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Very Nearly The Beginning...  by Grey Wonderer 44 Review(s)
Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/15/2008
I found myself giggling again when I read of the 'identical face' peering down... and then laughed out loud when Elrohir said the boy was lucky to hit the tree!... then 'yay'd' heartily when the stone missed the Rabbit... I loved how the Rabbit 'hopped' out of the way... and sadly read about the knife. Noooo!... another smile when Elrohir said the boy couldn't hit the ground even if he shot down... and I screamed, 'yikes' when Arwen strode out into the glade... and another 'yikes' when Elrond stood behind the two with his hand on their shoulders... I shudder to think on it... great scene between Arwen and her dad and as they walked towards home!... I truly hoped it was the case - that the toy had been o'erloved... The imagining the boys as adults was a bitter thought - tho I do hope Titch might have kept some of his innocence... Drat... I'm very glad that the Rabbit does not seem to have been life-long marred by his time with men...

Author Reply: I haven't written very many stories that involve Elves so I worried about how this might turn out. I have attempted stories with Legolas on occasion and I have one rather 'mad' crack-fic that the twins are in but nothing more.
I had fun attempting to write Elves and I'm glad you enjoyed this part.

This rabbit started out as a minor mention in a short story and has wound up hopping into more than a few stories. Fortunately, I don't think he recalls much of his life with the children of men so he seems fairly well-adjusted.

As to Titch, our good friend Knitted-Merry has written a bit more on that subject and posted it as an epilogue to this story!

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/15/2008
I'm going to start at the beginning, if you don't mind.... since I just found this...

I loved the phrase - 'he was merely travelling a bit.' Brought me a giggle... I smiled when Pip felt the Rabbit was his alone... and when he discovered it was Elvish... and the 'fill up my corners.' Delightful little phrases.

Author Reply: Why thank you. I am very glad you enjoyed this. I hadn't written anything for 'Errol' in a while and so I wasn't certain how this would be received. It's good to know that folks enjoyed it.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/15/2008
I've just found this delightful little tale... I love the idea of the Rabbit.

The Epilogue phrase about roasting by a forest witch was great! But I really hated Fred's threats! Nasty little boy...

Very nice tale - I'll have to read more of the Rabbit.

Author Reply: I don't know if Knitted-Merry is still on his vacation but just in case, I will reply here for him as I am very certain he would be pleased with your review.

KM has a way with words and his phrase about 'roasting by a forest witch' really was inspired! Fred wasn't at all nice and one can hope that *maybe* he grew out of that phase. Maybe.

KM, Errol, and I thank you for reviewing and most of the Rabbit's adventures are posted to Stories of Arda if you do decide to read more.

TopazTookReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/14/2008
I was very glad to see this continuation (or prequel, whatever) of Errol's adventures. He has his own unique perspective on Middle Earth, doesn't he? Errol is a favorite of mine among your characters, and it's good to get more of his backstory - although I'm still wondering about his Elvish name.

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for reviewing. Errol is blushing about now with all of your kind words about him.
I hope he plans to reveal his Elvish name to me at some point but I think he is saving it for a future story. We shall see.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/7/2008
Awww! Mom sure knows how to cheer up her little boy. But that brother is so mean! He deserves for a witch to fry him. This was such a fun story, thanks for sharing it.

Author Reply: KM is vacationing this week and has asked me to reply to *HIS* reviews so I shall do my best.
KM was happy to set everyone straight about Titch. He is pleased that you enjoyed the epilogue and he is hopeful that you will never become angry with him. Witches frying folks is certainly a serious type of revenge! It also takes a very big frying pan you know. Those are difficult to find.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/7/2008
So he didnít start out an Elvish rabbit, but the elves used their magic on him, and so now he is one. Iím glad Errol ended up with Arwen; naturally he would realize how lucky he was to be in Rivendell and owned by the Evenstar. But now you need to tell us how he came to be all the way in the Shire. *hinthint*

Author Reply: This was a story that I was supposed to write ages ago but am just now getting to. I was a bit worried about writing Elves so I kept putting it off. Yes, Errol has been around quite a while and he did start with humans and then wound up with Elves so he isn't completely Elvish. I hope to write the portion of the story that tells how Errol got to the Shire as soon as Errol lets me know what happened. LOL Eventually I hope to have the entire story! Thank you for reading.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 1 on 7/7/2008
So, Errol is an Elvish rabbit? But what is his name? I liked seeing Pippin so possessive over his toy, even if he is far too old to still have one. Will Errol now be given the Kingís children? How wonderful if Errol became the Rabbit of the Future King. :)

Author Reply: Thanks for reviewing this one. This part is a bit of a reprint with a few minor changes and is actually from "Freddy and The Thain's Rabbit". Thank you for reading.

cathleenReviewed Chapter: 2 on 7/2/2008
GW, I've always loved your wonderful character Errol. Actually, he is one of the very first ones I recall reading about when I first became involved in LOTR and started reading all the great tales on SOA (still my favorite site) and gradually picking out the stories, characters, and writers I liked best. You've created a wonderful, multi-faceted little guy who still has a great deal more to tell us, I'm quite sure. Each story you write reveals a little more, yet he always retains a bit of mystique about him. Thanks for sharing this, and I look forward to more!

Author Reply: Thank you for this lovely review and for reading. I had not written anything about Errol in quite a while so it is good to know that folks are still interested in him. Take care. GW

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 7/1/2008
Awww! Now that was lovley! KM, in all his magnificence, can spin a brilliant yarn! And Titch most certainly would make a good shephard with that gentle spirit of his. But...there is still that burning question that I've had. I think Errol/KM the Mag has more tales to tell than he's told already. ;-)

Author Reply: KM is vacationing this week and has asked me to reply to *HIS* reviews so I shall do my best.

KM was very pleased with your review because you recognized his brilliance at once. He thinks you are very observant.

KM knows all of Errol's secrets or so it seems and if Errol doesn't soon fess up then I may just have to plead with KM and see if I can get more information from him. The Rabbit is very quiet about some things and, as you have mentioned, KM is brilliant at spinning a yarn.

If he weren't on vacation now then I am certain KM would thank you for having the very good taste to read his epilogue.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: Epilogue 2 on 6/30/2008
Marvelous! Oh, nasty big brothers! Mine could be like that! And like Tithemus better and better! Lovely!

Author Reply: KM is vacationing this week and has asked me to reply to *HIS* reviews so I shall do my best.

KM was delighted to be able to give folks a better look at Tithemus' character and he is pleased that you enjoyed reading it. He enjoys reviews in which the word 'Marvelous!' appears. Thank you!

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