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Concerning Sam  by Kara's Aunty 6 Review(s)
GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 6 on 5/18/2009
I think even the most unobservant healer would notice after a time that forced feeding doesn't work, and Tubbit seems to be rather sharp. It isn't like bleeding a patient, when sometimes the patient would get better despite this rather dangerous practice, thus encouraging its continued use. Perhaps we can chalk this up to a momentary lapse of judgment due to exhaustion; we all have them.

Speaking of exhaustion, poor Merry really needs to some help in attending to Sam. He should at least try taping Sam's hands to keep him from getting at his bandages so Merry can catch a few winks.

But it seems help is coming....

Author Reply: Hi Gamgeefest,

Sorry about the delayed response, but I've not been having a break from fanfic for a couple of months (writing it anyway) and have only this morning logged back in.

Thanks for your continued reading of this story, I'm glad you enjoy it enough to return to it when you can.

Am a bit puzzled by the initial comments, though, as there is a warning note at the top of the chapter...

Am glad nonetheless for your feedback, m'dear!

Kara's Aunty ;)

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/9/2008
Oh man, what a sight - physically for Merry, spiritually for Sam whose nightmare landscape he is still lost in. But Merry's right -

"The Ring might think Itís got you, but It doesnít know the Samwise Gamgee that we do and It doesnít know your friends either."

Exactly! Keep fighting, Sam! You are so united in heart and soul to your Frodo, that I would think he would know of your trouble also, and be able to assist you - the Ring doesn't have a chance!

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/9/2008
Poor Merry! I know that he's worried sick himself. But true to his nature he always has a plan, and plenty of determination. And Elladan and Elrohir are already on their way?

I wonder...did Aragorn or Arwen get word to them somehow?

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/8/2008
I too cringed at the thought of the 'forced' feeding... but I had a feeling that was going to be your 'reason' for having it done that way. I can accept it, yet I did cringe.

Also, I was a tad disturbed that Merry would have shared so much with the doctor... it just doesn't ring quite 'safe' even tho the Travelers are returned and the Ring is destroyed... just felt odd.

However, Sam's state and Merry's horror at finding him thus made those things seem small compared to the rest of it.

I enjoyed this chapter (if one can say one enjoyed poor Sam suffering so) and will continue to read.

Author Reply: Hello Agape4Gondor,

Thank you again for your review (every single chapter so far - wow)

I should have thought to put a medical disclaimer on Chapter 5 perhaps, I did actually put the 'forced' liquids in to state the (sometimes dangerous) naivete of Hobbits - especially the older generation who would be stuck in their ways - but I just assumed that people reading it would know NEVER to do such a foolish thing, given our society's medical knowledge.

However, I'll refer to a disclaimer in this evening's chapter and that should cover it. I don't trust myself yet to amend a published chapter in case I delete it!

Regarding what Merry told the healer. I see your point, but I felt it was important to Sam's healer that he should have a general idea of what the root cause of his illness may be in order to best evaluate any treatment he may give. Merry did only give him the basic details and as the Ring was already destroyed, I deemed there to be no danger of such a confidence to a 'medical professional'. I worked on the assumption that healers take some sort of Hippocratic Oath (officially or otherwise) and that any info shared with them regarding patients health would be confidential - as it is with us.

I hope that these explanations ease your mind somewhat. I know how you feel though - if I spot something that doesn't feel quite right, I'd say something too!!

Anyway, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it despite everything and I hope that future chapters keep you entertained just as much :)

Take care,


SurgicalSteelReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/8/2008
So far, I'm thinking this an interesting concept, and I'm overall enjoying this.

I have a medical quibble, though, and it's with the giving fluids to an unconscious person and either hoping they'll swallow (which they almost certainly won't) or stroking their throat to make them swallow. Stroking the throat to make them swallow just doesn't work, and in fact increases the chance of whatever fluid you've given them going into their trachea rather than their esophagus.

There are ways of getting fluid into an unconscious person even without IVs, but this isn't one of them, I'm afraid.

I do hope you continue the story, because it's enjoyable, but this is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

Author Reply: Hello Surgical Stell,
nice to have you on board as a reader (and reviewer).

I'm glad you're enjoying the storyt, it's been a lot of fun writing this!.

I know exactly what you mean with the fluid intake, but bear in mind that Hobbits do not posses the medical know how or technology we do today. There are no needles, 0.9% Saline infusions or IMEDs to administer intravenous fluids in ME. And even though in the post-Quest years they would have had slightly more contact with Elves & Men, Hobbits were still a rather reclusive race and generally shied away from 'foreign' influences.

I used artistic licence for this chapter and imagined what simple folk like Hobbits may do in such a situation in an era set many thousands of years before our own scientific advancement. Healer Tubbit is also an older Hobbit and would have preferred the use of his own tried and tested methods, rational or otherwise to you and me.

With our knowledge, we would never dream of doing something so dangerous, but unless someone's invented nasogastric tubes and litmus paper in Sam's time, stroking the throat (however it makes us cringe - and believe me, as a trained nurse I cringed writing it) will have to do.

I am really pleased though that you reviewed and especially that you picked up on that point, because it's always made me uneasy and I fell better for having explained my reasons behind it. I hope I haven't offended you;and that you enjoy the rest of the story.

M :)

CeleritasReviewed Chapter: 6 on 10/8/2008
Ooh, it's cameo time!

How did the twins know? Because they're awesome, that's why. :-P (Aside from that I'm not sure. Maybe some Osanwe with their sister?)

The chunks o' hair stuff was... ouch. Pretty much my entire reaction to the first bit of everything.

The idiom about potatoes was stellar. I love hobbit idiom.

Finally, since Sam's delirious anyway I wonder if Merry's good enough at imitating Frodo's voice to fool him into wellness. "No, Sam, you haven't failed me; stop being such a [insert Gaffer's derogatory term here]." Hehe!

Author Reply: Celeritas,

you are so funny - 'insert Gaffer's derogatory term here' - just brilliant!

Glad you liked the roasting mashed potatoes idiom, I made that up, but it's so Sam.

I'm about 20 mins away from posting the next chapter (if this Javascript doesn't rearrange the words of its own volition again), so stay tuned.

'insert Gaffer's derogatory term' - laughing my head off!


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