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Winds of Change  by Lady Bluejay
In the eight days between Aragorn being crowned King and the Rohirrim departing from Minas Tirith, Éomer has to come to terms with, not only his new status, but also the realisation that his sister will be relocating to Gondor. If that wasn’t enough, he has to deal with the discovery that he is becoming more and more attracted to a woman who is promised to another.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Cloak5
Chapter  2: The Crown3
Chapter  3: The Speech2
Chapter  4: The Bath2
Chapter  5: The Meeting6
Chapter  6: The Discovery3
Chapter  7: The Feast4
Chapter  8: The Dance3
Chapter  9: The Ride5
Chapter 10: The Tavern4
Chapter 11: The Threat4
Chapter 12: The Promise2
Chapter 13: The Departure2
Chapter 14: Epilogue3

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