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Shire Yule  by Dreamflower 3 Review(s)
Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 26 on 1/6/2009
Nice capture of Gandalf's voice, grandfatherly but much older, and with a mix of compassion and humor. Lovely ending, too.

Author Reply: Thank you! That's the most Gandalf's ever said to me. But for some reason the story insisted on being in his voice.

I'm glad you liked it!

VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 26 on 1/6/2009
I have never thought of it that way, but you are right, there are similarities between Frodo and Boromir.

I found the opening a bit slow, but once it comes to the point, the story is beautiful and sad at the same time - to think that Boromir's hopes would not be fulfilled! The holly wreath was almost like a crown of thorns - was that an intentional association? The affectionate nature of the hobbits makes this a lovely, heart-warming tale, in spite of the impending doom.

Author Reply: Yes, both are private individuals, proud, and focused on their duty. Much more concerned with the well-being of others rather than themselves.

I think you are the only one who caught that particular bit of symbolism in the holly wreath--yes, that was one thing on my mind.

Knowing Boromir's ultimate fate makes any story with him in it fraught with bittersweet foreshadowing.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 26 on 1/6/2009
I'd wondered if this was possibly yours, what with the poem within it. Am so glad it was. It is so beautiful, and to learn of the more solemn rites of the Men of Gondor as opposed to the ones of Hobbits, and to see that caring expressed.


Author Reply: Yes, I was afraid the song might be a giveaway! I do have that tendency--I thought posting my other "carol" a day or two ahead might throw people off.

I've always imagined the Gondor of the late Third Age as rather a solemn place, a far more formal place than Rohan, for example, or even the North--especially in Minas Tirith. Existing under the Shadow, and with a long history of ceremony and courts, it seemed to me that their holidays and ceremonies would be very serious and symbolic.

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