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Winds of Change  by Lady Bluejay 48 Review(s)
mistry89Reviewed Chapter: 14 on 2/12/2007
Just wanted to say thank you for this story. I seldom read beyond Fellowship or elven characters (I think Soledad is my exception to date), so I'm not sure why I was prompted to put this on my handheld, but I'm very glad I did.

Thank you! (and now I'm off to look at your "other versions"! :)

Author Reply: Glad you enjoyed it -- I have been told that this one was my most 'serious' version. So be warned if you check out the others. *Chuckle* LBJ

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 14 on 6/29/2006
At least bringing Imrahil in on his intentions gave Eomer the chance to steer Lothiriel somewhere private!

I wonder how successful he will be in bringing the wedding forward. Pretty successful, I suspect! Imrahil will probably go along with it - and how convenient it will be to combine the Eowyn/Faramir and Eomer/Lothiriel wedding.

And Eomer prefers Lothiriel to either Galadriel or Arwen - as it should be!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 14 on 6/28/2006
Oh yes! A lovely ending to this Lady Bluejay. Thanks for inviting us along on the journey.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/26/2006
Well - at least he and Lothiriel have their understanding, and he managed to sneak a few late-night kisses!

I wonder what Faramir thinks about Eowyn's freedom to spend her time with him - I imagine he rather appreciates the easier Rohirric customs there!

The full ceremonial cheering of the Rohirrim as they leave Minas Tirith is well-deserved - long may the Gondorians remember how the northern barbarians came to their rescue!

Elfhelm is managing to be remarkably efficient. I reckon the king should remember that! He should have no difficulty helping lick Rohan into shape.

Epilogue, huh... Looking forward to it!

Author Reply: I think we have to remember that Faramir is so noble - he won't take advantage! To be honest I dont know where they went off to, I just have to trust them!

I wanted to make something of the Rohirrim leaving - Tolkien says that the road was lined all across the Pelennor - very well deserved too!

I have got a lot of time for Elfhelm , ever since I read Unfinished Tales and found out about his part in the battle for the Fords of Isen - a good man that.

Thanks for all your detailed reviews - only a very short epilogue to go now- but I have already started the next- very different- one. LBJ

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/25/2006
Aw... I was waiting for the big kiss in spite of stuffy Gondorian manners! But then, her dad might not approve! Can't wait for the epilogue.

Author Reply: I think her dad is getting so desperate he won't bother about a kiss!
Thanks for reading and reviewing. LBJ

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 12 on 6/18/2006
Preparation - very important! And a distraction. Also wise.

Erchirion gave his sister some good advice there - Horselords are a difficult bunch, and they don't necessarily play by Gondor's rules. I think they've made their positions fairly plain. Without sneaking off into the private garden.

Good job. Most enjoyable.

Author Reply: No, I did not want him buckling down to their wishes too quickly. But of course, however much he wanted to go his own way - the end result is the same. LBJ

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 12 on 6/16/2006
That was a wonderful chapter! The banter between Legolas and Gimli was priceless and Eomer did enough goading, too.I'm glad Lothiriel found them both amusing but also wanted to know about their exploits at Helms Deep, especially how Gimli saved Eomer.Gimli could certainly provide Lothiriel with enough details about the battle but, wisely, Eomer steered the conversation on to other things.

Eomer has probably never, ever taken so much interest in dancing before and his enthusiasm, especially in dancing with Lothiriel, is very endearing.Eomer's willingness to take the floor is both funny and romantic and he has everything so well organised.If I were Lothiriel(*I wish*),Eomer would be hard to resist about now.Who wouldn't want to spend the rest of your life with this man?!

Eomer took the plunge and bared his heart to Lothiriel and he was rewarded just the way he'd hoped--with a little help from Erchirion! That was a lovely ending and I loved Lothiriel's conviction that she would have no regrets.Eomer's parting words to Faramir were hilarious and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Lovely story.Update soon.


Author Reply: Hi Ali,

I have always thought him hard to resist! Its why I enjoy writing about him - I loved his character in the books and love to play with it in my stories. Some bits of him change - but not too much.

He is focused on sorting everthing out before he returns to Rohan - so he is even prepared to dance to achieve his goal!! LBJ

MithLuinReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/7/2006
She threatened to steal Eomer's horse? Priceless! I do like how Faramir and Eomer are getting along. Faramir is far more comfortable with the official, stone stuff, but fits in well enough discussing bows, whores and taverns. Though, I don't know that prostitutes would be a good thing to discuss with the man whose sister he wants to marry!

Alison HReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/6/2006
I loved the banter between Eomer and Faramir, the words said and left unsaid and each one enjoying their moment of mischief.Very enjoyable, LBJ!

Well, Eomer has almost been given permission to woo Lothiriel by Faramir when he was handed the key to the Royal garden.Even he wouldn't dream of doing that behind Imrahil's back....unless Lothiriel asked him too.Mmmm, I like the thought of that last scenario.

Things are getting very interesting.I can't wait for the next chapter.

Update soon.


Author Reply: I should think that the two of them - Imrahil and Faramir - have been working out how they can get E&L together!LBJ

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 11 on 6/6/2006
Nice bit of Eomer and Faramir here. And Faramir proves himself a Real Man and worthy of Eowyn. (At least, with Eomer smelling like a harlot's boudoir, he's in no position to debate anyone's masculinity!!).

And Faramir has been advised to promote the Lothiriel / Eomer match? By whom, I wonder? Eowyn? Lothiriel, herself? Uncle Imrahil? No matter - the outcome can only be good!

Perhaps Eomer needs his Gondorian etiquette advisor to point out that being given the key to a private garden probably makes betrothal inevitable.

Author Reply: It would be a good way of ensuring the knot is tied between Gondor and Rohan!LBJ

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