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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 6 Review(s)
Tari`Reviewed Chapter: 16 on 8/18/2008
This chapter is what being a family is truly all about. The love, comfort, protection, understanding and patience are all the ways we should treat each other. Playtime never hurts either.

True evil can have a devastating effect on the recipient. A strong network of family and friends can all help to heal the wounded soul with the help of Atar.

Namo will be something else when the healing is completed; still mischievous I hope.

Author Reply: And here's another that I missed. Blast! Anyway, it's very true what you say about what family is truly all about, Tari, and we see it here in this chapter.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 16 on 1/30/2008
Manwë’s way to convince Námo to return with him was not the gentlest one, wasn’t it?

Well, it worked, and Námo’s first meeting with the others went rather well, considering how he still feels. And the playing seems to help to relieve the stress, too. I was glad the others gave the Mayar an idea what had happened, so they will be more understanding.

Oh, and thank you for clearing up the regent/gerent question. Another new word learned – I had never seen it before, and the dictionary was useless.

Author Reply: Sometimes tough love is the only way to go.

And you're welcome. I know that the word Tolkien uses is not commonly known and people get confused. I would normally just use regent myself, but I thought it more appropriate to use the term that Tolkien himself uses in referring to Manwë.

ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 16 on 12/12/2007
I'm uncertain how to "judge" Manwë's threat to get Námo to leave - on the one hand, I find a rather harsh case of (emotional) blackmail, on the other, I hope it was just a wake-up call to get Námo's undivided attention and to make him realise that he doesn't really want to be all alone, and that Manwë wouldn't really have gone through with his threats.

I love that Námo's first feeling on returning is his joy at the life in the "normal" dimension.

My respect to Varda! It was very gracious and wise of her to be the first to welcome him back (especially in light of their former disagreements), and to emphasise that he is needed.

"Why don’t you go with your Máyar and let them tell you what they’ve been up to while you were gone?"

For some reason, this line seemed very important to me, or rather the way Manwë phrased his suggestion. It is somehow a mix between reminding Námo that he is the master of his Máyar, and at the same time, "what they've been up to" sounds like he is describing children's mischief, in keeping with Námo's still evident regression. I find a very wise, gentle, and insightful "tactic".

The end of the chapter had me giggling out loud: Námo hopping between the two dwarf stars seems like a kid in a candy store with just enough pocket money for one of the two treats he is eyeing with longing...

while one had a more comfortable core (whatever that meant)

That's what I'm wondering, as well *g*...

I've always had a soft spot for Maranwë from your other stories, and his behaviour here especially in this chapter has only increased it; both his steadfast and caring loyalty, and his jest at the end that shows some affinity with his lord.

Author Reply: Manwë's words to Námo were both a wake-up call for Námo about his responsibilities in Eä, especially to his own Máyar, but also a serious threat. If Námo had chosen to remain in the tenth dimension, Manwë would have carried out the threat as promised. He would, in fact, have had no choice. That is not to say that had that happened, Námo would not eventually be "promoted" to Vala status at some point, but he would have had to prove himself worthy of the status. Luckily for all of us, that scenario didn't materialize, but it was a close thing. So it wasn't a case of emotional blackmail but the reality of the situation and Námo had best deal with it and the consequences of his choices.

Manwë is beginning to learn how to deal with Námo on several levels, especially on the level of a parent. His approach to Námo is very cautious, but at the same time he won't let Námo get away with too much. Reminding him about his responsibilites towards his Máyar in this manner make it nontrheatening for Námo to deal with those under his lordship when he is unsure about his worthiness to even be responsible towards others.

The end of the chapter is one of my favorite scenes, and your comparison is very apt. I'm glad you like Maranwë. He's one of my favorite OCs and I think you can see in this chapter why Námo made him his Chief Maia and depends on him so much.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 16 on 12/12/2007
The healing continues; and he is realizing being left ALONE isn't the best thing--certainly isn't all that comfortable.

Glad he can play, and love the search for the perfect star for a bed. Excellent.

Author Reply: Hi Larner. Yes, being ALONE is not a good thing for Námo right now, hence Manwë's ultimatum. Námo's emotional state is at this moment pretty iffy, serious one minute, playful the next and no one know's which way he'll jump. T thought him jumping from one star to the next looking for a good place to bed down rather funny, myself. I can just see the looks of exasperation and bemusement on the faces of the Máyar. *grin*

EdlynReviewed Chapter: 16 on 12/12/2007
Good morning, meldonya!

This was a wonderful chapter! Everything was so very right with it, especially the way we got to see the other Ayanumuz and Máyar's reactions to the changes in Námo's personality. And I couldn't help but smile at Varda telling himthat she missed him, for himself and for his advice and counsel.

I applauded Maranwë's kneeling and welcoming Námo back. It was the perfect response. I could tell how hard this was for everyone, Námo in having to take the step to come back, his family nnd the Máyar, wanting to welcome him home but not certain of how to do so without traumtizing him further and the confusion of the Máyar when they saw the results of someone being so horribly abused and violated for the first time.

It's ovious that not only is Námo learning (in the hardest way) what will be needed when the Eldar come to Mandos for healing (having experience as your teacher really sucks sometimes) but now Irmo is learning how to deal with a soul who is putting himself back together which will be the foundation of his work in Lórien.

Why do I get the mental image of a five-year old black-haired elfling waffling between which toy to sleep with when I read the last part? (grin).

Seriously, I know from sad experience that sometimes regression is the easiest coping mechanism to use when a person is hurt. Sometimes the responsibilities of life get to be too much to deal with along with the trauma and going back to a time (even temporarily) when one had far fewer, if any, responsibilities make it easier to get through each day. Even making a simple decision can be almost impossible at those times.

I know that Námo will eventually recover but it will take time. I look forward to seeing how he handles things. I am also wondering how long it will take before he can refer to Melkor by anything other than "he". I'm suspecting that once he can actually say he name (even with anger and disgust) he will be mostly healed.

A wonderful job as always. Take care!


Author Reply: Hi Edlyn. I'm glad you think I did everything right in the chapter. *grin* Yes, the reactions of the Máyar especially would be very confused and disbelieving at how this Máhanaz could act like the very least of them. Not having had the experience of dealing with someone who's been traumatized, they have no idea what to do or not do. Námo's Máyar don't know it but Námo is their first patient and learning to deal with him will help them to deal with the tormented fëar of the elves and mortals who make their way to Mandos.

>>Why do I get the mental image of a five-year old black-haired elfling waffling between which toy to sleep with when I read the last part? (grin).<<

Because that's just about what he is! And definitely too cute for words, though Irmo probably doesn't think so. LOL

Námo did refer to Melkor by name in the last chapter, but he stumbled over the name, so it's rather hard for him to say it. Easier to just say "he" for now.

Thanks for your review.

NikaraReviewed Chapter: 16 on 12/11/2007
Awww... Namo is rather adorable right now! I liked this chapter, although Manwe's threat was rather harsh. At least it got Namo out of that dimension!

Author Reply: Sometimes an ultimatum is the only thing that will work in getting someone to do what you know they need to do and however harsh the threat, it did serve it's purpose. *grin* And Námo is *always* adorable. LOL

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