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To See A World  by Nightwing 30 Review(s)
Lossenchristal2Reviewed Chapter: 48 on 5/17/2014
Just to let you know that I WAS able to read your new chapter when you had it up - I discovered that if I clicked on the "View All Chapters" link instead of the individual chapter links, it would show me the whole story fine, including the new chapter! This worked with Lindelea's stories too & others who had recently posted updates. But if I click on the individual new chapter link, it would give me the "Interal Server Error" page. Hopefully they will figure out this bug & fix it soon!

Love your story BTW! :)


Author Reply: Thanks for letting me know that. I'll try to upload again and see if I can add on that helpful hint!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 48 on 5/16/2014
Yes, dreams often do mean something in JRRT's world!

I like your Brina. She breathes life.

A tense and unsettling chapter. Looking forward to more.

Author Reply: I'm having the upload problem too. Chapter 49 is the new one, and I cannot get it to work here. Boo.

TariReviewed Chapter: 48 on 5/16/2014
Your back! It's wonderful to see you posting again. I know there were health issues involved with a family member and hope all is well now.

Legolas is in such pain and despair that he's reached bottom and the only way he can go is up. I hope it happens soon and that he regains his sight.

Author Reply: I'm back, but unfortunately my new chapter isn't uploading. It looks like some other authors are having problems too. If you'd like to see Chapter 49, go to "the big website". I'm called Nightwing6 there. But I'll keep trying to get it to work here.

_SpicedWine_ Reviewed Chapter: 48 on 5/16/2014
I cannot say how thrilled I am that you are continuing this story, Nightwing, and with no loss of pace or anything else to indicate you'd ever been away.
It's wonderful to see an update (could not get on yesterday due to some glitch on this site, but now it seems fine.

The sword and Legolas, it feels as if it is eating parts of him, and the fact that the place where the dart struck him seems to be getting worse, the pains in his neck and head make me truly fear for him.

Let me see if this review actually posts...But again, welcome back! ♥

Author Reply: I think what you read was the previous chapter. My new one - Chapter 49 - is still not working. I deleted it last night since it was making all the other chapters wonky. "The other site" is working OK though. :/

_SpicedWine_ Reviewed Chapter: 48 on 4/26/2014
Dear Nightwing,
Oh my gosh! I just saw your reply notification from this archive. I couldn't even remember my old login details as it's been so long since I looked here, so I had to create a new account just to say: I am THRILLED that you are coming back!
I was only talking about this story a couple of weeks ago. I put it up on the recommendations at the archive I post at, because I am one of those people who don't forget.

I do hope that you are well, and can't tell you how much I am looking forward to an update. I am so excited! It will also give me another opportunity to read it all again from the beginning. Welcome back, and thank-you! {{{Hugs}}}

Author Reply: Hello my dear! I can't upload my new chapter here for some reason. Got an email in asking for help. I am hopeless when it comes to computer stuff - I must be doing something wrong. Meanwhile, the new chapter is up at "that other big site". But I'm sad that I can't get it to work here. :(

caseymochridhReviewed Chapter: 48 on 10/11/2013
I have loved this story and followed it from your first posting here and at Fanfiction. So happy you have picked it up again. Please continue it and bring it to the fine finish I know you are capable of writing!

Thank you for the pleasure of reading this story!

Author Reply: Hello! I will be back and intend to finish the story. Sorry about my long absence. ~NW

WinterwitchReviewed Chapter: 48 on 2/16/2013
(Crossposted from, since I don't know where you might be reading it)

What a wonderful and satisfying read!

I'm rather new to Tolkien fanfiction (late last year), and this exceptional story has accompanied me over the first few weeks of the new year in a very comforting and fulfilling way. I was at the time going through a process of diagnosis for low-grade eye damage myself (Grave's disease, nothing really bad, but unsettling enough at the beginning), so Legolas's situation and his dealing with it touched me also on a very personal level, apart from the fact that this kind of hurt/comfort is my favourite genre of fanfiction. Your tale is extremely well-written as well as realistic and plausible, be it the plot and storyline (with one small exception: I find it highly unlikely that either Aragorn or Legolas would leave their weapons out of reach in such a foreign country, like at the opening of the story. But this is really only a minor thing and well acceptable for storytelling reasons), be it the characterisations and their relationships, and particularly the way Legolas experiences his blindness, comes to terms with it, and deals with the consequences. I am in no position to judge the realism of the latter (I thankfully still have full vision and, with a little luck, will keep it), but it sounds very logic and real, and is very obviously based on careful research. This kind of research is also something I appreciate so very much, particularly in a fanfiction, and shows how much love and honest work went into this wonderful tale.
Aragorn and the friendship between him and Legolas work so well here and is so well done, another big highlight of the story, as are the very real and three-dimensional supporting characters and animals. (Sock stealing! My own bunch of furrybutts has all kind of strange habits, but we never had a sock-stealer.)
Throughout the reading I was happy to read your intention of finishing this story, despite everything that life obviously threw in your way, though after the time now relapsed since the last update I fear this is no longer valid. Know that you have a new faithful reader in me should you ever continue, very eager to hear how the tale continues and what became of Aragorn and Legolas. My mind wanders away all the time, particularly trying to imagine what homecoming would mean for Legolas, and what his life has still in store for him. Reading about your intention to not have him regain his sight is very satisfying as well. In real life, miracles like these very rarely happen, and the lot of us usually has to deal with the consequences of what life deals us, be it small or large, like in Legolas's case. But of course, as a mere reader I won't dare to ask or suggest this or that route, just will hang in happily for the ride if there ever is going to be one.

Thank you very much for creating this wonderful story and for sharing it with us!

Author Reply: Hi Winterwitch, thanks so much for this lovely review. I plan to update and continue soon. ~NW

ElenoraReviewed Chapter: 48 on 5/30/2012
Hello! Couldn't sleep and was surfing the Internet, checking on unfinished LOTR stories for updates. I hope you have not decided to permanenatly shelve this story - it is one of the best that I've read, and it would be such a shame to see it fade into oblivion. Perhaps writer's block has reared its ugly head...or "real life" has forced you to put this story on the back burner, but I hope that this little note might encourage you to take it up again and bring it to a conclusion. There are still a few of us out here, doggedly following those few good stories worth following...and "To See A World" is one of those stories!

Author Reply: Hello Elenora,

I'm coming back. An update is in the works at long last. See you then. ~NW

BakonekoReviewed Chapter: 48 on 1/7/2012
Need... more... story!

I just had to come back and reread this fic again. It's on my regular rotation. =) Don't leave us hanging here forever, please!!

RobinscatReviewed Chapter: 48 on 4/11/2011
Hi, I have been away from fanfiction for a while. I came back hoping to see the story finished, I am saddened that it seems to be in limbo. This was one of the best stories, in my opinion, that was being written.

I understand about real life coming first and fan fiction taking a back seat. I hope Nightwing is safe and well, that her family is healthy and happy. Perhaps she will come back to this story, I hope and prey she does.

Author Reply: Hi Robinscat. Nightwing is starting to get her groove back. Hope to update soon. ~NW

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