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Dreamflower's Mathoms II  by Dreamflower 12 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/15/2006
I remember two years ago when I found my copy of Bilbo's Last Song, and how glad I was to find it with the double set of illustrations. To find it here is equally a joy, Dreamflower, and particularly as gently used as it is. And Aragorn heard the song as well....

Thank you.

Author Reply: I love that Song myself, and had recently been listening to it in the beautiful musical setting composed for it for the BBC Radio version of LotR. I thought doing a calligraphic rendering of it would satisfy me, but it insisted it wanted to be worked into fic as well.

Yes, I thought it only appropriate, as they were thinking of their dear ones...

Queen GaladrielReviewed Chapter: 13 on 8/10/2006
Oh, that makes me want to cry. I'm glad to see Menelcar again, though. Yes, that's the way of grief, isn't it?

I love that song; I've heard it before, and it tells us so much about the last days of both Bilbo and Frodo, if you look closely. Where is it found? I've looked all through the appendices for it.
God bless,

Author Reply: "Bilbo's Last Song" was published separately, as its own little volume with illustrations by Pauline Bayne. You can also find the words on the web. It's a favorite of mine, so lovely and poignant. I've done a calligraphic rendering of it as well. I love it.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/21/2006
Oh, I love the hobbit wing at Annúminas! Of course, Annúminas is rather near to the Shire, so the hobbits can visith with the King more easily than in Gondor, and Aragorn would do everything to make them comfortable, so he can have them around most of the time he is in the North. To not have only some rooms, but a whole wing for hobbits, with round doors and all, is a very nice touch! And it's nice Beri and Rolly helped with the construction. Somehow it is fitting after their journey South that they lost their awe of men and helped in the building. (Oh, by the way - is there any chance that you'll continue "The Road to Edoras" any time soon? I miss it!)

And it was good to see Menelcar again. Aragorn had to bring him, first because he needs his Court Bard to see the Northern Capitol, and second because he knows the Travellers. Pippin must've been overjoyed to see his old friend again. Certainly his welcome was exuberant enough, Thain or no *grin*

Bilbo's last song was sad, but so very beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes.

Author Reply: I am quite sure that is what Aragorn had in mind when he ordered the palace built!

Of course, he *had* to bring his Court Bard, for exactly the reasons you stated. And I am quite sure he knew just how thrilled Pippin would be to see his minstrel friend again.

I love that song. And the music for it on the BBC radio production of LotR is just haunting.

As for "Road to Edoras"--I am working on it. But it's presented me with a problem, and I'm working from the end of the story backwards. The result is, it's taking me forever to update, as I can't do that until I catch up to where I left off. On the other hand, once I do, I'll be able to finish posting the rest of it fairly rapidly!

TiggerReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/19/2006
Oh Dreamflower...How very bittersweet. I love your description of the Palace at Lake Evendim. How very right the Capitol City and Palace of the Northern Realm have a portion built for hobbits when they visit. Poor Pippin, remembering the events of The Pelennor while gazing at The Standard of the King. A very bittersweet little story. Thanks for sharing it w/us.

Author Reply: It really wasn't intended to be bittersweet--I just wanted a cozy little reunion between Pippin and Menelcar, but of course, sometimes the characters have things they wish to say. And really, the knowledge that Aragorn was coming up the River is something I've always been a bit curious about. And then too, Frodo would not stay out of the conversation, which naturally made it a little sad.

But I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and my idea of the Northern palace as well! Thanks!

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/18/2006
Lovely. Menelcar and young Pippin - now the Thain, musing on the past. I reckon Menelcar is right - Pippin would have had to return home.

And he did know happy Frodo, when he was (as far as he could ever be) a simple hobbit at home in the Shire. The only man who did. That's a very special thing to be.

Even that can't stop his search for new songs, though - and the last Bilbo Baggins number.

Author Reply: Yes, I think Pippin would have been one homesick tween after only a few weeks. But he would probably have made himself miserable not wanting to let Menelcar down. It's quite lucky it never came to that.

You know, Menelcar just popped out with that comment from out of nowhere, and I was struck by just how *right* it was. He's a good character, never being too bossy about the plots, but he knows his own mind, he does. And of course, it was something very special, to have known Frodo when he was still happy.

Menelcar would never stop looking for new songs...

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/18/2006
A quick PS - yes, I love the version of bilbo's Last Song which ended the BBC production but that is the only version I know.

You said in your review of Larner's story about someone writing about Frodo and Sam waiting long enough to greet Legolas and Gimli in the Undying Lands. Well, it's funny you should say that, because I'm working on one at present!
Great minds............

Author Reply: The Hobbitons were a Dutch group that did a collection of "Songs from Middle-earth" and that was one of them. I don't believe their CD is available any longer--I bought the last one they had, in fact.

Oh, I can't *wait* to see that! The storyline has so much potential, yet I have only ever seen it once, and that was as a parody. I look forward to your take on it. But I sure feel sorry for poor Legolas...

SurgicalSteelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/17/2006
Oh, my. Lovely to see Menelcar again, and for some reason I'd missed Aragorn looking out to sea with the hobbits the first time I read this. Just lovely.

Author Reply: Thank you very much!!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/17/2006
Beautiful, the whole story, not just our dear Professor's song ;) You do have a wonderful way with words, Dreamflower.

Author Reply: Thank you very much. *blushes*

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/17/2006
Awesome, Dreamflower! Goodness me--I *knew* I should have taken inventory of all your tales! I thought I had read them all--apparently, I was wrong. :-P

What a blessed meeting between old friends! Whistful, happy...I love how much Pippin has grown up. The steadfast love that never ends between good friends. I could imagine the lovely view of the Northern lands, and how thoughtful the King is in building a whole wing for the hobbits. The idea of the hobbits coming and going between the Shire and the new castle is wonderful, too. The poem/song made the perfect ending to a beautiful tale. :-)


Author Reply: Thank you! I do have a lot of stories. I really need to update my chronology again--but the page is *so* crowded now. Yet I probably have at least a dozen stories not on the list.

I do love to show such reunions. It is so nice to let them catch up with one another--though I don't doubt they've corresponded from time to time, it was much harder to keep track of one's distant friends with no telephone and no internet.

I could not imagine that Elessar would have a palace in the North without some special accommodation for his hobbit friends, just to facilitate those kinds of comings and goings.

And I am just in love with that song right now.

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/17/2006
Aaarrggh! You really caught me with this one! Bilbo's last song never fails to make me cry (I turned into a soggy heap while shelf-tidying in the library once!)and Menelcar's words about Frodo didn't help. This is beautiful but it needs a four hankie warning! :-))

Hoping you'll catch up on your reviews eventually, and great to have you back.

Author Reply: I adore that song. Have you heard the beautiful musical setting for it, composed for the BBC radio production, sung there by a boy soprano, and then later recorded by The Hobbitons? It is so sweet and melancholy, and fits the words perfectly.

Menelcar was a pretty lucky fellow, wasn't he?

I honestly did not think this story would be so sad, but once the two began to talk, it just went that way. Really, the story was supposed to concentrate on the way Pippin had finally grown into the responsibilities he had been trying to escape in their first encounter--yet once they began talking, they wanted to talk about Frodo...

Glad to be back. No 'net is just the pits.

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