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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 10 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 22 on 9/5/2008
This is beyond the shadow of a doubt the most fascinating story I have ever read.

Three cheers to Namo who was able to reject Melkor’s attempt to recapture him, although I know the rest of the Valar would not have allowed it to happen anyway.

Author Reply: Thanks, Tari. I'm glad you find this story so fascinating. I know others do as well and I have enjoyed writing it.

Námo is finally beginning to reject Melkor's plans for him though he still has a long way to go before he achieves final healing.

ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 22 on 5/22/2008
I find it a beautiful concept that it might be the thought of his Mayar that gives Námo the final push into accepting his strength and his place back. The loyalty, the bond between them. His responsibility for them. If he is too humble to see himself as strong as he truly is, having the surety that his Mayar look to him as their lord is an important acknowledgement of his position as lord.

The juxtaposition of the wandering and working among the stars and the discussion about the "women", and the appearance of Melkor's minions was very well played. I really started in my chair when they appeared! And then Melkor, too - *shiver*!

And yeah - put to flight *oof*! All exciting and tense and then a great relief.

Poor Námo; but perhaps now the wound is lanced, and the poison can trickle out for good, bit by bit.

The play of colours in the auras of the different Ayanumuz was especially effective in this chapter, I found.

Author Reply: Hi, Imhiriel. I'm glad you found this chapter to your liking. Námo has a ways to go before he is fully heal but this is the start of it, especially in his ability to deny Melkor what he wanted. A major step in the right direction.

And I'm glad you found the play of colors in the aurae effective. It's rather hard to describe non-corporeal spiritual beings when you yourself are not. *grin*

Thanks for reviewing. I much appreciate it.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/13/2008
I am having the darndest time with Manwe!

I don't understand how on earth he could even consider this line of abuse - yes abuse! - that is his tactic with Namo! Using threats and manipulation.

Namo is the victim - one doesn't go about threatening punishment or demotion or saying he is 'disappointed' with Namo - and for what!?! - for being a victim! You give solace and comfort. I just can't accept Manwe's tactics - even if Namo has to be strong - for we all know Melkor will attack again!

Author Reply: And Melkor did attack again, and Manwë knew it would happen sooner rather than later. I think the fact that Manwë and Oromë discussed tactics ahead of time and came to an agreement says much for Manwë's abilities as a leader, planning ahead for contingencies, hoping that Námo would come to healing on his own but knowing that he might need to be pushed a bit. Manwë knows that they are on a schedule here and he needs Námo and needs to know that he can trust him at the last. I'm sure that his decisions concerning Námo have not come easily for him, but he's willing to take responsibility for his decisions as any leader worth his salt should.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 22 on 3/12/2008
Well, I'd rather leave a longer review, but at this point, I better just review or it'll never get done!

Chilling! I wasn't expecting Melkor quite so soon, but suppose it was inevitable he would pull something like this. I admire Oromë for fighting against him to protect Námo! *cheers the Huntsman* And I was so relieved when the others showed up so quickly. The appearance of Balrogs was quite disturbing.

But the thing that stood out to me the most was the fact that while Námo was terrified, he was also pissed as heck. *grin* Good to see that anger coming out! Now he is ready to take the next step in healing though I know it will still be painful. Hopefully Vairë can help him.

I love this story. It's one of my favs of yours. Great job!


PS - now that you've shown you can write decent romance, I want a Námo/Vairë *ahem* scene! Please? *grin*

Author Reply: It's long enough, so don't worry about it. *grin*

Yes Melkor's appearance was chilling and you knew he would make an appearance soon enough. And it was just what Námo needed, though he did not realize it, to allow his righteous anger to come to the fore. All his anger at this point has been self-directed, now it's directed towards the person to which it should be directed: Melkor. Now the healing will continue apace, though, as you say, it will still be painful at times.

As for the Námo/Vairë *ahem* scene... you'll have to wait until they're properly espoused for that. *grin*

Glad you are enjoying this story. Thanks for your encouragement.

EdlynReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/28/2008
One word: Wow!

Edlyn (who is utterly incoherent at the power of this chapter)

Author Reply: Now don't be shy. Tell me what you really think. *LOL* I hope to see a proper review whenever you become coherent again. Glad you found this chapter so powerful.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/28/2008
So, the attack was not a total surprise. And Namo fought! I am glad. And I'm glad the response team was so quick this time.

Author Reply: I'm sure Manwë was waiting for such an attack to occur, though he would not know just when it would happen and I think the response was so quick because Námo called on Atar for help first.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/28/2008
Oh, well done. Such a mix of emotions in this chapter! I loved Namo and Orome getting the planet system just right and then their talk about what 'might' be done to Namo in the future. It's all so frightening for him - and embarrassing, I'd imagine. Orome was right to tell him not to worry about the things that may or may not happen in the future, but that is so hard to do.

The discussion between Manwe, Varda, Irmo, and Nienna was interesting and I felt so for Namo's brother and sister. The most telling thing for me was how steadfast Manwe was... he never changed from the steady blue that he was. He knew what needed to be done and while he was listening to Irmo and Nienna, he wasn't going to change from what was best for Namo. That's a comforting thing.

Then when Melkor and his 'henchmen' appeared I just shuddered. I KNEW he wasn't going to get away with it again, but still! I was so glad when Namo cried out for his Atar, it was the best thing he could do under the circumstances. I thought back and remembered how Namo had felt so alone and cut off from his Atar the first time he was confronted by Melkor. When I first read the sentence about 'bright beings' showing up my first thought was, 'oh, here comes Tulkas!' *grin*

Looking forward to more...

Author Reply: Thanks, Radbooks. Yes, there are quite a mix of emotions in this chapter. I like to think that Oromë was already doing what he and Manwë had disccussed between them earlier, though we don't learn about it until Manwë is speaking to Irmo and Nienna. Manwë is indeed steadfast in his resolve and takes seriously his role as the Elder King under Ilúvatar. And being the oldest amongst them, he has had more time to mature.

Melkor was unexpected, even by me, so I was very glad when Námo decided to call on Atar and deny Melkor. At that point Námo was taking charge of his own healing and not allowing Melkor to rule him. He's not out of the woods yet, but in that one instance he's advanced much further than any of them thought he would for some time yet.

Tulkas is coming... I promise, but just not yet. *grin*

CesReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/27/2008
It's absolutely fascinating how you develop Namo from the timid, scared character we are seeing so far into the confident Valar we see in your later stories.

Calling for Atar - who doesn't do that in their deepest time of need? And yet he manages to take his first steps towards not letting Melkor intimidate him any longer.

Your descriptions of space are so very realistic and come to life. I giggle at the thought of those two playing with planets!

You have me on the edge of my seat with this story. Great chapter!


Author Reply: Hi, Ces. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Yes, Námo is finally taking control of his own healing instead of Melkor controlling him through his fear. And I try to make my descriptions of space as realistic as possible, using the photos provided us by NASA and the Hubble telescope. Eä after all is our universe so using what we know of the cosmos as the backdrop to the story just makes sense.

I giggle at the thought of those two playing with planets!

My beta compared it to two kids playing with marbles! LOL

Thanks for reviewing.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/27/2008
Wow... I can see why you recommended reading it with a stuffed toy. My blood went cold as Melkor and his minions appeared. *Shudder* No stuffed hedgehog to cuddle for comfort but I do have a lot of dark chocolate and cocoa to drink.

Wow--Orome fighting Melkor... my mental image of that is.. Wow...

I should have known that Manwe had been planning ahead, but I can understand the upset displayed by Nienna and Irmo. I do think that Orome would have helped Namo even without Manwe's asking him to do so, however.

The thing that got me most was Namo screaming "ATAR!" It just hit me so hard, the impact of his reaching for his (and our) Father in his moment of greatest need. In a world where it is pounded into us that we MUST do everything ourselves before we even think of asking for help from others, it is sad that a lot of people wouldn't think to call for Atar's help first. I include myself in that statement--although I'm working hard on changing that.

Now that I've commented on what I felt strongest about, I have to say that I really enjoyed watching Namo and Orome with the planetary system. Namo tweaking the orbits of the two smaller planetoids so they'd balance against the larger one reminded me of my younger autistic son's getting his train layout just right. *grin* And I really enjoyed seeing Orome's skills developing as he worked in concert with Namo to deal with the pockets of chaos.

I also thought Manwe's place for reflection was very appropriate! :) Even before you named it in the author's note, I recognized it from your description.

Thanks for another great chapter on this very special fic!

Author Reply: When I started this chapter, it had no title (very unusual with me) and I had no clue until it happened that Melkor and his goon squad were going to ambush Námo, so it was as much a shock to me as it was to you. Námo screaming for Atar just seemed so right and I suspect that it was that call for help that brought help so quickly and decisively. And Námo's "NEVER AGAIN!" is most likely the first step towards full healing, as he takes control rather than allowing even the subconscious memories of Melkor control him.

Manwë, in this chapter, is beginning to show himself as Atar's vice-gerent (and yes, that really is a word that comes down to us from the 16th century and I have no idea why Tolkien used that word rather than the more normal "vice-regent"). He, himself, is learning that there will be times when he will have to make hard (and unpopular) decision concerning his People, including the other Ayanumuz. I suspected the entire conversation with Irmo and Nienna was to allow them to voice their own concerns and perhaps lead them towards the same conclusions he to which he'd already come so that there would be no sense of him "lording" over them or their brother. Cagey, that Manwë. *grin*

Anyway, when I was trying to find an appropriate site for their meeting and saw the photos of the Eagle Nebula, I just knew that was the place. *grin* Glad to see you recognized it even before you saw the note. I'm happy to see my description was clear enough and did the photos justice. Thanks for reviewing.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 22 on 2/27/2008
Would you be surprised that I'm with Irmo and Nienna in this? I don't care about time - it seems cruel to force Námo to remember this trauma too soon, and I think it is true that it will only drive him further away. Poor guy - I am glad he feels at least comfortable around Oromë, though it was heartbreaking when he asked what Orom&eml; planned to do with him.

Well, the new attack was to be expected *sigh* I am glad this time nothing too bad happened and rescue arrived so soon. And I am glad Námo took it rather well - or at least it seems so. But that he reacted not only with fear, but with anger as well, seems the first step to recovery to me.

Author Reply: Usually the first step in recovery of abuse of any kind is finally saying "No!" to the abuser. Námo is beginning to take charge of his own healing now and I think he will be able to face his memories of Melkor with less fear, as long as the other Ayanumuz remain supportive and don't push too hard.

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