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Shire Yule  by Dreamflower
An anthology of Yule-themed ficlets, drabbles, poems and songs...NEW FOR THIS SEASON --Number 38: "The Search for the Perfect Gift"--Frodo worries about the perfect Yule gift for Uncle Bilbo, now that he's been adopted by him. (Written for Larner, for the 2017 Yule Fic Exchange in the LOTRGenFic Community.) A set of nineteen drabbles.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Foreword2
Chapter  1: Frodo's Very First Yule8
Chapter  2: Out of the Dark: First Yule S.R. 13809
Chapter  3: Merry Yule9
Chapter  4: The Moon on the Breast of the New-Fallen Snow12
Chapter  5: Seasonal Advice14
Chapter  6: The Snow-Hobbit9
Chapter  7: Light the Yule Log (the Tuckborough Carol)9
Chapter  8: Yule at Brock Hall10
Chapter  9: The New Year Baby11
Chapter 10: Sleigh Ride11
Chapter 11: Yule Morn in the Shire10
Chapter 12: Conspiracy Yule11
Chapter 13: The Long Wait Begins11
Chapter 14: This Time Next Year10
Chapter 15: A New Tradition10
Chapter 16: "Come Now, Good Hobbits..."9
Chapter 17: Good King Elessar: Part 1, Hither Page and Stand by Me13
Chapter 18: Good King Elessar: Part 2, A Good League Hence14
Chapter 19: Good King Elessar: Part 3, Through the Rude Wind's Wild Lament10
Chapter 20: Good King Elessar, Part 4: Yonder Peasant, Who is He?11
Chapter 21: Good King Elessar: Part 5, Forth They Went Together8
Chapter 22: Good King Elessar: Epilogue, Shall Yourselves Find Blessing13
Chapter 23: Yule at Great Smials9
Chapter 25: The Year Has Turned (Sing Tarrilee)7
Chapter 26: To Wait for Sun's Returning3
Chapter 27: Comfort and Joy12
Chapter 28: Yuletide in the Shire-lands7
Chapter 29: But Seas Between Us Broad Have Roared5
Chapter 30: The Darkest Night9
Chapter 31: Yestarë in Dol Amroth4
Chapter 32: A Westfarthing Yule-song4
Chapter 33: Good-bye, Old Year, Good-bye!7
Chapter 34: Eucatastrophe: Yuletide in Annúminas3
Chapter 35: An Unexpected Yule Bounty5
Chapter 36: How Yule Came to Gondor3
Chapter 37: A New Year's Game of the Shire3
Chapter 38: The Search for the Perfect Gift4

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