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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 12 Review(s)
ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 51 on 5/17/2009
I noticed during the read of this chapter that I kept confusing this war with the later War of Wrath (for example, I was asking myself when you mentioned Melian spying what Elu Thingol would say to that). Then the next moment, it always was, "Hey, you're mixing up your Wars and your timelines - again!"

If we refrain from attacking unclad, approaching Melkor as Incarnates, then Melkor and his People will do the same, if only to show that they are stronger than we are even in physical form. As long as we keep this war limited to the physical plane, Atháraphelun should not suffer unduly."

This is a very nifty explanation which makes much sense. I mean, the destruction of Endor was great anyway, but considering the exploits you tell of in the earliest chapters, I can very well imagine a battle in un-clad form could wreak even greater havoc.

[...]the fell light of doom that emanated from Námo’s eyes was too terrible to behold. Melkor, [...] looked upon Námo and quailed before his nemesis and was the first to flee the field, rushing towards Utumno.

HAHA! Go, Námo! Melkor, you pitiful, snivelling, little coward!

So Manwë did indeed know. It's a bit convoluted, isn't it, that because canon says Oromë was the one to break the news about the appearance of the Firstborn, you have to explain here that both Námo and Manwë (and their spouses) knew, but didn't tell each other or anyone else; all because in truth it's logical to assume that Oromë actually wasn't the first.

Author Reply: I suppose that it's easy enough to confuse the two wars. The real difference is that during the War of Wrath the Valar did not participate, so that this war described here in this chapter is the last war of the Valar until the final war of the Dagor Dagorath.

While canon does say that Orome is the first to meet with the Firstborn and then tells everyone else, it doesn't preclude the possibility that the existence of the Firstborn was know prior to this by at least Namo, given that Melkor was killing Elves long before Orome found them, at least, according to the Silmarillion.

TariReviewed Chapter: 51 on 1/5/2009
I LOVE the Marching Song. The march itself must have been something to behold. Too bad they couldn't capture that skulking coward Melkor, but I know the time is not right as yet. Eru knows what he is up to. He should realize that. He will lose in the end.

Author Reply: Thanks, Tari. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter so much. Melkor's time will come even if not the way we would have liked. In the end, evil can only lose.

BobReviewed Chapter: 51 on 1/5/2009
Oh please tell me this is not the end. I love the way the characters have grown since last I read. I would like to hear more about Namo's judgement, and Melkor being chained with angainor. I am hoping to see more chapters .......... BEST STORY EVER....other than the original by Tolkien of courseVALAR

Author Reply: While this story is winding up it is far from over. There are several more chapters to go. A new one will be posted later this week. Thanks for letting me know how much you are enjoying this story and that you think it's the best story ever. I truly appreciate it.

Independence1776Reviewed Chapter: 51 on 1/1/2009
Over the past couple of days, I reread this in its entirety. The characters evolve wonderfully, and so subtly that it's hard to believe they were ever that immature. Námo, in particular, has overcome so much and is definitely maturing into the Vala we all love.

"'The fastest way is across this land bridge to the north,' Ulmo said, pointing to the globe." Oh, the dark irony of the Valar using it...

"We must give Melkor what he desires most: a chance to show off even more than we." Let the enemy be overconfident, especially when you know it's one of his weaknesses. Very sound strategy.

"We will be the bastion that offers the Children their best protection." Wonderful way to phrase their duty!

"That is what this war is about. It is not about taking revenge; it’s about seeking justice." True, but it's very, very hard to keep revenge out of it.

Love the sigil of the Valar.

"'Raise the standard, Maranwë,' he commanded and the Máya unfurled the standard, black with a sigil of the Two Trees wrought in silver and gold." *grins*

"Námo’s grin was feral. 'He forgot one thing.'
'What was that?'
It was Vairë though who answered. 'He forgot that we don’t need protection. We never did. Atar was always with us even in the darkest of times.'" *smiles* This exchange is one of my favorites in this story.

"Melkor, who had not led his troops but had remained in the rear, allowing Aulendil to take the vanguard, looked upon Námo and quailed before his nemesis and was the first to flee the field, rushing towards Utumno." *laughs joyously* Just like Melkor to be afraid of the one he thought he had dominated but was never able to.

"Manwë stared at them both with grave sympathy. 'No. For the Children.'" He knew! I knew it.

And now a part of me really wants to know the "new" tune. Wonderful translation!

~ Indy

Author Reply: I'm glad you can see definite evolution of the characters, especially Námo, Indy. Part of the 'storyline' so to speak was to show how the Valar matured over the long ages and eons before they even became Valar (i.e., known to the Children).

I figured Vairë may have woven a new standard at Námo's suggestion once they agreed to Manwë's plan since their own personal standards would be with the main army as decoys. Obviously, the Two Trees would make sense.

Melkor, like all cowards and bullies, fears Námo the most because of what he did to him and the fact that Námo refused to break. Facing a strong Námo who was once his victim is not something Melkor can do, now or ever.

Of course Manwë knew! He is the Elder King after all. Little in Arda gets by him. *grin*

I'm glad you enjoyed the translation. The 'tune' is whatever you make of it and whatever fits the words. If you try to sing the Quenya to the original tune it doesn't quite work.

Thanks for your review, Indy. It's much appreciated.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 51 on 12/31/2008
I've been enjoying these last few chapters very much even if I haven't been reviewing them! I wasn't too surprised to find out that Manwe knew about the Children already... it just seems like he would have known something like that. It'll be interesting to see what the others have to say about it. :) I'm anxiously awaiting the meeting between the Valar and the Children, that ought to be interesting. Although, now that I say that I can't remember if they all go to meet them or if just Orome does. Well, I guess I'll have to wait and see! Thanks again!

Author Reply: Hi Radbooks. I'm glad you've been enjoying these chapters. I don't think too many people were surprised that Manwë knew about the Children already. According to the Silmarillion, only Oromë makes direct contact with the Elves at Cuiviénen. The others remain in Aman and await for their arrival. That is not to say of course that none of them took a peek, just that they never made their presence known to the Children. Thanks for taking the time to review. I really appreciate it.

ArianneGReviewed Chapter: 51 on 12/30/2008
Ooh, awesome! 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic' is a stirring piece if music and poetry--though you have me trying to imagine a fitting musical setting for the Maiar's song now. Hmm...Namo and Vaire greeting Manwe and Varda in the midst of a battlefield--where have I seen something like that before? Ah yes, Aragorn and Eomer at the Pelennor Fields. This scene echoes that one remarkably. :D Was that planned?

And oh, Manwe and Varda knew! They knew! The question is: Did he know just after Namo did, or before him? I think after Namo found out right?

Author Reply: I think there is an echo of the scene of Aragorn and Éomer meeting at the Pelennor Fields, but it wasn't planned, I just knew they would so meet when the two armies came together.

I suspect Manwë and Varda knew after Námo did but how long afterwards or even how they knew at all, I do not know.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 51 on 12/30/2008
Though I hope they don't act on it, I can understand so well how Námo's Mayar feel. I'd feel the same, and in the end I was glad they got to play along as well ;)

Good to see the host of the Valar in action! Indeed, it must have been quite a spectacle! But really, Melkor is such a coward, running away and leaving his people to fend for themselves. Typical tyrann - as soon as their precious self is threatened, they hide and leave others to do the dirty work. Though I find it interesting that one look at Námo was enough to have him fleeing from the battlefield.

Such a pity that they didn't catch Melkor and Aulendil in time. But I hope at least the Children are safe, surrounded by Mayar as they are.

Manwë had the battle plan well thought out, but admittedly I felt rather smug when Námo, Vairë and Oromë and their people joined the fight. He should have known better than to try and keep them away. And I see he actually knew about the Children in Námo's Halls, as I had suspected.

Can't wait for the next chapter, as usual!

Author Reply: Hi Kitty. Yes, Manwë did know about the Children in Námo's Halls, and he wanted to protect Námo and Vairë from having to face Melkor. The fact that Melkor quailed at the sight of N±mo's expression when Námo joined in the battle is the reason why Manwë wanted him out of the battle in the first place, fearing the younger Ayanuz would succumb to wanting to take revenge against Melkor. At any rate, Manwë's fears were unfounded. Námo was beyond a need for vengeance and was all about seeking justice for the Children.

Glad you enjoyed this chapter. Thanks for letting me know. The next one will be up sometime next week.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 51 on 12/30/2008
So, Manwe was not precisely ignorant of what was happening in the outer lands? Atar does like to play things close to the chest, doesn't he? Heh!

And why was I not surprised to see the Battle Hymn of the Republic here?

Author Reply: Manwë isn't the Elder King for nothing and I doubt too much gets by him. When I wanted to have Námo, Vairë and Oromë's Máyar singing a battle song, this one just naturally came to mind.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 51 on 12/30/2008
I would love to see someone paint a picture of Manwe's throne room/war room with the Valar about the model of Arda, with the lights and Ulmo tracing his green line along the proposed route of travel. (Ironic to think that this is also the same route that the rebel Noldor will take an Age later.)

Atar makes long plans, and we are always surprised when the preparations he made come to fruition. Although the idea of Melyanna skulking around Utumno and Angamando as a spy gave me a mental double take.

Of course Melkor would never be able to resist coming out to prove he's better than his younger siblings in Atar's thought. (You know, I wonder how much younger Manwe is than Melkor... it's a terrible thought that the malice and evil of Melkor could have their roots in the jealousy of a formerly only child having to share Atar's attention with another, younger child... It could explain Melkor's going off into the Void the way he did. "If you aren't going to spend the time me instead of him, I'm going to go someplace else, so THERE!" Okay, I'm getting a bit off track...)

Namo and Vaire's conversation with Maranwe and the rest of their Mayar was excellent. I can understand Maranwe and Calimo wishing vengeance, but they are wrong to let this dark emotion control them. I love how Namo protects them from that darkness by his decision. Yes, it is all about seeking justice.

Orome joining Namo and Vaire was good... although I wonder if Orome himself had a doubled motive for choosing to be among those who protected the Children. He certainly doesn't see to be that reluctant to participate in a sneak attack! *grin*

The description of the main host and their banners was stunning. I liked the subterfuge of Namo, Vaire, and Orome's banners being carried with the main host as well. I can see Maranwe warning Tuitilion as he hands over the standard to him, "Don't drop it, brother." *grin* Hmmm. Would Tuitilion and Ingil be wearing tabards bearing Namo's and Vaire's respective colours to continue the ruse? And the mention of Tilion carrying Orome's banner so that he wouldn't mope in the mountains made me laugh!

I'm guessing that Vaire wove the standard of the Two Trees? :)

"For Atar and the Children!" What a perfect battle cry for this particular portion of the Army of Light. It applies to all of the Valar and their forces, of course, but has special meaning for Namo and Vaire.

The new variant of the Battle Hymn of the Republic is gorgeous! I hate to think how long it took you to get the words worked out. It was wonderful!

And how like Melkor to skulk in the rear like the coward he really is. When he quailed before Namo, that must have been satisfying for part of Namo's psyche--I know that at least part of me would have been gloating a bit at Melkor's flight.

Ah... I had wondered if Manwe knew more than he ever let on. Namo's "You knew," was just... I don't have an adequate descriptor as to how perfect the description of this scene was. It just rang so right.

Eonwe must have been the slightest bit peeved that he hadn't snaffled Aulendil at the last moment. And now for the seige.

I was wondering just how many more Elven fea would be coming to Mandos while the War was being prosecuted against Melkor. I like to think that the guardian Mayar would be able to "shoo" wandering youngsters away from danger and back to their Ammes and Attos.

Terrific chapter of my favorite fic! Thank you! :)

Author Reply: Hi Rhyselle. Actually it took me the better part of a day to work out the Quenya for the battle song. I'm glad you like it. I had fun working on it, trying to match words and phrases from the original to something equivalent to Middle-earth's cosmology and theology (not always an easy task).

If you remember the war room in "Star Wars IV: A New Hope": I sort of based this war room on that one, though without the dim lighting and droids. *grin* I think it would make a pretty neat painting as well.

I think Oromë had more than one motive in joining Námo and Vairë, one being to keep these two out of trouble, but not willing to try too hard at it. *grin*

At this point in time, the Ayanumuz and Máyar have still not adopted clothing to cover themselves. They won't do that until the Children come to them. So this battle was fought 'au naturale', so to speak. *grin*

The Children at Cuiviénen are safe enough from depredation now that the Máyar are there to guard them, but there are still some elves (now orcs) who are being forced to fight for Melkor who will find themselves in Mandos. That situation will actually be addressed in the next chapter.

Thanks for your review, Rhyselle. I'm glad this is your favorite fic. It's probably mine as well (for the moment). *grin*

Nieriel RainaReviewed Chapter: 51 on 12/30/2008

Author Reply: Thanks, NiRi. I'm glad you liked this chapter.

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