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My Sword Trembles - Book Three - 'My Sword' Series  by Agape4Gondor 150 Review(s)
panther_anoushReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 9/17/2013
Enjoyed both of your books (2 and 3) greatly, however your 1st book does not contain any chapters. Is there somewhere else I can find it? There are some gaps that I can't finds the answers to.


Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 47 on 2/16/2009
Oh my; I hope that Indis will rethink her view of Mithrandir. If he's not allowed back into Minas Tirith, he won't find Isildur's memoir, and a certain piece of information that is crucial to the defeat of Sauron - Isildur's discussion of his Ring gave Mithrandir the information to link Sauron's Ring to Bilbo Baggins' little trophy. Without Mithrandir acquiring that knowledge at that time, who knows what would have happened? Also, I really liked the Mithrandir-Faramir relationship in LOTR (the book) and wanted to see some of it in this AU.

Author Reply: Personally, from reading LOTR and pondering it - it seemed to me that most of Faramir's interactions with Mithrandir were after he was grown... We'll see what happens... : )

Indis is livid - her friend is dead because of lack of information - at least, that's the way it appears to her... And she feels Mithrandir had that information...

I can't believe Faramir would let this edict stand without at least going to her and discussing it - not attacking her, not second-guessing her, but in his 'usual' way - with charm and grace and honesty....

Glad I've got you worried : )

And ever so many thanks for your continued support!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 49 on 2/16/2009
This is probably my favorite of your AU histories; since it's so Faramir-centric, or at least since he has a much larger role. For the most part, I think you've written him quite well. I'm not sure how Faramir will get back to Gondor - alone, without Strider, is Faramir that good and experienced a warrior at 18, or will someone ride with him?

Love the gift of the harp; and Faramir's excitement over the prospect of seeing the Elves, when Strider tells him of their destination, is marvelous.

It will be interesting to see how Faramir's Stewardship differs from Denethor's. It could be that Minas Tirith in 3018-3019 in this AU might be a more hopeful, and better-fortified, place. I hope Faramir doesn't become a Palantir addict, though.

Author Reply: The story started (long ago) with the emphasis on Indis. It was to be 'her' story - but Faramir (and Boromir at the beginning) just kept butting in and he is such a sweet boy - how could it not turn to him.

Tell me this - when a baby is in the room, who do folks usually gravitate to???

Aragorn was only on patrol for a short time - just relishing his time with the Lorien Elves, Haldir and brothers... Time, as you know, fluctuates in that land and the month that passes on the 'outside' is longer on the 'inside.' Aragorn returns, I'm sure, and takes Faramir to Amon Din....

I am soooo glad the Muse gave me the idea of the harp. I have him playing one in 10,000 Years - it just seems something that Faramir would do - so it seemed only natural to continue with this thought...

Oh! And how could he not be excited about seeing the Elves of Lorien - old wive's tales or no!!!

I'm not sure yet, as always, what the Muse plans to do with Faramir and Gondor in the last book, but I have hope : )

Thank you so much for your support. It is much appreciated!

TariReviewed Chapter: 49 on 2/16/2009
Faramir is now eighteen. How time flies.

Itís wonderful that he will finally meet some elves, especially since he has elven blood flowing in his veins. And Aragorn is most anxious to be there also. Could it be that he will be seeing Arwen again?

A beautiful harp to match a heart that sings; I love it. It fits Faramir to a tee.

Author Reply: I personally think he definitely saw Arwen - if she was still in Lorien... I think he probably 'timed' this with that thought in mind : )

I was so glad when the Muse gave me the idea of the harp. I was trying to sleep when I 'saw' her o'ertaken by the purity of Faramir and also by the 'feeling' she had when she 'saw' his mind and his love for Boromir - just touched her own heart strings in regards to her brother, Finrod.

It was fun writing.... Glad you enjoyed it too!

And thanks for your support during all this time. Keep your eyes open - perhaps March or April for the beginning of 'My Sword Reigns' -

FiondilReviewed Chapter: Author's Notes on 2/15/2009
Great story, Agape. I think this book is my favorite to date, if only because we see more of Thorongil. *grin* I liked the ending. I'm sure Faramir will learn much more than how to play a harp during his time in Lůrien. I look forward to the final book of the series. Thanks for sharing this.

Author Reply: *giggles*

I did NOT intend to write this book - but charactes from 'My Sword Weeps' insisted... so it is a surprise book.

BTW - very glad you enjoyed it so much - now onto darker times - if that is at all possible, for Faramir and Gondor as the war rears its ugly head.

Blessings and many thanks for your continued support!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 49 on 2/15/2009
Ah! Such a wonderful gift, after a most unusual and graceful welcome. May he indeed grow in grace after such an acceptance, and may Celeborn honor him as well!

Beautiful welcome to manhood for this Faramir.

Author Reply: I just felt that Galadriel saw the inner beauty of Faramir and was moved... as well as by the deep love she saw within him for Boromir and the pain that still, even after ten years, haunted the boy. Celeborn, I am sure, backed his wife in this decision. : )

Many thanks for your continued support!!!

Raksha The DemonReviewed Chapter: 48 on 2/12/2009
I don't think you went too far at all with the inference of Faramir's ability to gentle and tame animals. Not only did Beregond mention it, but it is obvious from JRRT's characterisation that Faramir has compassion and respect for animals (and many people), and has considerable patience and self-control, which would be essential for working with animals. Also, he's intelligent and would perservere in the doing of anything he deems necessary.

Good to see that Faramir has not only a pet, but a pet who could do some serious damage to anyone who tries to harm him. Though I think Indis could find a dog for him, too.

Good chapter.

Author Reply: I'm wondering how the eagle will stack up against one of the Nazgul. *shivers*

However, I've read some tales about Faramir and animals that were so far-fetched that I had to laugh through most of them....

I think, in this case, that Faramir's intelligence (as you so rightly stated) would help him immediately figure out what was needed. And the bird would have 'felt' the respect the boy had for it. Patience is what won this, I think... along with a nicely chewed bit of meat : )

Many thanks for the review!

PS - It was Denethor, if I recall rightly, who refused dogs in the Citadel - perhaps they reminded him too much of the curs in Edoras.

Ok - loyal Rohirric fans - don't beat me up - but you must remember the little quote of Saruman's!!!!

TariReviewed Chapter: 48 on 2/9/2009
I donít think you went too far with Faramir and the eaglet. Falcons are tamed all the time. I donít know how, but they are. So it seems to me that what Faramir did could possibly be one of the ways. It looks like he might have his first pet.

Author Reply: Thanks for your voite of confidence. The way Beregond speaks of Faramir's command of both men and animals seems to point towards a gift of Faramir's... So I'm using it.

Seems to me he asked Denethor for a dog awhile back and that was denied - Yes! I think Faramir finally has, not only a pet, but a friend....

Bless you for the review!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 48 on 2/8/2009
Alas that someone killed its parent that way! But at least it is able to fly, and it appears to have chosen Faramir! And he has obviously watched birds feeding their babes--wise child. I am impressed.

Author Reply: I think one of Faramir's greatest gifts was his ability to watch and listen and learn....

Many thanks for the review!

TariReviewed Chapter: 47 on 1/23/2009
How sad that Ragnhild had to die. But what choice was there? Chances are she might not have come out of the spell and if she did, her shock over what she had done might have been too much for her to bear.

Indis, in spite of what happened, was once again just in her punishment and also in taking care of the families involved.

Author Reply: Well, whoever the soldier was who shot Ragnhild did his duty. He saw the threat and ended it... he couldn't take a chance on friendship - not with the way things were playing out.

Glad you approve of Indis justice....

Thanks ever so much for the review!

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