to him, but he keeps on. Speaking of "herding cats", seems like Gandalf would have an easier time herding Beruthiel's cats than getting this crew to Mt. Doom. It's not even his fight, really, and that's what makes it bittersweet to me. Please write more, this is wonderful!

ThierrysReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/11/2007
What a great chapter! The bit with the 'plunk' and then the drums definitely sent chills down my spine. I'm glad you're still working on the story!

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