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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 8 Review(s)
TariReviewed Chapter: 23 on 9/8/2008
Very interesting chapter. It reminds me of "He that is last shall be first and he that is first shall be last". I think I have it in the right order.

I certainly hope there are no spies for Melkor in the group.

I love it when you revert to the Thee's and Thou's.


Author Reply: I think the quotation is very apt here although I suspect that the order needs to be reversed. *grin* At any rate, we will see how successful the Ayanumuz are in executing their plans.

ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 23 on 5/22/2008
taken ownership of your own healing Well put!

And how typical of Varda, being brisk about finally having time for other tasks. I have a "warmer" image of her, but I like how your characterisation is just a bit different, more the focus on the "regal" qualities of the Star Queen.

Important subject matter: Námo's free will, the others' (and his!) uncertainty thereof so effectively remedied, and now a firm, unequivocal base from which to work towards healing.

And I can understand why it may take some time to really sink in: the sudden relief of this burden (however unconscious it partly was) must have him reeling, before he finds his new balance.

I have every intention of making it a spectacle and one thing I know about my brother is that he loves spectacles.

Isn't that too true? Isn't it often so that Evil is flashing, flamboyant, obvious; whereas Good is unobtrusive and subtle, and sometimes easily overlooked therefore?

I loved the section about the Mayar. I admit there was much leafing back and forth between this chapter and the character list, but it was a joy to (re)discover who belongs to whom, which Mayar had been selected, and to find a few familiar (and a few very familiar *g*) names among them. (And I can just see Sauron and Saruman fuming at having been not invited *g*...)

Wonderful interplay between Eonwë and Námo at the end, and very appropriate.

Author Reply: Well, I think Varda mellows a bit over the Ages. You're seeing her at a very young stage in her existence. *grin*

Not knowing what Melkor did or tried to do to Námo there would be that uncertainty until something like this happens and they can see that Námo's free will hasn't been suborned. Now there's a base on which trust may grow again.

I've never understood why Evil has to flaunt itself and tell everyone exactly what it's going to do to you. It's like, "Yeah, whatever, can we get on with it?" LOL Luckily, Manwë knows his brother well enough to figure out how to keep Melkor occupied.

I had a lot of fun deciding which of the Máyar the Ayanumuz would bring to the Council and thought to have some unexpected choices just for fun. And yes, Sauron, especially, as Aulë's Chief Máya, would certainly be fuming and Saruman would of course remember this slight (as he would see it) agasint him when he and Radagast are both chosen to become Istari.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/21/2008
A lovely, lovely chapter made extra special by the ending. How pleased I am for Eonwe!

As for Namo - I now see the wisdom of Manwe's actions and am humble and in awe of his wisdom. I had not thought of an unknowing slave. Very possible and hideous to think it. Yet, I rejoiced at the joy and pride of his People as Namo was once again fully returned to his family!

Thanks for a glorious chapter. And a great tale.

Author Reply: I know many readers were upset with Manwe and his supposed cruelty and abuse towards Namo but as you can see I couldn't give the game away too soon. I'm glad you understand why Manwe acted as he did. It could not have been easy for him or anyone else wondering if their beloved brother was already Melkor's slave even unknowingly. They had no idea just what Melkor did to Namo and so they had to take every precaution until they knew for sure.

And I thought it would be fun to show how Eonwe became Manwe's Herald and Captain of the Host of the Valar.

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for reviewing.

HildigrimReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/19/2008
The penultimate paragraph of the chapter deserves explicit approbation. There is an arresting contrast in response content -- in both "...and any failings with forgiveness" and the explicit trusteeship/servanthood of the pledge *recipient* -- between it and essentially every other such Arda pledge/response pairing I can remember reading. (For examples, I cite the one in Chapter 9 of this story, to say nothing of the canonical one between Pippin and Denethor.)

On a less serious note, you may count me among the "many people" who would dispute the inventive pairings in Kaylee's earlier chapter review. For example, quoting from --

A Elbereth Gilthoniel o menel palan-diriel, le nallon
O Elbereth Starkindler from firmanent gazing afar, to thee I cry
sí di-nguruthos! A tiro nin, Fanuilos!
here beneath death-horror! O look towards me, Everwhite!

I don't see Hera (!) getting that kind of 911 call.

Author Reply: Different pledges require different responses, but certainly, the Valar-Maiar relationship is based on love rather than on duty or even fear. One would hope that any 'pledge' between us and God works the same way. While among humans it might be necessary to punish failings in fulfilling a pledge, rather than offering forgiveness, that certainly should not be the response of the Divine. Also, don't forget that Eönwë has already pledged himself to Manwë, so there is no need to explicate that further in this pledge.

And I don't see Hera getting that kind of 911 call either. LOL For that matter, I don't see too many of the 'gods' either getting or responding to such a call.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/15/2008
Wonderful chapter! It was good to see some of Manwe's reasons about things. I hadn't considered that Namo might actually still be under Melkor's sway even without him knowing it himself. Manwe is so right, he is free, though he still has a long way to go to be healed. Poor Namo.

What a horrible thing Namo has to do when they switch the beacon! To be off by himself with just his Maya! Even though it all makes sense, it's still a lot to ask of him. Again, poor Namo.

The Council was a very good scene. I LOVED Irmo in it! His line about how they could control the Maya with a single negligent thought was priceless. And the way the Maya reacted was certainly appropriate. Hopefully, things will change now...

Looking forward to the next chapter... I think. It depends what happens to Namo! *grin*

Author Reply: Many readers were down on Manwë because of what they considered his abusive treatment of Námo, but I hope I've disspelled that idea in this chapter where Manwë and Varda explain why they did what they did. I'm sure when Námo fled from his rescuers there was some doubt in Manwë's mind as to where Námo's loyalties now lay, so he had to move cautiously untl he was sure. The ambush and Námo's reaction showed that Melkor had not yet suborn him and now he truly is free of Melkor's influence even if he doesn't really accept that right now. That will come in time.

I'm glad you liked the Council scene. I thought Irmo's line was priceless too and it wasn't a threat, merely a statement of fact, a fact that I think many of the Máyar had forgotten or refused to acknowledge. I'm sure the Máyar who were at the Council will have plenty of things to say to their fellows about it, which is what the Ayanumuz want. And obviously things do change, as we don't see this type of hierarchical system existing later on in my Elf, Interrupted story.

Námo's not out of the woods yet, but he's more prepared for the next step than he or anyone else (except possibly Atar) realize. Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/15/2008
Now I'm a bit torn - my mind understands that Manwë had to make sure Námo isn't under Melkor's influence. But my feelings don't quite agree and still insist it was mean to distrust him and put him through this.
Anyway, I am glad they have solved the matter.

Ah, nice to see Olórin, Aiwendil and Pallando here! Though luckily no Curumo - I'd always be suspicious, I fear ;-) While most of the other names are familiar enough to know they're absolutely trustworthy.

taking care with his thoughts and being as precise as possible so there was no mistaking his meaning Hm ... why do I get the feeling that changed quite a bit in Middle-earth, where he appeared to be rather cryptic?

The Máyar still have to learn a few things, it seems. But I am sure the Ayanumuz will see to that. And Eönwë has been promoted! Should I be glad or feel sorry for him? *grin*

Now I am waiting anxiously what will happen next.

Author Reply: I'm sure many people will be of two minds about Manwë here, but too much is at stake for them not to be suspicious and needing to know for sure that Námo hadn't been suborned by Melkor. So, however hard it might have been on Námo it was a necessary precaution. Luckily, as you say, the situation as resolved itself.

Well, Olórin and Aiwendil are at the Council, but Pallando is not, even though he is a Chief Máya. And I figured there had to be some basis for Curumo's jealousy of Aiwendil that would have had its roots in the distant past rather than being a recent development when it comes time for the Order of the Istari to be founded.

Now, while Olórin may have been precise with his language, Gandalf would probably find it necessary to be cryptic at times, since he could never reveal his true nature and powers. Such a need would not be present among his own kind and especially among his Masters.

As for EÖnwë's promotion... apparently he seemed to accept his new duties and obligations with aplomb since he was never "demoted" *grin.

Thanks for reviewing.

KayleeReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/14/2008
I'm finally caught up and might I just say...I. LOVE. NAMO. I feel SO bad for the way Namo was treated by Melkor all those times and I have a feeling life won't get any easier for my favorite (future) Doomsman, but at least he has Vaire to help him, and of course Irmo and Nienna and Manwe and Orome and well...all of them, lol.

Also I have to say the flat world intrigues me. I would have been amused if it was placed on the backs of four elephants on the back of a giant turtle, but *winks* wrong fandom. *chuckles* Also I don't think the Discworld was square, as it's a *disc*, so I know you're not attempting a crossover (lol) although I have to wonder just what's going to happen to the flat world.

Ten planets...Ten. *blinks* We only have nine...or if you listen to what was decided a couple years back, eight *rolls eyes* plus a bunch of new dwarf planets. *feels sorry for Pluto, especially since it would be "Namo's planet" if I parallel Greek gods and the Valar*

Huh...Paralleling Greek gods and the Valar, huh? ^_^

Manwe = Zeus
Varda = Hera
Ulmo = Poseidon
Aule = Hephaestus
Yavanna = Demeter
Namo = Hades
Vaire = The Fates, I suppose?
Irmo = Morpheus
Este = Hestia
Nienna = Niobe (Ok, well, she wasn't a goddess, but she weeps incessantly and I'm having a hard time matching this one. Help?)
Tulkas = Ares
Nessa = Terpsichore (muse of dance) or possibly just all the Muses
Orome = Pan
Vana = Persephone

These equivalents are based on personality and how suitable characteristics are to each other...I know Namo and Vana aren't espoused, lol. (Although I tend to see them as rather alike what with Vana being "Ever-Young" and Namo liking to "play" ever so much!)

Okay Fiondil, before I write a review as long as your chapters I'll shut up and stop rambling...*grin*...just ask Rhyselle, I go off on tangents a lot...But I loved this and I've learned more about astronomy from you than I ever did in school, yay! ^_^

Write more soon PLEASE!!!!! *waiting for EI 2 rather excitedly as well*


Author Reply: Well, as for ten planets, you'll have to wait and see. I'm sure you will find it amusing when you see where I put it.

Your list of equivalants between the Greek pantheon and the Valar is rather.... creative. *grin* I'm sure many people would dispute some of your pairings. I find the idea of Nienna constantly weeping rather silly myself, and so far I haven't had do anything like that in any of my stories.

Anyway, as to the fate of the flat Arda.... that will soon be revealed. And I'm glad you're learning astronomy from this story. It does make it more fun doesn't it?

I will begin posting EI2 sooner than you think, so keep your eyes peeled to the computer screen. *grin* Thanks for reviewing. I'm glad you've been enjoying this tale.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 23 on 3/14/2008
I was so glad to see Olorin and Aiwendil in there! Yeah, Team! And Namo is now free, whether or not he yet appreciates it emotionally. He heals apace now. I do understand his reluctance to put his own folk in danger; but if Manwe's certain he can now successfully stand up to Melkor--well, that's good enough for me!

Author Reply: Thanks, Larner. I'm glad you approve of this chapter. I thought it was time to bring in Olórin and Aiwendil and we may see more of them in subsequent chapters (and unfortunately, that means probably more of Aulendil and Curumo as well). Anyway, Manwë has every confidence that Námo can stand up against Melkor and his horde. Now we just need to convince Námo of that. *grin*

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