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Ab 'Urth  by Fiondil 15 Review(s)
LindaleReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/22/2008
>>"I’ve never been cold in my life," Glorfindel said with a huff, allowing Legolas to take his arm and lead him indoors. "Except that time crossing the Helcaraxë, though Turgon kept insisting that it was all in our minds."

"And was it?"

"The only thing in my mind during that crossing was how much I really detested Turgon’s cheerfulness," Glorfindel quipped and was awarded with peals of laughter as the two elves joined their friends in the dining room.

I love this bit! So funny!

>>I'm dead

I really must thank Niriel Rania now, you can combine humour with seriousness.


Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed this tale. I had a lot of fun with it. And now I know who gave you the rec. Good on NiRi. *grn*

JastaElfReviewed Chapter: 2 on 2/2/2008
OMG I love that poem... I love all of Rilke's stuff. *swoons happily*

You know... I have a rather extensive vocabulary, being fifty-something myself and having been at this a long time. Ordinarily it would be embarrassing to have one's vocabulary beggared by the wonder of an author... but there are certain people for whom I'll make an exception. :)

This is just wonderful. The fact that Legolas once loved Arwen and was hurt that she chose Aragorn over him is kind of amusing... as a child I used to believe that she was a fool to die at Cerin Amroth when Legolas was still alive and she could then have both of them. *grin* But then I wanted to BE her back then, so go figure.

Having read and drooled over "Elf, Interrupted" I am thrilled to see Glorfindel ministering to Legolas as others ministered to him--and the echoes of that tale are a wonder to see. I have always adored Glorfindel anyway, and love the justice that you do him. Thank you for this whole story! Of course I DO want to know what this is:

He thought he started weeping at one point and even struggled out of Námo’s hold when a particularly vicious memory concerning betrayal and loss reared it’s ugly head and he found himself cowering against the throne, clutching at Námo’s feet as if to an anchor. Námo said nothing, merely reaching down and placing a hand gently on the elf’s head, lending him his strength to get through this worst memory, a memory Legolas had studiously forgotten for several centuries.

Hmmm.... HMMMMM!!!! So intriguing... could be just a line included because we all have such memories, but then again, knowing you... :)

Thank you for this story. I love sequels to superb tales. Thank you for all your writing!

Author Reply: And thanks for your reviews. I know that sometimes all my own vocabulary goes out the window when I come across a superb piece of writing and all I can thinkto say is "Wow!" LOL

As for Legolas' memory of betrayal and loss... at the moment, it really is just a line, but you never know... *grin*

I'm glad you also enjoyed reading Elf, Interrupted, and how I have written Glorfindel. I will be posting Book Two shortly before Easter, so keep your eye out for it (or as Gandalf would say, "Both eyes").

CesReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/30/2008
Excellent sequel and thank you for showing it from the viewpoint of Legolas. Thank goodness Glorfindel was there to help him through it.

*snicker* Being more scared of Thranduil's judgment than Namo's!

So Legolas loved Arwen. I've always felt those two were a better match than her and Aragorn.

Seems as though Legolas is a favorite of Namos and most of the Valar?

The only thing better than having Gimli bursting through the door looking for "his elf" would have been Thranduil right next to him!

Thanks for tying up all the loose ends - save that memory that Legolas kept secreted away for several centuries - wonder what he did!


Author Reply: Several people begged for the Judgment scene so I decided I would write this from Legolas' POV. Naturally, as the only elf in Middle-earth to have suffered death and Judgment and re-embodiment, Glorfindel is the logical choice to seeing Legolas through all this.

As for Legolas being a favorite of Námo and the other Valar.... I'm sure they all have a soft spot for him, knowing the grief he will feel when all his mortal friends die.

And as for Legolas' memory... I have no idea myself, save that it happened a long time ago (as mortals measure these things) and whether he did something or something was done to him... maybe someday we'll find out.

Glad you enjoyed this story. Thanks for reviewing.

RhyselleReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/23/2008
I thought I'd reviewed this, but I don't see a review in the list from me. So, here goes!

Firstly, I love the choices of poems that you drew the chapter titles from, and it was good to see the touches within the chapters where pieces of the poems were incorporated into the story.

Seeing the whole thing from inside Legolas' head was an interesting POV to read. In particular, one bit really stuck with me and I'm trying to figure out if the episode of his life as seen in Judgment is something that you've already written about: "He thought he started weeping at one point and even struggled out of Námo’s hold when a particularly vicious memory concerning betrayal and loss reared it’s ugly head and he found himself cowering against the throne, clutching at Námo’s feet as if to an anchor. Námo said nothing, merely reaching down and placing a hand gently on the elf’s head, lending him his strength to get through this worst memory, a memory Legolas had studiously forgotten for several centuries."

That certainly has me very curious... but I won't demand a story pertaining to that incident--at least not now. *grin*

I really love how you have so many different things in your tales that hint at other things in the lives lived by the characters, such as this memory, and Legolas remembering that he had been in love with Arwen, but she chose Aragorn.

This is a terrific sequel to the Chess Game, and a wonderful addition to your tales of the members of the Fellowship and Lord Námo.

Author Reply: The clue to your question about this particular memory that Legolas has is in the last part of the final sentence: ..."a memory Legolas had studiously forgotten for several centuries." (emphasis added). To date, I have only written two other stories where Legolas appears and only one that takes place prior to this story, Tad Edhel a Firion, which takes place a century earler. The incident in question, however, took place long before that. As to what the incident was, I do not know... yet. *grin*

In writing my stories, I simply follow Tolkien's lead... dropping hints of earlier times and events in the lives of my characters, so as to lend depth to the story. In this way, my stories are firmly embedded into the fabric of Middle-earth history (even if not precisely canon history) rather than just floating willy-nilly in the ether somewhere like so many stories are.

I'm glad you enjoyed this story; it really had to be written in order to complete the tale.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/22/2008
Oh Legolas! He truly should have kept his mouth shut! Asking for a proper jugdment was not the best idea, wasn't it?

*snicker* Love the banter about 'my elf'! And I'm sure there are some fans out there who would say the same ;-)
And I love Námo and Vairë together. I fear he's right - Legolas will never live down being skewered by a tree branch! How embarassing for a prince of the wood elves!

Thank you for writing this sequel to the other story - it is good to know the story from Legolas' POV, too!

Author Reply: Yes, I'm sure Legolas has heard some horror stories about the Doomsman of Arda from visiting Noldor and figures that Námo is ALWAYS terrifying. He's probably suffering from just enough shock and confusion from his dying that he really isn't thinking straight at this point. *grin*

I'm glad you liked this sequel to "Playing Chess". Even though many people asked for this, I had already decided the story needed to be told from Legolas' POV. Thanks for reviewing.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/22/2008
Poor Legolas, what an uncomfortable feeling it has to be not to remember much of his life, and particularly what happened to him lately in the first place. And the memories that *did* surface weren't the best ones - his love for Arwen, for example. Just what he now needs ... *shakes head*

Thank Godness that Glorfindel was there - he's probably the only one in Middle-earth to know what Legolas is going through and able to help him.

Author Reply: Yes, memories are strange and what you do remember isn't always helpful or convenient. Glorfindel would be the ONLY person in ME to understand what Legolas is going through and know what to do, which is why the Valar sent him to the rescue.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/21/2008
Never, ever tell Namo that your judgment is not terrifying enough! What was Legolas thinking? Obviously he wasn't thinking at that point. :)

A very nice follow-up to the other story. I can't imagine what it would be like to have only part of your memories like that. *shudder* He was indeed fortunate to have Glorfindel with him to help him through the process, doing that alone would have been overwhelming for him. It's always interesting to me that even when you've lost most of your memories you still retain some things, like Legolas knew that Aragorn was his close friend and he felt abandoned by him.

And, he loved Arwen at one time, huh? Not too surprising, she is beautiful. Gimli bursting in was awfully funny as is the whole 'my elf' thing. He'll have to turn the tables on them and say they're 'my man' and 'my dwarf'... see how they like it!

Thanks again for sharing this!

Author Reply: Never, ever tell Namo that your judgment is not terrifying enough!

Words of wisdom we can all do well to remember. LOL

I think Legolas just didn't appreciate the fact that Námo would've been quite content to ask him questions as if he were interviewing Legolas for a job instead of going through an actual Judgment, since Námo knew that Legolas wasn't going to be staying in Mandos, but the poor ellon forced the Vala's hand with his insistence on things not being terrifying enough. As Samwise would've said, "that'll larn him". LOL

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It had to be written of course, seeing things from Legolas' POV. Änd as Legolas realises, he's just glad he's around to be anyone's elf at this point, so he doesn't really mind the banter between Gimli and Aragorn.

Thanks for reviewing. I really appreciate it.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/20/2008
This was a delightful sequel. The judgement sounded very scary. I loved the way Legolas'friends all showed their concern and helped him recover.

Author Reply: Thanks, Linda. I'm glad you liked this. Legolas is lucky to have such friends who care for him. The Judgment was pretty scary, but it's over with and he can go on with his life.

lyncarol333Reviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/18/2008
Thank you for such a wonderfull story.

I also love your Námo. He has such a wicked sense of humor.

"Perhaps its only purpose was to teach young Thranduilion to watch where he’s going," Námo responded with a wicked smile. "Getting skewered by a tree branch... he’s never going to live that down, you know."

No Legolas will never live it down if others learn about it.

Thank you so much for shareing all of your stories with us so that we may enjoy them too.


Author Reply: Hi, Lyn. I'm glad you enjoyed the story and Námo. Yes, he does indeed have a wicked sense of humor. *grin*. And unfortunately, you have an entire army of Men and Elves who witnessed Legolas getting skewered by the tree branch, so I don't think there's a prayer of him keeping it quiet. As Vairë says, "Poor ellon". LOL

Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed this story and all my other stories. I appreciate it.

TiraReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/18/2008
loved it! and no, Legolas will never live down being! Love your work Fiondil!

Author Reply: Thanks, Tira. I'm glad you enjoyed this and all my other stories.

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