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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 11 Review(s)
ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 30 on 9/8/2008
You really manage to convey the sheer, literally cosmic scope of this battle. I sometimes had the feeling I was seeing fireworks and flashes coming out of my screen *g*!

How can there be such a pain that even such all-powerful beings as the Valar suffer so much from it? Awesome and terrible, and so hard to imagine - but here it is, and we are given an inkling of it...

I'm very grateful for the calmer scenes strewn in between, for the much-needed breather. And yet, they also serve to make the clamour and confusion of the battle that much more obvious in contrast. It reminds me of one of the behind-the-scenes section of the TTT DVD, where the sound technicians described how they removed all sound for the moment immediately before the wall of Helm's Deep was blown away - so as to not go overboard with even more noise, and yet give it the much needed emphasis of the impact of this explosion.

And now on to the next chapter to learn just what Oromë and Námo's plan entails (and thanks for the tease *g*!)...

Author Reply: I'm glad you found the scope of the battle cosmic. That was what I was trying to convey. Not very easy to do on paper, but I figured most people had seen "Star Wars" and similar kinds of movies and could fill in the gaps with their own images.

Calenlass GreenleafReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/16/2008
Oh, I remember the nine suns story...think I heard when I was in second grade during some boring Chinese class on Saturday, whcih was the only thing I actually paid attention that day. But I never gave it much thought. Until now, that is. :) It's an interesting idea.


Author Reply: In one of the six primary schools in Manzhouli (Inner Mongolia) where I taught third graders, on the wall outside the classroom they've painted the legend in a series of murals. My Chinese teacher told me the story and it just struck me as a neat concept to use for this story, so way back in chapter 4 when Melkor was fooling around in Varda's nursery, the germ of this present chapter was being planted based on that particular legend.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/15/2008
Hi Fiondil, I have received a New Chapter Alert for Wars, but all I get is an error message saying the chapter/story combination is incorrect, does Nilmandra have another glitch or did you miss stike a key?

Author Reply: hit the wrong key. Sorry about that. Next chapter will be up later in the week so keep your eyes peeled.

eilujReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/14/2008
Hi, Fiondil. It's me again. *Not* trying to harass you or drive you crazy or anything, but still curious. 8-)

Julie: Do we know what Dáhanigwishtelgun translates as?

Fiondil: The definition is at the end of the chapter. Perhaps you simply didn't see it.

[A/N at end of chapter: Dáhanigwishtelgun: (Valarin) The original name for Taniquetil.]

Julie again: Yes, I saw the A/N, and I understand that it was the Valarin name for Taniquetil. But did it mean the same as Taniquetil (which apparently means "high white peak")? Or did it mean something else (and if so, what?)? Or did Tolkien just not say what it means, so we assume it probably means "high white mountain"?

"From the top of the mountain on Erumëambar where Námo had had his encounter with Atar and which they were beginning to refer to as Dáhanigwishtelgun" -- If my list of planet names is correct (you know me: I made another chart in Word), they're on Mars. And Taniquetil isn't on Mars. So this was a different mountain. So I'm wondering if Dáhanigwishtelgun translates as something like "the tallest mountain on the planet" that would apply both to Taniquetil and to Olympus Mons -- because apparently the Valar used the same name for two different mountains. Which I would think would be confusing -- but then I don't have their IQ.

Sorry: very literal brain. (Blaming it on my genes.)

Author Reply: Dáhanigwishtelgun is the Valarin name for Taniquetil that Tolkien gives it. I merely transplanted the name to Olympus Mons as an explanation as to where the name originated. I didn't change the meaning of the word, simply gave a background to it. Olympus Mons is the tallest mountain in our solar system and Taniquetil was supposed to be the tallest mountain on Earth, taller than Mt. Everest. So when the Valar built Taniquetil they simply transferred the name from one mountain to the next. Taniquetil is merely the Quenya adaptation of the original Valarin word. Make sense now?

KittyReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/14/2008
It is fun to watch Námo and Vairë together, kissing and flirting even in the middle of the chaos and Vairë refusing to leave him alone :) That calls for a Valar wedding as soon as Melkor is out of the way!

This battle must have been quite the spectacle – Star Wars is paling in comparison.

These Urushigasumaz (argh, that word is nearly as bad as the password for the doors of Thranduil’s stronghold!) are nasty monsters, that’s for sure. How terrible for Ancalequirindë to realise one of them was her brother! And I wonder how she feels when she learns that they are all destroyed. Poor girl. But these monsters need to be destroyed, and I am anxious to know how Námo and Oromë are planning to do that. It is distressing to think they have to destroy Námo’s and Vairë’s world for this purpose!

Well, one good did come out of this whole mess – Námo’s uncertainty seems to have vanished; it was satisfying to watch him take charge and even tell Manwë what to do. And I have to agree that it is about time that they take action instead of staying in the defensive, always waiting what Melkor is about to do next.

Author Reply: Námo and Vairë are a real pair, arent' they? *grin*

Better than Star Wars, huh? I'm pleased. Yeah, Valarin is a real jaw-breaker. I'm glad the Valar adopted Quenya instead. LOL I imagine there were a number of Máyar who had brothers/sisters on Melkor's side... it must have been terrible for the Máyar to have to fight against them, but they made their choice and in the end that is what the Máyar had to keep in mind.

Námo has begun to reclaim himself again and become the great Valar we all know and love. *grin* Not that there won't be setbacks, as there are with any healing, but he's well on the road to recovery and is taking charge of his life again.

Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

CesReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/13/2008
While I know this is a serious chapter, I couldn't help but feel as if I was in a planetarium, gazing up and watching the battle took place. I was ducking right along with Námo and the rest!

Can't wait to see what Námo and Oromë have in mind! Whatever it is I'm sure it will be good.


Author Reply: Glad you enjoyed the show, Ces! The next showing of 'Space Battles of the Valar will be at....' LOL We'll see soon enough what Námo and Oromë have in mind.

eilujReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/12/2008
Do we know what Dáhanigwishtelgun translates as?

Trust Varda to recognize her stars!

I'm curious how you're going to explain why they decided not to neaten-up Tirisambar's orbit afterwards.

Also curious why Melkor will (I assume) eventually stop attacking the solar system and settle for simply trying to destroy the planet. (Though I suppose he and his People continue to lob comets and meteors at the planet, on general principle. They might get lucky someday....)

"her screams rent the very fabric of the universe" -- *shudder*

"Ambarhíni, however, has been ravaged by nuclear fire" -- Let me guess: the glassy plains in India/Pakistan that seem to indicate that the parts of the Mahabharata that sound suspiciously like nuclear warfare really happened?

Author Reply: i>Do we know what Dáhanigwishtelgun translates as?/i>

The definition is at the end of the chapter. Perhaps you simply didn't see it.

I will probably address the question of why the Valar didn't bother to put the solar system back the way it was before Melkor ruined it.

I think once the Valar are firmly established on Arda Melkor's focus will be just on that planet. He rather strikes me as being myopic (but Evil usually is) in that regard.

This is way too early in Earth's history for such places as the glassy plains of India/Pakistan but that's not to say that such did not occur later in history. Perhaps the Mahabharata is merely recording something that happened even earlier that what is suggests and the events have been placed in more historical timems. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/12/2008
The logistics of the battle sound pretty drastic. And here sister has had to face brother in the first internecine war. Horrible situation whenever it occurs.

Author Reply: The logistics of hte battle were a bear to plot out let me tell you. It's always a horrible situation when family members must face each across the divide like that.

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/12/2008
Ah, what an exciting chapter! You had me really worried there for a moment. I don't like these new nuclear beings (I don't dare try to spell it from memory LOL). I hope Orome and Namo's plan works!

flames of pure star stuff - I LOVE this description!

Creating a diversion - Oh how history repeats itself, eh?

Pickie: Pain the like of which he had never experienced, not even under Melkor’s torture, coursed through him

Great chapter and as usual, great cliffie!

Author Reply: Thanks for the heads-up on the verb... I think I meant to ccrrect it and then forgot.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter and found it exciting. The next one should be even more so. Thanks for reviewing.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 30 on 6/12/2008
Just how does one beat a Super Balrog, Glorfindel is never around when you need him is he, though even he would have found one of these just a little beyond his capabilities!?
Namo and Vaire just don't seem to be able to keep their hands off each other do they , I wish them joy!
Yes,I expect Melkor would be a little upset that 3 of his creations have been distroyed. Oh well 3 down 9 to go, let's hope the plan works.(well we know it does, but still it's nice to know the details)!
More please,
(Are you getting Review Alerts yet, it must be frustrating not knowing how your work is being received?)

Author Reply: Yes, I'm receiving Review Alerts, thank you. I just needed to contact Nilmandra and they fixed the problem on their end.

As for Námo and Vairë... well, young love... what can I tell you? LOL

We'll see in the next chapter just how successful their plans are to destroy the Urushigasumaz. Thanks for reviewing.

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