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To See A World  by Nightwing 13 Review(s)
sidheReviewed Chapter: 19 on 12/16/2004
I'm having so much fun!!! It's 2:10am and I've been reading non-stop for hours and the words are all blurry and it's way past my bedtime but I simply *must* find out what happens next! I haven't read a fic this charming and angsty and hurt/comfort-y (my favourite) in ages. Thank you! And yes, this is a silly review, but I just wanted to let you know how much I'm adoring it!

LKKReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/27/2004
I fear my reviews are beginning to sound like a broken record, Nightwing. But a the risk of boring you, I will say it again ... I am in awe at the depth of detail you bring into your chapters. Little tidbits, here and there, scattered about to give an overall sense of reality to your work. My favorite little detail tidbit this time: Aragorn watched as Tithlam left Legolas and trotted toward the cottage. The little animal had undoubtedly had enough of the clashing waves of anger and impatience surging between her elf and his friend, and she hopped up onto the window ledge and vanished into peace of the warm house. I love that you included the cat's reaction here.

I'm glad that Legolas and Aragorn have had this discussion. This is unlike anything either has been through before, it's clear. They're struggling to redefine themselves under these new circumstances. It must be frustrating for them; they who are normally so in control of their lives. At least now, each understands the other's fears better.

Like everyone else, I'm anxious to learn where Legolas's arrow ended up. My guess -- the arrow hit the bale but not the twig target. I can't wait to find out if I guessed right! :)

OakWolfReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/26/2004
(chortling in a comfy chair)'Love the idea of Legolas glowing red,nothing like an elfy Mood ring or would it be an aura?Anywho dandy chapter but I cant see Aragorn cooking,if he wants to keep Legolas in good shape he should let Tithlam do the cooking...

MuinthelReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/26/2004
Great chapter...I really liked how you build up the tension till the end....and then you leave us in complete darkness if Legolas hit the target.....argh!!!
My favorite sentence.....Can he actually be glowing red? Valar, this is worse than I thought.
Can't wait for update!!!!

French PonyReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/23/2004
I can't make this a very long review, as I'm feeling kind of nauseous, and I'm going home soon, but I didn't want to forget to leave you a note.

Things I liked:
-- Legolas admitting that he doesn't know how to be blind. That's the kind of perceptive comment that I love reading in your work. Right after you read it, you think it's so true as to be bleedingly obvious, but you'd never have been able to say it so well yourself. "You" in this case being the editorial "you," not you Nightwing.

-- Finally, the boys sit and have an honest discussion. They've needed to sit and have this out for a while now.

-- The sound target. Won't be much use in a battle (or perhaps it might come in handy if there aren't a whole lot of enemies), but it's a lovely way for Legolas to keep in shape, and the skill gained might be of use when one is trying to shoot down a Nazgūl in the dark, to use a random example.

-- Aragorn and Legolas are going to learn about the joys of matzah, I think.

-- Aragorn's penance of looking for the stray arrows.

e_vrouwReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/23/2004
You let him shoot!
Now the question is... does he hit anything?

I like the idea of Aragorn having to search for Legolas's arrows because he only has four. In most stories, and in the movies, Legolas seems to have an endless supply. You make the story very realistic by only giving him a limited number.

Plus, as Aragorn says:
"Wonderful. I must seek green and brown fletched arrows in the pre-winter forest. Can we not dye them red first?"
Legolas will have a different way of getting even with Aragorn next time. He'll just miss the target. :)
(p.s. I doubt he'll actuall do that since he only has four :-( )

I want to thank you for the information about elves getting cold in canon.
I notice that you actually use the questions and comments of reviewers in your story. There are a lot of people who don't, so on behalf of all your reviewers I thank you!

One last note: My mother actually bakes her own bread. I can garantue you, it's horrible if you don't get all the ingredients right. I tried it once with my father when my mother was away. The birds didn't even want it.
Aragorn is in for a big suprise, if he really thinks it's that simple. :)

Hope you update soon (no pressure)

Finally Tithlam has some more socks to steal. ;)

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/22/2004
I have been following this story for some time and wanted you to know how terrific I think it is! Lots of tension, humor, cliffhangers (ugh!), and Legolas (sigh!) I've just today discovered how to leave a review (I believe it's called "reading the fine print at story's end" ;) and will try to encourage as much as possible. Your writing style is very good - with just the right blend of pain (emotional and otherwise), and humor. Your characters and their interactions with each other are totally believable, and I really enjoy the Legolas and Aragorn friendship, complete with well-considered elf threats!! I'm trusting and hoping for some sort of resolution to Legolas' blindness - poor sweet elf - tho' I've found his adjustment to it fascinating. Thanks for a wonderful story!

AlinaReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/22/2004
Hey, great you updated!! I was waiting for for Legolas“ point of view, I think it is spot on. Not that I have an idea what it is like to be blind, but I do know what it feels like to deal with a terrifying situation, and your description of fear, hope and despair flowing into each other hits the nail on the head.
Your little comment before the chapter made me slightly nervous - should Aragorn be the one to get hurt or sick, or should the two get separated things would turn very nasty indeed...
I will be looking forward to your next chapter - keep up the great work!!

IthilienReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/21/2004
Oh, wow! That last paragraph . . . I knew it was coming. . . I could feel the build . . . but still . . . Oh, Nightwing! I rejoiced in the words. It was a very moving close to the chapter. I commend you! Nice job!

Actually, I knew it would all work out. I'll bet Legolas hones his skills in no time. It was just a matter of drawing that bow and accepting the fact that he might miss for a while. I'm also willing to bet that he will come to realize, as proficient as he once had been, he could have shot with his eyes closed, and now that is essentially what he is doing. I'm glad he is using the leaves as his clue. Orcs are probably louder. And bad guys are known for being horrible at stealth, so I'll wager he gets his licks in in the end. But he needs more arrows. Four won't really do it when it comes to the Big Fight Up Ahead. Put fletching arrows on their list of winter chores.

It was wonderful of Alun and the boy to bring clothing. Treasure trove indeed. More socks! And warm boots. And gloves too. I wonder what the cat will think of gloves?

Yes, I understand now why the man did what he did. I like it when characters can admit their idiocy. It makes them so much more likeable when they are flawed, and it was a big mistake on Aragorn's part, but forgiveable because he confessed it and apologized for it. And better yet, Legolas seems to have forgiven.

But now, in the awful meandering of my mind, I'm wondering what you might do to get the elf's shirt off again. I'm still with Lisette. Keep him near naked, I say. Oh, but there is elf-torture ahead, yes? Maybe then, eh? For me?

LossenchristalReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/21/2004
Ooh, the suspense is killing me!;) At least it is good suspense this time! I KNOW that Legolas is going to hit that target!;) That last paragraph just made me smile! It was so unexpected, but so beautiful to see Legolas happy, at least for a second, and confident of what he was going to do. I loved it when he asked Aragorn if he could hear the leaves rustling on the twig! All of a sudden, a light went off in my head! *OH! I know what he is going to do!*

Ok, on other parts of the chapter, I am glad that Legolas has forgiven Aragorn, and I chuckled over the idea of Aragorn trying to make bread!:D I make whole wheat, handmade bread regularly, so I know some of the problems he may run into!:)
Thanks again for a great chapter! Please don't leave Legolas's arrow in mid-air too long!;)

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