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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 9 Review(s)
ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 38 on 5/17/2009
The descriptions at the beginning this chapter are beautiful. I like how the mystery of this "wrong" slowly creeps into the chapter, and so makes the beauty described all that more poignant in contrast to the rottenness.

The Children will not come into a world full of grief and sorrow but full of joy and wonderment.

If only. And yet you ask yourself if there were not grief and sorrow, if we could fully appreciate - and keep appreciating - joy and wonderment.

Aulendil and Curumo to go check the Lamps + Ulmo and Aul incommunicado = oh-oh.

Author Reply: I'm glad you liked how the mystery of the 'wrong' slowly creeps into the chapter. I wanted the reader to learn of it in the same manner as the Valar, thus making the revelation of what is happening that much worse.

As much as we would like it to be otherwise, I think we can only define joy and wonderment in contrast to the grief and sorrow that come into our lives, thereby making our joy and wonderment all the more precious.

TariReviewed Chapter: 38 on 10/28/2008
Namo has a good sixth sense. I would be willing to bet Aulendil and Curumo are in league with Melkor. They were too quick in volunteering to guard the lights.
Very suspicious as far as I am concerned.

Author Reply: Well Aulendil we know for sure was secretly in league with Melkor, but Curumo was loyal to the Valar until he was corrupted by the One Ring three ages later. Best not to read into things that aren't there.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/20/2008
Aulendil? Talk about setting the fox to guard the henhouse! And Curumo sought to watch the other! Hmm.

Author Reply: Just keep in mind that Curumo remained faithful to the Valar for many long ages. He only betrayed their trust and his oaths to them at the end, corrupted by the Ring though he never saw it or wore it. Try not to read into his character what isn't there yet. He may be a bit arrogant but that's not a crime, merely a failing and we all have those to one degree or another. Aulendil, of course, is another matter, since Tolkien himself states that he was long secretly in league with Melkor.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/20/2008
Nice to see how much Nessa's Maiar cared for her and how pleased they are about her binding to Tulkas.

Otherwise, that chapter wasn't so nice :( What a horrible view that must have been! It's really time they take care of Melkor ...

Uh. Aulendil guarding one of the lamps? That can't go well, no, it can't ... *sigh*

Somehow I dread the next chapter ...

Author Reply: Unfortunately the next chapter isn't much better... but then that's how it goes when you are in war.

EdlynReviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/19/2008
Brrrr! Very scary and upsetting and absolutely brilliantly written, meldonya. When the monsters showed up I immediately flashed on the idea of dinosaurs because it was hte only thing my mind could come up with given the vagueness of your descriptions (and I had the same thing happen when I first read The Silmarilion BTW).

I wanted to give everyone a hug and make it all better, especially Yavanna. The scene where Nmo and Enw join her and she's weeping just broke my heart. I'm very proud of how Enw behaved and I loved it that Nmo took the time to reassure him when the horribleness got to be too much.

And of course, poor Talmavar is really traumatized by his experience. I hope he heals eventually.

As usual, you did a great job with this chapter. Take care!


Author Reply: Hi, Edlyn. I'm glad you found this such a brilliant chapter. As I mentioned in another review, I kept the description vague simply because Tolkien did as well but like you I always thought of dinosaurs right from the very first time I read the Silmarillion.

I'm sure Talmavar will recover soon; Est and Irmo are very good at what they do.

Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

EarlindeReviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/18/2008
Man! Melkor rears his ugly head again! The descriptions were amazing I actually gaged when reading this, and what was the animal that Orom was chasing? Anyways great job as usual, and thanks for leaving us hanging screaming for more. *grins*

Author Reply: Hi, Earlinde. I'm glad you found the descriptions realistic though I didn't mean for anyone to actually gag while reading them. *grin* I couldn't tell you what kind of animal Orom was chasing. Tolkien's description of this part of the Silmarillion is very vague (and rightly so) but I always saw in it a nod towards the age of dinosaurs which preceded the age of primates myself. I have left the description vague enough to let the readers come up with their own ideas about it. Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

KayleeReviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/17/2008
So Melkor's causing more trouble, is he? And oh...oh, with Sauron and Saruman guarding the Lamps, we know they're not safe for very long! *shudders* This is terrible! :( I know the Lamps are going to be destroyed but I hope Yavanna will be all right...She's going to need a lot of strength to be able to create the Two Trees I'm sure. And Aule will support her...but he'll need a lot of support himself, seeing as it's his Mayar that are going to betray them.

*frowns slightly* Although Aule must not know that his Mayar betrayed him, as he *does* suggest Curumo later as the head of the Heren Istarion (I hope I spelled that right)...Oh, now I'm confusing myself. *sigh*

Stupid numbing stuff from getting my wisdom tooth out is messing with my head. And now I've lost *all* my wisdom. *Wry grin*

Excellent chapter meldonya...very scary and worrying though brilliant as usual!


Author Reply: Saruman doesn't betray the Valar and all until the Third Age. At this point in time he is still loyal to Aul, if a bit arrogant. Sauron, of course, was always secretly in league with Melkor but only now is declaring himself. Still, I always felt sorry for Aul to have two of his People betray their oaths. It had to be very embarrassing for him but hopefully the other Valar did not make his life miserable because of it. *grin*

I hope you recover from having your wisdom teeth pulled. Thanks for reviewing even under those conditions.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/17/2008
So now it begins, again, and it will keep on doing it until Arda is remade.
It is very upsetting when something you have created is wantonly distroyed, Melkor is very good at that.
More please,

Author Reply: You're right about Melkor, Lynda. It's very disheartening but too true even in our own world. The only bright spot is that some day it will all be remade and evil will be banished forever.

CesReviewed Chapter: 38 on 9/17/2008
What an aptly named chapter. I was horrifed as I was reading. It immediately made me think of WWII and all that happened.

You almost want to feel sorry for Melkor for all the love and all the good that he could have been enjoying and instead he's totally corrupted by evil.

Definitely a chapter to make one think.


Author Reply: Hi, Ces. I think you're right about Melkor... he missed so much and in the end he had nothing. Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

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