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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil
Before the Coming of the Children, before Arda was even created, the Valar labored in wastes unmeasured and unexplored, and in ages uncounted and forgotten while Melkor sought to dominate all to his own desires and purposes. This is their story. As always, my thanks go to Alassiel for the beta-read. MEFA 2008: Honorable Mention: Longer Works (General).
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: An Explanation6
Chapter  1: Riding the Fireball10
Chapter  2: Beacons Lit11
Chapter  3: The Máhanumaz12
Chapter  4: Hunting Through the Cosmos8
Chapter  5: Collision Course8
Chapter  6: Interlude On a Nameless Planet9
Chapter  7: Melyanna10
Chapter  8: Mápaina7
Chapter  9: Rescue Run13
Chapter 10: Pá Morilattar10
Chapter 11: For Beauty Is Nothing But the Beginning of Terror11
Chapter 12: Finding Námo10
Chapter 13: Playing in the Tenth Dimension10
Chapter 14: Deep Structures of Pain and Terror8
Chapter 15: Convincing Námo8
Chapter 16: Námo's Homecoming6
Chapter 17: Adjustments9
Chapter 18: Redeeming the Oath8
Chapter 19: On Constructing Atháraphelun11
Chapter 20: Designing Worlds9
Chapter 21: Disappointment9
Chapter 22: Diversions and Ambuscades10
Chapter 23: The First Council of Manwë8
Chapter 24: Feint and Counterfeint11
Chapter 25: The Changing of the Variable13
Chapter 26: Atháraphelun Rising11
Chapter 27: Repercussions11
Chapter 28: The Naming of Worlds8
Chapter 29: Meneldë, Tambë Cemendë10
Chapter 30: The Battle of Twelve Suns 11
Chapter 31: The Death of Hope8
Chapter 32: The Final Gamble8
Chapter 33: The Last Ayanuz9
Chapter 34: Trials and (Atar’s) Tribulations7
Chapter 35: The Price of Victory8
Chapter 36: Almaren Rising6
Chapter 37: Veryanwë Meren9
Chapter 38: The Corruption of Beauty9
Chapter 39: Behests and Betrayals12
Chapter 40: Loss of Innocence12
Chapter 41: Trees and Thrones5
Chapter 42: The Sin of Aulë9
Chapter 43: Ents and Eagles9
Chapter 44: The Second Council of Manwë9
Chapter 45: The Light Challenges12
Chapter 46: Yána Elenion9
Chapter 47: Brothers’ Keepers9
Chapter 48: Many Waters13
Chapter 49: The Uninvited17
Chapter 50: The Third Council of Manwë10
Chapter 51: Tulwi Ainuron Etelelyar12
Chapter 52: The Siege of Utumno8
Chapter 53: Forces of Nature10
Chapter 54: The Trial of the Fallen10
Chapter 55: The Last Debate18
Chapter 56: Appendix: Timeline2
Chapter Author's Notes: Character List12

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