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Sam's Cake  by Grey Wonderer 19 Review(s)
PipMerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/17/2007
This was delightful! Another attempt at Sam that you succeeded at, I see. What a cool older brother, to look out for Marigold like that. And my goodness, didn't Pippin's parents teach him how to be polite? Sigh...

Wonderful job, GW!

Author Reply: Thank you! I do love Sam but he worries me when I write him. LOL
As to Pippin's manners? Well, I guess he just hasn't got any just yet. Maybe the Gamgee's should take him in and work on him a bit.

julchen11Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/14/2007
Oh, dearie! That was one of the sweetest stories I ever read.
Beautiful and soooo lovingly written.
I love Frodo how he soothes Marigold, Merry and Pip are priceless and Sam, good old Sam. He's simply a dear!
Thank you, honey - you made my night!

Author Reply: Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed it! This is such a great review that it makes my night too! Thank you!

PeriantariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/13/2007
awww sweet! Pip was adorable here and i couldn't help laughing at him with the "cake, cake, cake" demands lol!
and i loved the last line of having Frodo saying that Sam doesn't know how to be selfish... indeed he doesn't...
And love the comforting Frodo in this too--glad that Sam liked the cake at the end of Marigold's efforts. =)

Author Reply: Thank you for the review and I am very glad you liked it. Pip was a little stinker in this one but he did know what he wanted! LOL And I do think that Sam spends far too much time thinking of others to ever be selfish!

ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/13/2007
Hehe, what a delight....I was chuckling and giggling through the whole thing! So Sam had his cake and ate it too? Good for him! Dialogue was marvelous throughout, never too cutesy and totally consistent. And yes, Sam doesn't know how to be selfish...and I positively love that line "Nothing was more interesting then watching someone eat something dreadful." ROFL!!!

~~~~{~@ ~~~~{~@ ~~~~{~@ ~~~~{~@ ~~~~{~@ ~~~~{~@

Author Reply: Oh, I am glad you liked that line! That was one that I had high hopes for. There are always a few lines in my stories that I hope go over well and that was one of them. Gld you liked the story and thank you so much for the lovely review!

cookiefleckReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
Loved this, especially the final line that let us know that Frodo understood what Sam was doing. Thank you!

Author Reply: Yes, even it no one else got the point of it all, Frodo knew what Sam was up to. I think they always understood each other and that is part of what held them together. Thank you for reviewing!

Baggins BabeReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
I do so love your hobbits, GW. Merry is priceless and Pip is such a naughty little lad. Bad cake!!! Bwahahahaha!!!

I wonder if Frodo did manage to get all the jam out of Pip's hair? I hope he gave that task to Merry.

Sam is such an adorable hobbit - unselfish and thoughtful, a wonderful brother and friend.

Author Reply: Thank you!

I think Frodo probably had Merry to help with the washing up of Pippin. Now trusting the two of them alone at that point might have been a big mistake. hehehe

There is no one like Sam!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
Sam *is* a sweetie, isn't he? I probably went home and had the biggest stomach ache in his life, lol. I just adore Merry and Pippin -- and of course, Frodo, too. This was a lovely story!

Author Reply: So glad you liked it! I wanted a bit of Sam for Gamgeefest and I always worry when I write him. It is good to hear that it turned out right! Thank you!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
Hehehehe! Oh, I loved this GW! *hugs tightly* Merry is just his obnoxious self and getting into trouble with everyone, Pippin is so sweet and rude at the same time, Frodo is as always diplomatic, and Sam is just the perfect big brother to eat that awful cake and spare the others from suffering. I bet I know who will be helping Marigold with the cake she'll be making for Frodo. :D It's just perfect! Thank you so much! ;)

Author Reply: I am so glad you enjoyed it. I wanted something with Sam in it for your birthday and I just knew he'd be one of those who was grateful for whatever gifts he might receive and that he wouldn't let anyone upset his little sister! Glad you liked it. Maybe Marigold can bake Merry a cake too. (Without any help.) LOL

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
“I didn’t do anything!” Merry objected. “Why does everyone always think it’s me when most of the time it’s only Pippin?”

LOL!!! I just love your Merry, Grey Wonderer!

I would have liked to have such a wonderful big brother as Marigold! Instead I was always the big sister (or cousin) ;-) My brother is eight years younger than me, the same age difference as between Merry and Pippin :)

Author Reply: Thank you. Between them, I think little Merry and little Pippin must have been quite a handful. So, were you and your brother this much trouble? LOL Thank you for the lovely review.

GoldenReviewed Chapter: 1 on 8/12/2007
That is too sweet! Sams really a fine brother and Marigold a cute little sister. I also love Fro, Pip and Merry in this. I actually cannot have enough of stories with them at that age, cause I loooooove faunt Pip stories. I hope there will be many more of it! :D

Author Reply: I don't write much Sam but I do love him. I'm glad you enjoyed this.

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