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The Wars of the Valar  by Fiondil 8 Review(s)
ImhirielReviewed Chapter: 52 on 5/18/2009
Profound philosophical speculation.

I greatly appreciate it that you focus on the tactics and strategy of the battle rather than the gore. I mostly can gloss over that latter, but it's nice not to have to make the effort. In addition, the tactics are interesting and exciting enough by their own.

[Aulë] roared again in frustration, pounding the gates with his massive hammer but to no avail.

I can't help it: picturing this scene in my mind had me laughing out loud. Just imagine, Aulë, his face red and twisted with rage, the fury nearly smoking out of his ears, with his oversized hammer pounding on the doors with a great clang clang boom boom.

It's fascinating to contemplate that many of the Valar - and Maiar - have an understanding of healing, (and yet) all come to it with their own specific knowledge, experience and skills. They complement each other very well, especially when the physical overlaps with the mental.

Really, I wish Námo's Máyar would finally stop this "abject nonsense" being so cowed of him! So of course I was cheering Námo on when he harangued Maranwë... And even after the lesson doesn't really seem to have sunken in, sigh.

Author Reply: I'm not into gore myself and prefer to leave that to the reader's imagination. I much prefer dealing with the logistics of a battle instead. I'm glad you found the tactics interesting and exciting enough by their own.

Namo's Mayar are so devoted to him that the thought that they might have failed him in some way is really devastating for them. Hopefully, Namo will set the straight even if it takes more than one 'lesson' for it to sink in.

TariReviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/9/2009
I really liked Irmo's words of wisdom to Namo. What we all go thru in life will hopefull strengthen us and make us better. Namo certainly is growing in strenght and wisdom. Those poor Maiar. He certainly scared them for a bit. Holding a straight face had to be a bit difficult. I probably would have started to giggle.

Author Reply: Námo is fast becoming the Vala we all know and love. I think caring for the fëar of the elves has helped him a lot in that regard. His Máyar are very loyal to him and they get upset when they think they've let him down. I'm sure Námo and Vairë had a good laugh over it all when they had a moment alone. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/9/2009
The best laid plans of mice and men and all that....

Interesting to see the strategies in play, and the use Melkor perhaps unwittingly makes of memories of horror to unman his opponents. But they are more flexible, and thus will win in the end--as long as they can endure the longer, of course.

Author Reply: We know, of course, that they do win in the end, though it is not a total victory.

Independence1776Reviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/7/2009
So orcs don't come to Mandos... Yes, I have to agree with Námo- they are no longer among the Children. But that's something Tolkien never quite figured out so, the best we're left with is guesses and extrapolations.

And the thought that Morgoth imbued all of the world with his evil... I can't imagine what the Valar think about it. They couldn't stop him, and they can't stop the taint. It must be heartbreaking that after their hard work in preparing for the Children, they couldn't keep Melkor from marring it permanently.

Orcish awareness is certaintly a interesting sentient versus sapient discussion, as the ones in the Hobbit and LotR certainly act of free will at times and thus can't just be sentient, but if they don't have souls... This is giving me a headache, so I think I'll stop while I'm ahead.

"'He’s not learned the lessons of warfare we have garnered over the long ages,' Varda had said at one point. 'It seems his own fixations do not allow for innovation.'
'Which should work in our favor,' Manwë had commented. 'It is a flaw we need to exploit.'" And that is the smartest way to win the war.

Poor Námo. But a flashback only makes sense here. It was just at one of the worst times for it to occur. I hope Melkor doesn't try to take advantage of it.

I think his Maiar recieved the message loud and clear. Now for Aulë...

~ Indy

Author Reply: I think the orcs of the Third Age are perhaps a different breed from those who came into existence before the First Age. They've evolved you might say, becoming sapient to a degree much the way we humans evolved over time from sentience to sapience. As to the question of souls... I leave that to the theologians. Tolkien never resolved the issue and I'm not about to do so here. The discussion among the Valar at this point is merely their best guess as to what is going on and they could very well be wrong and Ilúvatar has taken a (invisible) hand in the matter without bothering to tell anyone.

Tolkien says that all of Arda was Morgoth's Ring which is why the Valar were so reluctant to go to war against him, knowing that the only way to totally eradicate his evil was to destroy Arda itself and that they could not do, so they did what they could to alleviate the evil and contain it, knowing that only at the Remaking would Arda be completely free of Melkor's taint.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/7/2009
"You are who you are because of what happened to you. Accept that and embrace it and learn from it."

Profound words indeed! You never cease to amaze, educate, and inspire.

Author Reply: Thanks, Ellie. I think part of a writer's duty is to not only entertain but where necessary to educate and inspire. Certainly, that was true of Tolkien for me so I'm just returning the favor, so to speak.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/7/2009
Really, I can’t wait for Melkor to get his comeuppance and all his nasty troops with him. It’s mind-boggling to think how long this war has already lasted.

Speaking of his troops - so even Námo doesn't know what becomes of the orcs after they die? Pity - I'd be interested in your take on that.

Well, Aulë’s roar of frustration was understandable, I think, as was the reaction of Námo’s Mayar. Their remorse might be unnecessary, but they mean it honest, and I take it as a sign of their love for Námo.

Glad Námo recovered relatively fast from this unpleasant incident. And it’s a nice change that this time Aulë is hiding, not Námo ;)

Author Reply: Melkor's comeuppance will be seen very soon. This war is winding down though there is still a couple of more chapters to go to describe how it ends.

Tolkien never resolved the issue about the ultimate fate of orcs so I leave it up in the air here. Not all mysteries are solvable and even the Valar don't know everything.

Námo's Máyar are very fiercely protective of their lord and when something happens where they think they've failed in their duty towards him, they get a bit flustered, to say the least. In time, I think, they will grow out of their overprotective mode, but it won't be anytime soon.

SitaraReviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/7/2009
To my endless shame, I'm going to do now something I never thought I'd be capable to do: to review a chapter of a story without reading the previous ones. "hides face". Anyway, ceasing my useless whining, I'll say what I've seen at first sight.

A good job regarding the description of the battle. Aule's unstoppable fury (I'll take a guess: his former Chief Maia, the one who betrayed him, was Sauron perhaps?), the fierceness and determination of the Maiar, Melkor's strategy and Namo's battle plans are very good depicted, as it was Namo's moment of breakdown caused by that Balrog's attack. And I suppose this would mark the moment when Lord of Mandos just became my favourite Vala. "grin" This and his fierce determination to protect the Elves at any cost. (You know, reading this, I'm beginning to feel less worried about some of my favourite characters "relieved smile")

Beyond the heartbreaking story of the Elves tortured and twisted by Melkor , a new question is issued and have to be answered and it concerns the orcs. Well, I think a little patience is in order in this matter. I have also to notice the truth of Irmo's words: one could not be the same after a traumatic experience. It could be only better or worse. It's one's choice to make, albeit not an easy one. Thank you very much for remainding me. It was very much needed.

With all my blessings. Sitara

Author Reply: Hmm... you might want to go back and read the previous chapters just so you know why this chapter exists. *grin*

At any rate, I'm glad you liked the battle scene and Námo's role in it, Sitara. There won't be any definitive answer concerning the orcs I'm afraid. Tolkien never fully resolved that question and so I leave it in the realm of speculation as to their ultimate fate. Not even the Valar know everything about everything and that goes double for us Mortals.

And Irmo's words I think can apply to just about anyone in any situation they find themselves, especially when we start wishing things had been otherwise in our lives. It's not an easy lesson to learn but it is a necessary one if any of us want to at least live life in equanimity with ourselves.

ThalaneeReviewed Chapter: 52 on 1/7/2009
Sorry I didn´t review for so long, my Internet didn´t work, so for some time I was virtually cut off from the world ;-)
It seems poor Aule is going to get a talking to from Namo...I´m sure it´s going to be at least as impressive as the one Maranwe received.
So we still don´t know what happened to the fea of those elves corrupted and twisted by Melkor, only that they propably returned to their Creator. Will we be told sometime in your story or is this going to remain a mystery?

I´m already looking forward to the next chapter!
greetings Thalanee

Author Reply: Hi, Thalanee. We won't learn anything more about the fate of the orcs who are true orcs and not corrupted elves in this story, since it's not the focus of the story anyway and even the Valar don't know everything, so why should we? The fëar of the elves who were captured and corrupted by Melkor made their way to Mandos when they died; the others... who really knows except possibly Ilúvatar?

Anyway, I'm glad you finally got your internet back and that you're looking forward to the next chapter. Thanks for your review. I really appreciate it.

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