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Shire Yule  by Dreamflower 4 Review(s)
VirtuellaReviewed Chapter: 31 on 1/3/2013
How lovely and cheerful, that sounds like a very happy memory indeed. And you beach setting is delightful. :)

Author Reply: Thank you dear! Having it begin that way with the walk on the beach made Amrothos' story unfold for me!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 31 on 1/3/2013
No, the events of today seldom seem to shine as do those of the memories of our childhoods! A marvelous day it was, and one well worth remembering. And it just might come to pass that in the future the Movable Feast just might make its way into Gondor! Heh! Lovely, Dreamflower, and lucky Linaewen!

Author Reply: You are quite right, the past always has a shiny patina that the present can't match, especially when you are older.

Who knows what hobbit customs might get transplanted because there are hobbits in Gondor? I like to think they made many friends while there--their visit with Amrothos made the perfect excuse for him to tell the story Linaewen wanted to hear!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 31 on 1/2/2013
No matter where you take your stories, whether in the Shire or abroad in Gondor, you weave a tale that makes *me* wistful for simpler times. Such a sweet tale of fond childhood memories. Excellent story!

Author Reply: Thank you, dear! The mood was rather wistful, wasn't it?

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 31 on 1/2/2013
I began to read but am interrupted... I suspect (without reading to the end) that the sand ducat is a sand dollar, something we've enjoyed collecting along our own coastline.

Here's hoping to return soon to read the rest!

Author Reply: Yes, I had to think of a more "Middle-earthy" name for it!

I hope you get to finish...(I hate interruptions!)

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