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Concerning Sam  by Kara's Aunty 4 Review(s)
GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 2 on 1/17/2009
*giggles* I love Farlibar as the overeager new cook panting for a compliment. Poor Sam, though. I can just imagine what his dreams must entail, and the sleeping in certainly isn't doing him any good on that account. You get into Sam's head so well here, with his self-recrimination and imagings of being scolded by the Master in the common room of the inn, and his firm belief that nothing comes from lingering over the past.

I thought it was an interesting note in your reply to my last review re: Sam's wearing of the Ring. While he was wearing it on his finger the majority of the day, I never stopped to calculate that this was indeed longer than Frodo has ever worn. I would argue against Bilbo though, as he too was knocked unconscious while wearing the Ring during the Battle of Five Armies, and he wore it for the majority of the time while hiding in Thranduil's caverns. Of course, the Ring was not yet fully awake at that time, so it would not be so damaging to Bilbo as it was to Sam, on the brink of Mordor during the height of the War. I don't know if the Ring is able to work on someone if they're not awake, though you could certainly make a case for it, as whether sleeping or awake, the psyche is still there, constantly going. It's intriguing and I will have to mull it over and see where the idea takes me. :D


Author Reply: Hello Gamgeefest,

wow, it's a real treat to get a review for this story so many months after its completion, so thank you!

Thanks for your lovely words on getting inside Sam's head. I was trying to aim for just that; imagining his sensible hobbit arguements with his own mind and trying to put them on paper.

And I see your point about Bilbo. I hadn't really thought of that - I was thinking more along the lines of wearing it during its time of 'awakening' - something you've already mentioned yourself.

Tolkien was a bit ambiguous about the extent of the Ring's abilities and we know that Frodo's sleep was also disturbed throughout much of the quest, his burden being such a toil for him. I've just interpreted that in my own small way and used it as the basis for this story, so it may very well be that you read it and think 'hmm, not quite sure about that'. Don't worry, that's okay ;) We each interpret things slightly differently and that's what gives us such a breadth of topics to explore through fanfic!

I'm delighted to have you as a reader and hope that you enjoy the story.

M ;)

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/7/2008
I really shouldn't laugh - but I certainly know what you mean about the Muse pointing her spear at you until you continue writing.

Delightful chapter... going on for more! I think you did really well with this!

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/7/2008
Poor Sam! I am sure it has to upset him to think he can't eat a proper hobbit breakfast!

And Merry probably will be worried about him if he shows up!

I am really enjoying this--I recced it at my LJ!

Oh, and by the way "Farlibar" is an excellent hobbit name!

CeleritasReviewed Chapter: 2 on 10/6/2008
I found most interesting in this chapter the little hints at how other hobbits look at the rather famous Samwise--from young Farlibar's (interesting name, that. Sounds hobbitty, but I can't quite place the family) expectantly looking at his cooking to the "unreasonable public figures" talk. Evidently that fellow hasn't heard of Sam's origins yet!

Re: the other review and your appreciated extensive replies--the nightshirt wasn't at all too Frodo-ish. I was more or less just gloating that I'd caught the reference; since we have almost no evidence as to how Sam felt after the Grey Havens anything--especially things that make the reader think, which that certainly did--would work. If residual Ring-longing wasn't the trouble, it can still be interpreted as some sort of semi-perceived sympathy pangs (I'd like to think that Frodo would be completely healed at this point, but Sam doesn't know that and won't know for sure until he goes there himself).

With newer writers, if they do an expected amount of research (you certainly have and more besides!), I (and I suspect just about everyone else on this site) am willing to look over any perceived glitches on your part--which I haven't found, although if I unbottled my cantankerous alter ego she probably would because she finds bones to pick with everything, including my own stuff--in favor of the fresh perspective that a new author always brings.

With "alright," I wasn't criticizing the word choice; only the spelling. The two words "all right," signifying the same thing, have been around far longer. I'm a bit of a prescriptivist, which is the only reason I brought the whole thing up. I'm actually now digging through my copy to see if Tolkien had any of the hobbits use it, but it hardly matters.

Don't be daunted by U.S. usage if you have an idea for more U.S.-type fan fiction--I'm sure there are sites in other fandoms as supportive as this one that would be more than willing to help. Back when Harry Potter fan fiction was at its peak there were a number of betas called "Britpickers" who would go through Americans' work and recommend changes based on UK usage; I'm sure that with little effort you could find a SW geek to do something similar.

I did see that this has already been posted elsewhere, but I think I'd rather stay on this site because I've found that good things come to those who wait! And so I await more...

Author Reply: Ah Celeritas!
I love your descripive reviews!

I know you weren't criticising with 'alright' - no problems there (or anywhere). I was laughing at the bit where you said you were 'gloating' that you'd caught the nightshirt reference. I think subconciously I put it in as a reference to troubles to come and not necessarily that he desired it, but I'd forgotten that after I wrote it; just knew there was a reason so I left it as it was and if it made you feel that you'd noticed something juicy - excellent!

All of your lovely comments have made me happy that you are finding some pleasure in this story, especially the 'good things come to those who wait' one.

I could continue here for the rest of the night, but I just got in from work (It's now 18:55 GMT) and I've several other reviews to reply to (including another one of yours - God bless you), not to mention another chapter (or two) to post, so I'll speak to you later.

Byee :)


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