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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 10 Review(s)
ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 50 on 5/17/2009
It's odd that the powerful Ayamunuz have to learn the lanuage of the Firstborn. On the other hand, we know (and you have been at pains to firmly remind us) that they are not all-powerful, especially where the Children are concerned.

What a terribly lonely burden to bear! I'm so glad Námo has Vairë and both their Máyar to share the secret and the duty.

"The Children call it a laupë in their language and they cover their own hröar with it."

"Whyever for?" Yavanna asked in surprise.

It's funny and I really needed it! And then Vairë wants to know all about the technique, LOL!

Everywhere in Aman there was singing and rejoicing. Everywhere, that is, but in Námo’s Halls, where the Vala of Doom sat on a stone-carved throne gently cradling a newly arrived fëa as the Child wept, while Máyar stood about quietly singing a lullaby to help soothe the tortured soul.

Oh, Fiondil, you break my heart!

But now, lead on, McDuff!

Author Reply: I don't think it strange that they would need to learn the language of the Firstborn. They themselves speak their own language. Luckily, though, it doesn't take them too long to learn, so Namo and his People are able to communicate with the Children fairly easily once they've figured out what is being said.

I wanted to have the contrast between the joy of the other Ayanumuz at Orome's news with the pathos of what is happening (unbeknown to the others) in Mandos at the same time. I'm glad to know that I succeeded. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/29/2008
Fascinating to see the awareness of the awakened Elves begin spreading amongst the Valar as they begin their relationship with the Firstborn. And we see the protection offered them against Melkor and the war to come as well! Too bad it didn't permanently solve the problem, of course.

Author Reply: True... it would have been nice if this war had permanently solved the problem, but then there wouldn't have been much of a story afterwards, would there?

TariReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/29/2008
Every time I read anything about the horrors Melkor reeked upon the elves my heart breaks a little more. Because of this, I have only been able to read the Silmarillion twice thus far. It had to be extremely hard for the Valar to see how consumed with evil their brother was and what he was doing to the Firstborn. I’m sure the desire to kill him lurked deep in their hearts though they could not act on it.

Author Reply: It is difficult to read about what horrors Melkor perpetrated on the elves (and later men). I'm sure the Valar would have loved to just destroy Melkor and all his evil forever, but of course that could never be. Arda was marred from the beginning and only Ilúvatar would be able to bring about healing from all evils.

EdlynReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/28/2008
Ah, meldonya, the children were found by Oromë at last. THe bit about hte tunic and Vána's commented regarding jealousy made me smile but my heart was torn when I read of Námo telling Vairë that he found he had to judge the fëar of the Children. I know Manwë has a difficult job being Atar's vice-gerent but I have come to feel over the course of this story that Námo's job is much harder, especially now when he is still relatively young and "learning the ropes."

And war will now be taken to Melkor and it will dfinitely be ugly. I know th Valar win in the end but I can't help a feeling of dread as I consider what the Ayanumuz, Máyar, and the Children will be facing.

Most excellently written, meldonya. Eru bless and keep thee.


Author Reply: Yes, Námo's job is much harder, and while he's still relatively young and 'learning the ropes', his past experiences will help him more than he realizes. Námo is finally coming into his own here, though he won't understand this for some time.

War is always ugly and yet in this case necessary. A pity it didn't solve everything but at least he provided the elves a chance to grow and develop in peace afterwards.

Glad you enjoyed this chapter, Edlyn. Thanks for letting me know.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/28/2008
Ah, that was about time that Oromë found the Children! Loved Vairë’s reaction to his elf-made tunic *grin* No doubt, she’s the weaver among the Valar!

But my heart went out to Námo and Vairë and to the elves who ran away when Oromë turned up; we all know where they ended up :(

Agree with Tulkas completely. They should have acted long ago, and it is about time to finally hunt Melkor down instead of waiting for his next strike.
And how fitting that Námo and Vairë offered their Maiar for the protection of the Children! They will be most diligent in that task, no doubt, as they already know what happens otherwise. Though I am beginning to wonder how much – or less – Manwë knows.

Can’t wait for more!

Author Reply: The question of what does Manwë know and when did he know it will be answered in the next chapter. Námo and Vairë of course know better than the others what is at stake here so offering their Máyar for the protection of the Children makes sense.

6336Reviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/26/2008
Hi, sorry did not get a chance to review this earlier, having to be at work by 5-45a.m. rather puts a kink in your reviewing!
I was trying to come up with a better discription of what Namo does with the fea then judging, though some do need to be judged, and thought maybe reconcile might be a better word. Helping them to examimne their lives and reconciling what they did do with what they should have done. Some how Dread Reconciler of Arda does not have the same ring as Dread Doomsman!
So Orome finally 'found' the Children and the first thing they did after accepting that he was not the Hunter was give him a shirt! Loved the remark about making the men jealous!
I am glad that the Mair that were injured in the last Battle will be able to help protect the Children, it will go a long way to restoring their self esteem.
Finally Namo gets to kick some Melkor butt!
Does Manwe know more than he is letting on, he always seems to be one step ahead?
More please,

Author Reply: I think 'reconcile' is a good word too and in one sense that *is* what Námo does when he sits in judgment of the fëar who come to him, but ultimately we know from later ages that 'judging' is what is actually happening. Of course, neither Námo nor the other Valar actually judge the elves so much as they provide them with the means to judge themselves, to see with absolute clarity what their lives (and deaths) were all about and to help them come to terms with the decisions, both good and bad, that were made. So 'reconciliation' is indeed one aspect of the entire process.

I have written a side story to "Wars" that will be found in my "Tapestry" series, describing what happens at Cuiviénen during the war against Melkor and the effects of the war on the Children. That story will be posted in tandem with the next "Wars" chapter which describes the Ayanumuz actually going to war. I will probably post them a day or two apart sometime next week.

As to the question of what did Manwë know and when did he know it... that too will be addressed in the next chapter.

Independence1776Reviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/26/2008
Like the previous chapter, this one is heartbreaking.

"The price one pays for falling into Melkor’s grasp." Nothing is ever easy, especially that.

Now the others know about the Children! It's about time!

"I wish to return to them, offer them my protection. They are unsafe in the dark under the stars. Melkor has already found them. We need to protect them from further depredations by our Fallen Brother." But it won't be enough... Too much has been done already.

"At last! At last we take the fight to Melkor. It was something we should have done long before this." Yes! Yes, you really should have.

"Manwë gave them both a shrewd look but then nodded." I have the feeling Manwë knows (or guesses) more than he's telling.

"'At last these Little Ones will be avenged,' Maranwë said with great feeling." I agree completely.

"Námo could only nod in agreement, the dark flame of battle already smoldering in his eyes in anticipation." Melkor truly has no idea of the enemy he has made in Námo, both by his previous actions and his current ones.

Wonderful chapter! I am gleefully anticipating Melkor getting the thrasing he deserves.

~ Indy

Author Reply: This chapter is rather bittersweet, at least for two of the Ayanumuz and their Máyar with the knowledge that whatever protection Oromë can offer the Children now is too little and too late. Tulkas, of course, has the right of it: they should have taken the war to Melkor long before this instead of always allowing Melkor to take the opening move.

This particular war won't be covered in one chapter, though, so you won't see Melkor getting the thrashing he deserves as soon as you might wish, but it will come eventually, I promise.

SunnyReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/26/2008
So Oromë has found the Children. And there will be _action_ *glares fiercly at poor, unoffending screen*
And there was rejoicing everywhere in Aman. Except for Námo's Halls, where yet _another_ damaged fëa has arrived. *sniffles*
I get the impression that Námo and Vairë's Maiar almost come to blows over which of them would get to go to Cuivienen to protect the Children. Drawing lots is a reasonable way to settle the question of who goes where. But doesen't Námo also need someone to mind the store at home while the rest of them go to war? I don't suppose the Halls can be left unattended now that they actually are in use!
Maranwë seems ever so eager to go to war again. Those feelings are certainly comprehensible, but I _do_ hope he is able to control himself!

It was fun seeing Vairë going over to Oromë to look at the garment he was wearing. I can relate to that. There have been times I have scrutinized a garment someone was wearing with the question in my mind, "How can I duplicate _that_?", with most of my attention on whatever detail of that garment had caught my eye. I also have some very well used links to various websites showing historical costumes... :-)

Author Reply: I suspect you are correct about the Máyar almost coming to blows over who gets to protect the Children at Cuiviénen. I am sure that Námo will not leave his Halls empty of Máyar though. The ones assigned to guard the individual fëar would, of course, remain behind and would most likely not wish to leave their charges anyway.

Having been in the SCA myself (oh! a looong time ago), I can relate to Vairë's need to know as well. *lol* I would often see someone else's garb or a particular detail of the garb and wonder how they did it and if I could duplicate it (or get someone else to do it for me *grin*).

ArianneGReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/26/2008
Yess!!! Finally! After that last chapter and frankly after every chapter with Melkor being a *&*&^^ in it) I couldn't help but rage at The Dark Tosser--harming innocents (poor Namo and Vaire)--and the elves are only children. Practically babes in arms! That's absolutely unforgiveable, what he did to them. I was calling down some heavy duty curses on his head when I was reading, that's for sure.

So Orome finally found the Elves! And oh dear---Maranwe is getting some rather dangerous thoughts in his head isn't he? But I'm glad that Melkor is going to be handed a major @$$kicking soon (well as Valar, Maiar and Quendi account it). Can't wait for it--I enjoyed your earlier battle scenes.

Author Reply: I'm sure you're not the only one to rain curses on Melkor's head for what he's done, Arianne. *grin* It's nice to know you enjoyed my earlier battle scenes and are looking forward to this next one. I hope I don't disappoint. Thanks for your review. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me how you feel about this chapter and the story as a whole.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 50 on 12/26/2008
A lovely Boxing Day gift to awaken to, Fiondil.

I really love how you dealt with the apparent discrepancy that elves were "lost" to Melkor and death before Orome found them at Cuivienen. How sad and difficult for Namo and Vaire to have to know about them and be unable to tell the others. Yet, I can see Atar's wisdom in this. The finding of the Children was a thing of joy and, had all of the Valar known about the deaths, all of them would have suffered grief from it, and, perhaps have made ill-considered decisions in anger and rage at Melkor, going to war for revenge instead of succor. (Maranwe using the term "avenged" in reference going to War as Namo's Herald worries me a bit....) This way, the advent of this knowledge, while still tainted with concerns about Melkor, is a reason for positive action instead of negative reactions.

It is sad that Namo and Vaire must bear the burden of silence this way, but Orome's joy is palpable.

The bit about the tunic that Orome comes back wearing was quite amusing, particularly Vaire going up to him and "inspecting" the weave. Reminds me of me at an SCA event or costume competition when I am looking at a particularly interesting technique or material on a fellow costumer! LOL!

Vana's comment made me laugh out loud as well.

I can see, when it comes out that Namo and Vaire and their Maiar have known about the Children already, there might be some interesting conversations and, perhaps, confrontations between the Valar because of it. Of course, it can all be settled by a simple, "This is what Atar told me to do." It would make for an interesting scene though....

I awakened feeling under the weather and still feel rather uncomfortable physically. But seeing this chapter's update notice in my inbox really helped my fea even though my hroa is still grumbling at me. Thanks very, very much!

Author Reply: Hi, Rhyselle. Your assumptions about the reason for Atar's enjoining Námo and Vairë and their Máyar to silence so that the actual finding of the Quendi by Oromë becomes an occasion of untainted joy is most profound and no doubt correct. We will see how Námo deals with his Máyar's thirst for vengeance in the next chapter. So for Námo and Vairë, Oromë's news is bittersweet, yet having been victims of Melkor themselves, they are able to handle the burden of silence better than the others, trusting that Atar knows what He is about.

I hope you are feeling better soon. I'm glad this chapter was a bright spot in an otherwise yucky day. *grin*

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