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My Sword Weeps - Book Two - 'My Sword' Series  by Agape4Gondor 106 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 1/29/2008
Since I couldn't remember if I read the entire story or not, I decided to read it again. I'm sooooooooooooooooo glad I did. It's wonderful. Now I will start reading the sequel.


FiondilReviewed Chapter: 12 on 7/3/2007
Hi Agape,

I decided I would read a dozen chapters at a time and leave a review on those chapters. Time constraints prevent me from reviewing every chapter. Sorry. What I like about this story so far is that you've brought in Aragorn and the twins. Aragorn obviously has some feelings toward the House of Húrin that goes beyond the fact that he once served under the Stewards as Thorongil. I think he has paternalistic feelings towards Denethor's family as their king even though they are not aware of his existence as the Heir of Isildur. I loved how as soon as Mithrandir told him the news he was rushing out the door. I suspect that Aragorn often fantasized about returning to Minas Tirth as king and having Denethor welcome him and now that fantasy is dust and ashes. It must have been heart-breaking for him, so it's no wonder he wants to rush off to save little Faramir. The boy is now his Steward after all.

Elladan and Elrohir are much as I imagine them with their light-hearted older sibling banter and their obvious love for Estel. They are good companions for him and I think they are good for Aragorn on other levels, because they help keep him from taking himself too seriously.

Indis is an amazing woman for any age and it's a pity more people aren't like her, whatever their gender. She's loyal and resolute in her love of Faramir, thinking only of him and never of herself and her own dignity and self-worth. I wonder in our own world and history how many good men and women were destroyed (spiritually and/or emotionally) by other people's lack of respect for them and their abilities because they were the wrong gender, or the wrong social class or didn't have the proper pedigree. It's nice to see that someone like Imrahil (whom I have always admired for his obvious nobility) respects Indis enough not to patronize her or tell her to not to interfere in matters beyond her understanding. The Rohirrim, given their culture, were more patronizing towards her, even Théoden to some degree, but at least he and Éomund are willing to learn from their mistakes and trust that Indis has a brain and a will no less worthy of respect than theirs just because she's female.

Young Théodred and Targon are adorable (as much as 13-year-old males can be) and it saddens me that they have to grow up so quickly. We speak of "crimes against humanity" and I think the worst crime is when children are brutally robbed of their innocence. We must all lose it to one degree or another as part of the maturation process that allows us to function as competent adults, but it's one thing to lose that innocence naturally through the normal experiences of growing up, but it's another thing when that innocence is stolen or ruthlessly destroyed. It was one of the themes I tried to explore in RETRIBUTION.

The description of the visit to Isengard set my hackles up. Saruman is so slimy and I could easily see Christopher Lee playing this; he does "slime" very well. Aragorn and the elves had every right to feel that something was horribly wrong and it is a pity that they had no choice at first but to trust in Mithrandir and Elrond's own trust in Saruman, though, really, I often wondered how Mithrandir could have been so bloody stupid... not to mention the Valar. Do you realize, when taking into account the tale of the Wizards in UNFINISHED TALES that both Sauron and Saruman were originally servants of Aulë? That poor Vala must wonder if he's cursed or something to have two of his most trusted Maiar fall into Darkness.

The "spell" under which Aragorn fell was frightening, all the more so because alll three of them have to wonder if Elladan and Elrohir have also been affected. If nothing else, even if there are no further manifestations of the spell occurring, the doubt alone will set them second-guessing themselves at critical moments that could spell doom for them all.

And now the journey has begun... for all of them... but to what end?

Author Reply: Hi, Fiondil - I can't thank you enough for the lengthy review. And especially for your RETRIBUTION tale - it is splendid!

I became a lover of Hobbits when I first read LOTR - but quickly changed to a lover of Men - so I was surprised when the Muse asked me to write of Elves and wizards and such. I'm very glad my attempt has proved worthwhile to you.

As for the boys - I am especially fond of them - the utter horror of the age they are living in reminds me of children all over the world, caught in war zones. Their lives are forever changed - hopefully, for the better, but not always so. In fact, too many times, they end up victims. Horrible victims.

I hope you continue reading and promise to get to the sequel soon - if 10,000 years ever lets me rest! And health concerns STOP!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 5/21/2007
Well ended, Agape! An oath fulfilled, a life saved and a new love. Well and beautifully written :-)

I'll be looking for your new story!

Author Reply: Ah Dearest Pearl Took - thanks for reading this - perhaps the sequel will have Hobbits (dare we think Frodo and Sam?) and you will really enjoy that, won't you!

Oh - and a little of that Took lad????

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 5/21/2007
A fitting ending for the saga, and I look forward to the third portion of the story once you begin posting it.


Author Reply: Thanks Larner - looking forward to it too!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 5/21/2007
So this part of your saga is finally over. A commendable effort, the juggling of so many plot threads and characters in a coherent narrative is no easy task.

I look forward to the sequel and seeing what you do with the future of this AU.

Author Reply: I could have killed the Muse everytime she brought another character into this - another plot - but I have lived through it - only slightly unscathed. Thanks for being here for the ride!

I can't wait to write - but must finish Denethor first - or at least TA 3017 - talk about convoluted!!!!

SurgicalSteelReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 5/21/2007
Lovely story. I'll be looking for the sequel!

Author Reply: Thank you SS - and especially for all the 'medical' help! You are a gracious and kind person to share your experise so unselfishly!

Pearl TookReviewed Chapter: 47 on 5/20/2007
Wonderful!! I'm so happy for Ragnhild and Borondir :-) And Faramir is waking!

*sigh :-)*

Author Reply: I do look forward to watching their love grow - won't he be a blessing to Gondor once he is back in Minas Tirith!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 47 on 5/20/2007

Interesting that it was a lullaby sung by Thorongil and Indis that brought Faramir back. I would have thought that Aragorn might have psychically called him, with a king's healing voice and power. What's to prevent Faramir from slipping back into a coma under the stress of his bereavement - we saw him wracked by nightmares earlier in the story; he needs to be strong enough to withstand them now.

I'm so glad you didn't kill off Eomund! Bad enough to see Beregond's father die!

In answer to your reply to one of my earlier reviews - I do hope you will have Faramir in Henneth Annun when Frodo and Sam and Gollum are abroad in Ithilien in 3019 - don't take Faramir's contribution to the Ring quest away from him. As Steward, it would have been his right to visit his troops, and he would have had considerable military training and probably experience. There is no reason to send Imrahil or any Swan Knight to Henneth Annun - they would be out of place there in 3019, there would be too much need for them in Minas Tirith anyway.

I hope Faramir will still have the dream of the sword that was broken. As Steward, he cannot go to Imladris itself, but he could send another. My vote is for Hirgon, who bore the Red Arrow to Theoden (with others I think) in the book and who physically resembled Boromir. I believe it's said in HoME that Tolkien originally meant Hirgon to be Denethor's nephew; in your AU, he could be a more distant cousin.

Author Reply: Hi, Raksha! Glad you're still with me on this! It's been a long and harrowing road... and so much more to come!

The lullaby is only the last 'key' in waking Faramir, Raksha. Aragorn has attempted, at least twice that we see, to call Faramir back. It just took a little longer - already, the King's touch has helped: the fever has left the lad, he has stopped the thrashing about, and he is finally sleeping peacefully - for the first time in a VERY long time. So do not think Aragorn did not call him back - he did! I'm sorry I did not write it powerfully enough for you to see. I might go back and look at that last little part.

As for Henneth Annun - I refuse to answer on the grounds that it would give too much away. But I know what's going to happen there! I can't wait to get started on 'My Sword Reigns' - so many decisions to make and I have only small clues as to what the Muse is thinking!!!

THANK YOU for the idea about Hirgon - I was wondering if I should start a contest about who on earth Faramir is going to send - I know this is a spoiler, but there is no way the Steward of Gondor will go to Rivendell - yet, he must still send someone. I was thinking of young Amrothos, Imrahil's son??? But Hirgon seems like a good candidate - AND he gets killed in Tolkien's piece anyhow? Hmmm... now that sends out another quandry - will that representative of Gondor try to steal the Ring?

Lots of fun stuff to look forward to!

ViresseReviewed Chapter: 47 on 5/18/2007
Good that Elladan is now awake - at first I thought he may somehow fall into the same spell as Faramir, as he is not responding to anyone even Elrohir can't find any wounds. And his condition can fightened his twin brother so. Elladan seems well enough in this chapter - or is he really?

Author Reply: Dearest Viresse,

Thanks so much for reading this and especially for commenting! I hope you're enjoying this.

As for Elladan - we'll have to wait till the sequel, 'My Sword Reigns,' before we know about Elladan.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 47 on 5/18/2007
Hooray! And all comes right with the world! How very wonderful to see all finally come to their proper place, and with the proper one beside her--or him.

And in your version it was Ecthelion who sought to engineer the rift between Aragorn and Denethor? Ah, that is too very bad.

I rejoice that Minastir is defeated and Faramir awakes in Aragorn's arms with his hand being held by his beloved aunt, and that Elves and Men are able to find peace before they come to unwarranted blows.

Author Reply: VERY glad you enjoyed this little tale... hope you enjoy the sequel...

There is a short epilogue and a very LONG author's notes to still add - in a day or two...

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