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Concerning Sam  by Kara's Aunty 5 Review(s)
GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 7 on 5/18/2009
I like the idea that Gandalf asked Radagast to keep an eye on the remaining Ringbearer. Radagast is in the best position to do so and to call for aid at need. Merry will be comforted to know that Gandalf didn't leave them completely without assistance. It's good that Radagast acted on the news he was receiving so quickly. The twins will be just in time to help Sam.

AntaneReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/9/2008
Thank God for Radagast and Gandalf for thinking of alerting his brother Maia to the possibility that Sam might be ailing as well. I have read that Radagast failed in his mission when he became so enamoured with the birds and beasts and they with him, but if he had not, could he be in such a position to aid Sam in his hour of need? See how it is that Iluvatar can use anything? Even if Radagast said it, He could saying it also: “For I would be a poor tender of Nature if I allowed her to be deprived of such a guardian."

Namarie, God bless, Antane :)

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/9/2008
Ah, Radagast! It's so delightful to see him. I was always rather sorry that he had been relegated to a moth in the films.

I enjoyed the bit of brotherly teasing at the beginning.

I don't think he sounded like another Gandalf; but of course he'd sound more formal among Elves.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/8/2008
A good chapter. Answered a few questions. I did have to laugh at the beginning though... 'Two weeks earlier' reminded me of a Seinfeld episode I just watched....

One wee quibble - the Elves, I think, would not have used Rivendell for Imladris....

Good chapter.

Author Reply: Hello again!

I don't watch Seinfeld, so don't quite get the reference, but I'm glad nonetheless it tickled your funny bone! Writing the brothers was fun and a wee bit of humour was needed, I think....

Rivendell. Absolutely no arguement there. So why didn't I change it if I agree? I have actually finished this story and am posting 2 chapters an evening to SoA, but I 'clean' each chapter before posting it here so that it's the 'best' it can be.

When I'm satisfied, I follow the usual procedure of adding the chapter on to the site, reading through it again then adding it to the actual story and finally previewing before I publish.

But whenever I press the Preview button, I find out that the Javascript which 'worked hard to clean the chapter' has actually rearranged some of the words/paragraphs!

Every time I re-edit when this happens, and then preview again, the original error is fixed, but Javascript has kindly given me a new ons in its place!! GRRR! I have to read through each chapter 5 or 6 times before I post it to make sure its in the correct order before I finally publish. Frustrating beyond belief because what should only take 30 mins is dragging out to two hours each time I post.

So last night, I did spot the Rivendell reference - after the 5th time reading, previewing, re-editing and generally being sick of the sight of my own writing and I just thought 'stuff it, it's staying!"

Not v. professional, I know. But it was either that or pull my hair out and you know what happened to Sam when he did that....

Glad you're reading, liking and reviewing. It makes my day when you do!


CeleritasReviewed Chapter: 7 on 10/8/2008
Well, that answers Merry's questions/worries about everyone who can help getting left behind. Go Radagast! (And go Gandalf for his amazing foreseeing skillz.)

Glad to know that help is arriving in a timely fashion. Once this nightmare delirium is over there's going to be a ginormous Sam Appreciation Club Intervention in the Frogmorton Inn... which will doubtless please the proprietess, since because he's a stubborn Gamgee I doubt it'll take less than a day!

I liked the sidenote on athelas--especially how it becomes less effective when self-administered. Somehow I'm not surprised.

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