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The Lion and his Lady  by Lialathuveril 8 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 3 on 8/28/2012
They ARE well matched, the two of them! Glad the Riders cheered. They aren't going to treat her anywhere as badly as she might have thought.

Author Reply: Yes, I agree. I'm sure she'll soon start to conform to Rohirric customs...

whitewaveReviewed Chapter: 3 on 6/22/2008
I liked the "turn in the hay" line very much.

Author Reply: it gives you a clear picture of what she looks like, doesn't it ;-)


BodkinReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/10/2007
Very clever! Identity kept right up to the last moment. (Although Eomer wouldn't really have been setting up a secret and beloved mistress. It's just not him - he's far too open to cope with a double life!)

Author Reply: You are right, Eomer is not the sort to set up a mistress beside his wife, but it was fun to toy with the idea!


CuthalionReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/9/2007
Wonderful - and even more as you skillfully toy with the idea hat this might be a "simple" stable girl (or is she more)? The tension between them, her very believable struggle with convention, her own upbringing (and doubtlessly many lessons from books like that of pompous Belecthor) and his passion and warmth are a lovely, thrilling contrast... and that she finally overcomes traditions and courtesy to greet her fiancé properly is simply delightful. Bravo.


You should check the horse's name. There are repeatedly missing spaces between Hlaefdige and the following words.

Author Reply: She's probably got a bookshelf full of comportment guides! And I did of course do my best to lead you astray as to her identity, which to me was a big part of the fun of writing this story. And in the end she overcame her doubts - but then who could resist Eomer ;-)


P.S. thanks for pointing out the problem with the horse name, I've fixed it.

SorrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/7/2007
I think that this is a great story! I love Lothiriel/Eomer, and would reccomend this one to anyone I met in the street!

Author Reply: Eomer was always my favourite character in the books and now I seem to be pretty much stuck writing about them! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.


Alison HReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/6/2007
This was wonderful, Lia.Whenever I see one of your updates I know that I'm going to enjoy the banter between Eomer and Lothiriel....and you describe the feelings that they have for each other so well.
Lothiriel's response at the end of this story left me with a huge smile on my face.Never underestimate a girl in love, especially if her betrothed is Eomer :D

I'm looking forward to the next update.


Author Reply: Somehow they always end up doing a lot of talking and teasing in my stories, don't they! It can even be difficult to shut them up and get on with the story.

And I get the feeling Eomer was also left with a huge smile on his face ;-)

Nice hearing from you again!

AlquawendeReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/5/2007
I read the first part at GoI, but the other half that was in the dining Hall was new. As you most likely already know, I really like your takes and will wait patiently for more, if I can... The ending was quite a suprise. The gasp from the sister-in-law and the whistles and cheers from the Rohirrim was funny. It's so easy to hear and see what's happening there.


Author Reply: Well, as you know I tried to muddy the waters and sow as much doubt possible, so the end would come as a surprise to the reader and the characters both. And somehow in my stories Lothiriel always ends up with straight-laced relatives shocked by their behaviour!


daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 3 on 11/5/2007
This is just wonderful. The sensory details throughout make it feel very real, and the voice is just terrific. Also, the sexual tension crackles. Just a great read.

Author Reply: Thank you for the compliments! This is my first attempt at first person viewpoint, maybe that makes the voice more intimate.


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