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Bridges  by Bodkin 13 Review(s)
SurgicalSteelReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/30/2006
Good to see the two coming to a bit of and understanding, and I'm continuing on to see what happens next!

Author Reply: They needed to listen to each other, I think. This incident is unlikely to be a cure-all, but recognising the things they have in common will help. And then it will take patience and good-will to erode the barriers between them.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/20/2006
Oh, I loved this! Sometimes it takes a crisis for people to open their doors to each other. But, what stood out for me...

Taryatur looking up and talking to someone. ;) Just who was that, eh? It is almost expected for modern day characters to do that, but how does that convention work with an elf of the Blessed Realm? Was he addressing Nature like that Wood-elf might? :D

However, Legolas's advice about not looking into the flame really struck me as an incredible metaphor of Taryatur's emotional blindness. He had stared into the bright Light for all his existence and thought beholding it better than staring into the darkness. Ignorant or forgetting that gazing into such radiance renders you unable to see in the shadows. And it was Legolas who was telling him this and acknowledging that fire emphasises the feeling of gloom That was *very* interesting to contemplate. And confirmed there just before the end, I think.

Their other philosophical discussion about dwarves and orcs was wonderfully personable.

I enjoyed their gallows humor very much too. ;) Both wise and experienced in the desperate, yet enough to know not to give up. They live so they, not only hope, but act.

Thranduil and Laerwen were great too. And I have gotten the impression that something more involved is going on with Elerrina.

But, the next big thrill is just how they will get saved, not from each other, but by people not looking for them yet!

Author Reply: Taryatur is making a plea - of sorts - to the Valar! Some of whom he knows personally - and none of whom reside for preference in a water-worn stone cavern beneath the forest floor.

Goodness. I'm glad you're there to let me know how philosophical I was being! (Of course, I was doing all that deliberately ... she asserted, looking round shiftily...) Good thinking, though! And the brightness to which Taryatur was accustomed would make the darkness seem so much worse. And, I think, he grew up in a nearly perfect Blessed Realm - the troubles would have shattered his confidence in a way that bad times didn't affect Legolas - who always knew that good is something you have to strive towards, rejecting evil along the way.

I do think this adventure will help them both see the elf below the stereotype ... which will be much to Elerrina and Linevende's relief.

The storm was huge - and the forest is disrupted. The adventures of two elves don't amount to a hill of beans in the general disturbance. Except to Elerrina - who is not accustomed to the feeling and doesn't know quite what to make of it.

Fingers crossed they make it out in the next chapter - which is getting so long it might have to stop soon before they return to daylight!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/20/2006
Hehehe! I know it is mean, but the idea of those two trapped together and forced to rely on each other makes me giggle. Legolas's reaction that it should be illegal was hialrious. But I loved the things they talked about and their reactions to one another. As someone said, they have so much in common that they really could be great friends if they gave it a chance. Of course they never will, but a truce would be good.

And Thranduil! ‘I am not prepared to tolerate it – and I am very good at getting my way.’ This just cracked me up!

I love these characters!

thechevinReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/18/2006
Oh my out of the frying pan and into the fire here for Taryataur and Legolas but at least they are in a position where they have to rely on each other and where there are no interruptions or others doing their best to step into the uncomfortable breech made by thoughtless words and misunderstandings
They are in this together and have to work with each other
I smiled at Taryantaur's comments when he was searching for the intolerant wood elf, and also at his attempts at comfort, I'm not sure which of them is more uncomfortable with it.
As for Laerwen well as Thranduil says he is glad she is on his side, but I am surprised neither of them realise their son is injured and in need of rescue or do they?

Author Reply: I think being forced to listen to each other - and to pick up unspoken messages, too - is long past due for these two. It will do Taryatur good to be the one who is offering help and support, as well - just as being hurt will make it easier for Legolas to let what he is hearing pass through the barriers he has established to ward him against the endless disapproval.

Taryatur is an honest elf - if prickly - and, when pushed, he has to admit that his son-in-law is part of his extended family.

I think the forest is very disturbed by the storm and its voice is very loud - and probably drowning out other messages. Laerwen wouldn't deliberately leave her son and Taryatur in a difficult position - but she might feel that a bit of time together will do them no harm.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/17/2006
Quite a bad situation for my favourite Wood elf! His family-by-marriage seems not overly healthy for him, if he gets injured every time he tries to help one of them. It may be good to lock the two up somewhere together in order to force them to sort out their differences, but why has Legolas to suffer so much? Poor guy, I hope they will be rescued soon!

Well, at least I see some signs of hope. Did I read it correctly that Taryatur recognized the fact Legolas would never have gotten hurt if he himself hadn’t run through the forest in this weather and his son-in law hadn’t to search for him? And it was good to see Taryatur cared enough for Legolas to look for him and to help him. Nice change to have Taryatur comforting him instead of snapping at him and even being worried about him.
Warm hands closed on his. ‘I am not about to let you give up,’ Taryatur informed him fiercely. ‘We will come up with a solution that will see us both going safely home. and ‘And I owe you my best efforts.’ *That* is certainly something new, coming from Taryatur!

Somehow I suppose this is the first time they ever got to talk, truly talk, with each other. They have the chance to see that they have some things in common, particularly the bad memories about war. And Taryatur even talked a bit about his experiences in Angband! Finally! It will do him some good, of this I am sure. And Legolas is someone who can understand it, even if he wasn’t even born then, as he fought for so long against the shadow in Mirkwood and then in the War of the Ring.

Legolas’ parents should have listened to Elerrina. She very obviously knew there was something terribly wrong, but I suppose the others thought it was her usual worry about the state of the relationship between her father and husband, and I suppose Elerrina herself can’t tell the difference yet.

Loved Thranduil’s decision to take on Taryatur if Legolas isn’t successful. But Laerwen seems a bit ruthless here. I was surprised they didn’t sense something was wrong, as Elerrina did. Somehow I had thought Legolas could talk with the trees above their cave – I had never the impression the woodelves need to touch the trees in order to communicate with them – and so get a message back home, or the trees would tell Thranduil and Laerwen of their own accord that their son had an accident. But maybe the wood was too occupied with the storm to do this. Well, I hope when they learn what has happened they will have a bad conscience for waiting so long ...

Author Reply: I think Legolas is quite good at diving into trouble - even in the absence of his wife's family! He is high-principled and courageous and has a tendency to leap to the defence of those who need it.

Taryatur is probably grumpier than ever - because he has to admit (to himself at least - because he is a very honest elf) that Legolas is making his daughter a good husband and that he is a good father to two very well-balanced grandchildren. And being the one who has to do the caring might well bring out a side of Taryatur's character that Legolas has always ignored.

And I do feel that their experiences of war would be a bond between them - if only they would let them. They are both veterans, and no-one understands a war veteran like another. Taryatur's few words have revealed more about him to his son-in-law than all the time they've spent together so far.

I don't think Elerrina's had much need to listen to the feelings that tell her Legolas needs help. And everyone is getting rather tired of the way he and Taryatur snark at each other - so they might be turning a bit of a deaf ear to them. They could never have expected what has actually happened, after all!

I think there's too much rock around them for Legolas to communicate easily with the trees. And he's hurt, too, which doesn't help. Then the trees are disturbed by the storm anyway. And then if nothing had happened, Legolas and Taryatur wouldn't have been too happy to have people chasing after them to see if they were all right. It's a tough call to decide when a search is needed.

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/17/2006
I really don't like Laerwen here. She seems way too sure of herself. She is totally ignoring Elerrina's reaction, which should have suggested to her that something is seriously wrong. I wonder how she and Thranduil will feel when they find out that they deliberately delayed getting help for two people who are in serious danger, one of whom has significant injuries.

Author Reply: Laerwen is very sure of her knowledge of the forest. Taryatur and Legolas are in the forest - and any disturbance is related to the storm. She isn't really able to feel through stone - but has no reason to suspect that stone is involved. They should pay a bit more attention to Elerrina's reaction - but I think they think there might be another reason for that ...

The delay in sending out help is partly storm-related - plus no two retired warriors are going to be too thrilled to have search parties chasing them like a pair of elflings. It's only that we know they're in trouble.

But help will come! (This isn't going to be a long story!)

vampfan30Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/17/2006
God, these two !! I can't help but see a little bit of Spike and Angel ( Buffyverse ) in these two the way that they throw barbs constantly. All the while, each is seeking some kind of acceptance from the other.......And, as always, the poor girl stuck in the middle has to worry about who is going to kill who first - hope it doesn't come to that ^__^

Author Reply: Ahh! Well that's something I know has had no influence at all on my portrayal of their relationship! I think they have begun to see that they share something that could help both of them. (Well. Taryatur, especially.) And there is a slightly arrested look in their eyes. If only it wasn't too dark for them to see it! Mind you, I think they mind find it easier to talk to each other in the dark.

Fingers crossed they both realise they have more in common than simply loving Elerrina. It won't make things perfect, but it will help!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/17/2006
The bridge is being built, but one buttress is still shifting a bit. Atar-in-law needs to stop his denial.

Author Reply: I think worrying about Legolas - and sitting together where it is almost dark - will do a lot to bring down the barriers between them. I hope so, anyway!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/16/2006
Well, they've made a good deal of progress on the communications front, even if they've yet to reach an accord, they are at least *really* talking for the first time. But they are not making such good progress on the survival front.

I find myself a bit surprised at Laerwen's attitude--I know that she wants her son and his father-in-law to come to terms, but I would think she'd be just a little more worried about their physical well-being! Thranduil is right to be concerned, as we know only too well!

Elerrina, however, has clearly realized something is dreadfully wrong. I hope they will listen to her.

Author Reply: They have come to see that they have shared experiences. Experiences divided by a couple of ages, but created by facing the same types of danger. And now they are hearing each other, they do stand a much better chance of realising that they have quite a lot in common. Survival - well, they are doing better than might be expected! Escape - is a bit more of a problem!

Laerwen has a very good idea what is happening in the forest and is not aware of any disturbance that suggests her son is in danger. However, Legolas and Taryatur are below the forest - and surrounded by stone, which does not respond to her.

Elerrina's reaction is actually more accurate - but the lightning strikes need immediate action and it will take some time before matters are settled enough to start searching for the two missing elves. And possibly longer to find them as the downpours have wiped out most physical traces.

Fingers crossed it doesn't take too long!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 2 on 8/16/2006
Talk about punishments that should not be allowed! Poor Legolas! And poor Tar! I am glad that they are getting the chance to "bond" and understand each other better.

I love his mom in all of this. She is terrific. Poor wifey is out of her mind with worry and Thranduil is taking everything in stride.

This is such a wonderful tale. Keep up the great work!

Author Reply: If they can open themselves to each other enough to realise that they have shared experiences and hopes for the future, Legolas and Taryatur definitely have the potential for a truce. With a possible long-term peace. Yes, of course they will still have their differences, but the resentment between them will (hopefully) become a thing of the past.

Laerwen doesn't realise, I think, quite how much danger Taryatur and Legolas are in. She has a very good grasp of the forest - but they are surrounded by rock. Elerrina knows something is wrong, but can't put her finger on what it could be. She hasn't been married to Legolas long enough to have experienced his being injured before! Thranduil - well, forests and lightning strikes are dangerous combinations. And he probably can't believe that his son, who has faced the might of Sauron and walked away, could be in real danger here in the Blessed Realm.

Thank you, Ellie. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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