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Concerning Sam  by Kara's Aunty
It is the 14th year of the Fourth Age and Aragorn Elessar, King of Gondor is troubled by one brave Hobbit. A study of the One Ring's possible effects on the other Ringbearer long after Frodo has departed. Featuring Sam, Aragorn and some surprise guests. UK English, book compliant I hope. Major overhaul of this fic as of 07/02/2010. Really sorry folks, but I've had to hide each chapter then repost instead of simple updates, as the Javascript feature is giving me some problems. No need to reread.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Seeing Stone10
Chapter  2: Long lie-ins and Big Breakfasts4
Chapter  3: A Royal dilemma6
Chapter  4: A Merry encounter5
Chapter  5: A Trip to Mordor?6
Chapter  6: The Trials of Meriadoc Brandybuck (begin)6
Chapter  7: An unexpected visitor5
Chapter  8: An unpleasant interlude5
Chapter  9: Reinforcements!4
Chapter 10: Of Kings and Gardeners5
Chapter 11: The Fellowship of the Ring-bearer4
Chapter 12: Friends in need are Friends indeed6
Chapter 13: Harthad Uluithiad11

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