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To See A World  by Nightwing 18 Review(s)
anj1290Reviewed Chapter: 44 on 1/16/2007
I've read all of this story in the past few days, and I'm beyond words. I've alternately laughed, cried, and yelled at my computer screen (sadly enough, I'm not exaggerating). Aragorn and Legolas are my two favorite characters in the series, and this beautiful bond you've painted between them is a joy to read about. I've gone searching for other Aragorn/Legolas friendship stories and haven't found any that come remotely close to this. And forgive me if I'm bringing up the obvious/saying something that's already been said, but this story puts a whole new cast on the blindfolding of the Fellowship in Lothlorien as well as the journey through Moria. Thanks so much for this story, more than I can say, and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author Reply: Hello! Sorry for taking so long to repond to your review. I am glad you are enjoying the story.

No, I think you are actually the first to see a link between Legolas' blindness and the blindfolding in Lothlorien, and the darkness of Moria. Perhaps it will help him to be better prepared.

The next chapter is in the works. About half-way done. Real life has been throwing up all the roadblocks it can think of lately, but I'll get another chapter out soon, I hope!

TariReviewed Chapter: 44 on 12/4/2006
I am now up to date. I have to tell you, you are a master story teller and a great suspense writer. I will hang in, waiting patiently for the next chapter. I know what a busy wife and mom you are. How you find the time to write such a detailed story is beyond my understanding. I certaily could learn a lot from you.



Author Reply: It's beyond my understanding too!

Glad you made it though. Now you'll wait a dreadfully long time for the next update, I fear. It's the holiday season, my work partner is abandoning me in two more weeks, and I have family issues. Dear dear, the Gods are conspiring against me whenever I try to carve out some writing time.

But you kept plugging away, and I will too. See you next update, whenever that is!

LamielReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/21/2006
I'm sorry that this is so late. I read this chapter with delight when it was posted, and planned to think it over and review the next day . . . and before I knew it the next day had turned into the next week, and then the next one, and so on. But that's to my benefit because it gives me the chance to read and enjoy it again today.

Legolas badly needed this respite, and I think his enemies are going to find him that much more troublesome because of it. Angst lover that I am I can't entirely share his relief at Aragorn's good timing, but even I have to admit that he deserved a rest. And now he's had that, and food and clean clothes and a bath too! So this is the 'comfort' part of the hurt/comfort genre. H'm. I shall have to make a note of it.

I think that his dealings with Ramhar and the sorcerer are not finished yet. As Legolas said there are more questions to be answered, and Malcovan owes a debt for all the suffering he's caused. He'll pay, I have no doubt of that. Aragorn's oath to fight Sauron's agents is something I'd not previously considered, but it makes perfect sense. And in any case I can't imagine him or Legolas leaving while things are unresolved. They just aren't made that way.

And now Orcs! Oh boy, this should be good.


Author Reply: Hey Lamiel! Glad to see you. I thought maybe you were busy moving back to your home state.

Yes, for the comfort part, the elf must be given an opportunity to get wet. Mmm-hmmm!

I pulled Aragorn's oath from various lines from the "Tale of Aragorn and Arwen", including:

Elrond's words when he gives Aragorn the heirlooms: "With these you may do great deeds... but the test will be hard and long."

Elrond again: "A great doom awaits you, either to rise above the height of all your fathers since the days of Elendil... many years of trial lie before you."

And from the text: "for nearly thirty years he labored in the cause against Sauron", and he traveled far, "exploring the hearts of Men, both evil and good, and uncovering the plots and devices of the servants of Sauron".

So it seems he truly had made this oath. Perhaps no one else knows of it but Elrond. And in my story, Legolas knows of Aragorn's oath, and had intended to fight beside him. Aragorn cannot leave things as they are in the Northlands, knowing an agent of Sauron is working there.

How's TPD coming along? Will we see an update soon? Pretty please?

SocketReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/18/2006
It's great to see a new chapter! Thank you for sticking with this wonderful story. Here's some good vibes being sent to your hubby to get you your promised laptop. In the meantime, don't let them put you at the bottom of the totem pole for using the family computer. Tell them your fans are clamoring for updates. LOL.

Author Reply: Thansk for sticking with this poky story, Socket. It's good to see the familiar readers still popping up to say hello. It is so hard to get to this computer. We've had my M-I-L here the last few days, and that had compounded the problem to an unbelievable degree.

IrethReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/17/2006
Yay! You updated!! Never doubted you would!! I only hope you will not let any of your readers hanging on by their fingernails for too long!! What a way to end a chapter!! So it's finally certain.....the old man is in with Sauron!!
And orcs are coming.....Aragorn and Legolas will have to show the others that orcs can die just like men......and tell them to show no mercy. I somehow hope they can help seems he's not as evil as I thought......damned Sauron!! Thanks for the update, I hope this review finds you in good health!! Hugs and kisses. Ireth

Author Reply: Hi Ireth! Ramhar is pretty evil, but also had been misled. He still needs to have a good butt-whippin' for being such a jerk, but behind many of the misunderstandings in ME was Sauron, with his whisperings and proddings.

ElenoraReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/14/2006
Absolutely excellent chapter, as always! And as you titled it, "A Brief Quiet," one just long enough to let us all catch our breath before the next round of tension sucks it back out of us, LOL!!

I really loved the brief exchange between Aragorn and Legolas when Aragorn was convincing him he needed to sleep. Seemed very "in character" and just what one would expect between those two!

I am really looking forward to seeing how so many of the threads you've got going will be brought together and resolved...the old man's evil plans for Mirkwood, Legolas dealing with Ramhar, and the dart still in Legolas's neck...I think you REALLY NEED that laptop! Any progress?

Author Reply: It's a roller coaster - up and down, up and down.

Nope, no sign of the laptop. He seems to have no sense of urgency. That will not do!

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/7/2006
A very exciting chapter.I hope you get your laptop soon.

Author Reply: Thanks. Me too! I'm still waiting.

BevReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/6/2006
YES! How wonderful to find a new chapter up...Thank you Nightwing.
Fantastic chapter...a nice little respite before all hell breaks lose.
Hot Dog...that's my Elf...he takes a licking but keeps on ticking. A little sleep, some good food, a bath and some nice warm clothes and he's good to go.
I just love the satisfaction in Legolas' voice when he was describing how he smashed the glass vial in the guards'face. I don't think they counted on having such a hard to control prisoner..heehee. It is so sweet,the way Aragorn fusses over Legolas..making sure he eats and gets some sleep. And, Legolas fusses over Aragorn right back.
Orcs! I guess they had to show up sooner or later...baaa. How are Aragorn and Legolas going to get the town folk to fight back their fear and fight the Orcs?
And..Aragorn needs to get that pain medicine recipe..better yet..take Koryons' Grandma with them. She may be the key to Legolas getting his sight back.
As always..GREAT STORY. Oh..and here is one of Aragorns soggy, stinky socks..just waiting to be lobbed your hubbys way...LOL!..just in case he forgets your computer again. Can't have an office without one, now can you.
Take care.

Author Reply: You're welcome. I thought I'd never get the darned thing done.

Legolas is resilient. I try hard not to make him something fan-ficcy ridiculous, a guy who takes severe beatings and stabbings amongst even less pleasant things, and then recovers from certain death with nothing more than a song from Aragorn. But he is an Elf, and they are stronger than mortals.

Koryon's grandma will be back. I'm rather fond of her.

Oh, my husband had better watch out now! There is nothing worse than the ranger's socks.

MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/4/2006
....oh oh....what a great chapter.
The quiet, deep breezing before the storm begins again. Well I did not think they would make it out of the city so easy. I like it more than the prevous one...! So on to the action....go my ranger go ;-))!!!
...everything ok on this side of the world....4 boys---LOTS of action!!!

Author Reply: I bet you are just buried under all that BOY POWER. I hope they are being good and helpful and not wearing Mommy out too much.

I'm glad you liked the new chapter better. Not so... schmaltzy! I did see your point. It was a tad sentimental.

We'll see how and what Aragorn does. Do you still have a crush on Aragorn?

sofiaReviewed Chapter: 44 on 11/4/2006
oh what an ending. I don't expect our two heros to fight against the orcs though. good chapter. Looking at it, it seemed long, but reading it, it didn't.

Author Reply: It was an average-sized chapter. You'd think with four months I'd have managed to get something longer done, wouldn't you? Sigh...

The question of how to tackle the orcs...

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