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The Lion and his Lady  by Lialathuveril
How did omer, King of Rohan, meet his wife? This is a series of oneshots describing different scenarios, some long some short, some serious some less so. No connection with each other or any of my other stories.
Number 9: Flotsam
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Letters to Edoras13
Chapter  2: Lady Owl11
Chapter  3: Stable Girl8
Chapter  4: The Lion Tamer6
Chapter  5: From Dutiful Daughter to Virtuous Wife7
Chapter  6: True Love Knows no Season11
Chapter  7: Equine Royalty6
Chapter  8: Joust: Challenge3
Chapter  9: Joust: Truce4
Chapter 10: Joust: Alliance4
Chapter 11: Flotsam: Chapter 12
Chapter 12: Flotsam: Chapter 21

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