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Three Things About Pippin  by Grey Wonderer 18 Review(s)
Speedy HobbitReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/5/2007
I'm all giggles after reading this story; it is simply *too* cute! Ahhh, Pippin... I was especially amused by the comment about the fact that he could easily be sent off to Buckland as well as Pimpernel's astute observation that "He isn't twins!"

Author Reply: Thank you so much for reading and for the lovely review. Pippin must have been quite a handful as a little lad. : )

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/21/2007
Wonderful, G.W.!

If I were asked to list the three best things that happened to me today, reading this story would be one of them!

Frodo is clever indeed, but I hadn't thought that he would go that far.
Accept for the state of his trousers everything went well, and Pearl was deeply impressed, it seems ;-)

“You’ve wet your trousers and I think I sat in it. I won’t tell but someone will notice the back of me if I get up and then one of us will be in trouble. We can say it was me.”

*Grins* That's our Pippin!

Author Reply: You mean I made your top three of the day? Thank you! I am very glad you enjoyed it. Frodo did go a bit over-board on this but so did Pervinca. LOL That kick to the shin was probably more than was needed. Thank you for reading and I am glad you liked the bit with Frodo's damp trousers. That was a last minute thing that almost wasn't in the story. This one nearly ended with Pearl realizing what Frodo had done but I just couldn't resist letting the lasses make up with Pippin or letting Pippin greet his dear Cousin.

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/21/2007
Hi GW. Nope I can't claim the honour of being SPARX. I only go by one username and I was so naive when I started reviewing that it isn't even linked to LOTR. I am also a dog lover rather than of cats as these barely tolerate me! The name is linked to my work as a Parish Catechist in the Catholic Church. But that doesn't stop me from kicking out the plot bunnies that try to take up residence. I am not allowed pets or overnight visitors in my tiny bed-sit!

Author Reply: Your work sounds very interesting. When you mentioned plot bunnies in your post I thought that you might be Sparx. I know several people with different sign in names depending on what group they are visiting. It is always interesting to hear about other people's on line names and how they came by them. Thank you so much for your faithful reviews and your lovely comments. It makes my little hobby of writing for fun so much more entertaining to know that folks are reading!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/20/2007
This is brilliant GW. Sorry it has taken me a time to get around to the review.

Now, three things I like about authors.... Hmmmm.......

They write things I enjoy reading.....
They put up with inane reviews from me and are usually totally gracious in response....
They do something with the plot bunnies that take up residence in the dust under my bed - well just occasionally any way!

Author Reply: I am very glad that you enjoyed it. Now, big question, are you Sparx from Pippinhealers? When people have more than one name I completely can't figure it all out. (I'm slow that way.LOL) If you are, I can't thank you enough for the lovely plot bunny. I enjoyed the idea the minute I read it. If you aren't Sparx then I still thank you for the lovely review and your three things about authors.

BodkinReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/20/2007
Cunning work from Mr Frodo Baggins there. Which Pearl recognised and appreciated.

Still, for all his good qualities, living with Pippin must have been an endurance test for his older sisters. Probably made them more than adequate opponents for any available Ruffians, though.

Author Reply: Ruffian training! LOL Now that is a good idea. They could have rented the child out to others so they would be prepared. Even Frodo didn't suggest that! Thanks for the review!

elanor winterflowersReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/19/2007
Well, as always, I am enchanted! I love wee Pippin here; his dialogue is wonderful, as is his blissfully muddy little self! The girls are highly entertaining and Frodo is an inspired peacemaker. Another triumph! Here's to snow days in perpetuity!

Author Reply: Thank you! So glad you enjoyed it. I love your idea about snow days as well. That would be wonderful! Thank you for reading.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/18/2007
Very, very sweet indeed! Ah, Pippin, and dear Frodo and his trick, his tea-stained trousers, and the lists he was able to shake loose from the lasses!

Author Reply: Thank you. I think Frodo had his hands full with these lasses but I did think he managed to come out of it reasonable unharmed. LOL Thanks for reading.

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/18/2007
I think Frodo is very clever - or he's been reading psychology books in Bilbo's study again! the surest way to make the girls defend Pip was to criticise him! I'm sorry about the trousers though - and Pervinca went a bit far to kick his shin!

Pippin was adorable and Eglantine sounds a sensible Mum. Thanks for this, GW.

Author Reply: If Bilbo has psychology books then I am certain Frodo has read them all at least twice! LOL Pervinca was rather wicked wasnt she? Frodo may have regretted helping them slightly after that, but when Pippin greeted him I do think Frodo would have believed it was all worth while. Thank you for the lovely review!

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/18/2007
ROFLMAO!!! Absolutely...delicious.....the characterizations are just perfect! Pippin is so adorable I could eat him up alive and his sisters...why do they remind me of the Brady girls somehow...lolol Frodo was just too clever!

Thanks for a most delightful story.......


Author Reply: Thank you! I am glad that you enjoyed it. I like allowing Frodo to save the day. Thank you so much for the review! The Brady girls, uh? That works. I hadnt thought of them that way but it makes sense. LOL

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 2/18/2007
You know, this is the Frodo I adore! You have shown just how wise he is, and how patient. Although I am very sorry for his trousers and his shin, LOL!

*chuckle* Can you imagine what Bilbo would have said to the notion that he was terribly strict, and didn't think it proper not to know all the right words to a song?

The only thing wrong with this story is that it was too short!

*sigh* I wish I could get back on PippinHealers, but Yahoo! doesn't like me right now.

Author Reply: This is the sort of role I like Frodo in also. I like him as the peace maker and the wise older cousin with the answers. I believe one of his biggest strengths was the fact that he could reason things out that others might fail to see.

Bilbo would have been amused by the entire business and very proud of Frodo for being so clever. I almost let Bilbo do the honors in this one. I had another plan of action in which both Frodo and Bilbo turned up together and I had Frodo being very embarrassed that Bilbo was insulting Pippin. In the end I decided that gave me too many characters to deal with and I left dear Bilbo in Tuckborough. LOL

This got long enough that I was afraid to post it in one link to Pippinhealers. LOL Thank you though. I am glad that you could have read more if I had written it! That is a very nice thing for you to say.

I do hope you can get back onto the site soon. I worry that interest in that site is dying a bit. They dont seem to be posting much other than announcements about the doings on other boards. There was something about the round robin the other day but no real response to that post. I am not even certain who was next on that.

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