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Snowbirds  by Fiondil 14 Review(s)
Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/25/2014
Oooops!My mistake, I was confusing Vardamir and Vorondil.
Please don't think I have anything against Catholics. Of course your spirituality will come through in your stories. Your stories have a lot of spirit in them and I appreciate them a lot for that. Please also know that the Wise Woman/Healer of the tribe *is* what I mean by Witch.
With love and respect, The Dude abiides

Author Reply: It's easy enough to confuse the characters, especially when their names are pretty similar. And while *you* may call Andreth a witch, Tolkien would be appalled simply because he would insist that she was not Wiccan. Of course, neither was she a Christian, but she was a monotheist, which, as I understand it, Wiccans are not or not strictly so. At any rate, I think "wise woman" is a safer title to use and less fraught with negative connotations.

DianaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 4/24/2014
I i Fiondil,
Since I have to wait between episodes of EA3 now I have time to read other stories of yours and others. I just read this one and I really liked it. There are a lot of gaps in my knowledge of your story-line because I haven't read EI yet, but I get a lot of the gists. It is a very sweet story looking at grief, yearning, self- examination, and of course trust in the higher powers (your Catholicism pokes its head out frequently in your stories *grin*). I look forward to reading about this witch who Finrod talked with. Where is she?
The story of the Snowbirds seems rather familiar to me. Did you base it on a real legend or folktale?
Funny to think of the healer in this story as the same person who is currently being such a jerk in EA3! I guess we can't be perfect ALL the time!*grin*
Thanks for the lovely tale.

Author Reply: Hi Diana. Catholics aren't the only ones who trust in a higher power, but I admit that I draw heavily on my own faith tradition when writing my stories, just as Tolkien did.

Andreth was not a witch in the sense that you mean. She was simply a wise-woman, probably the village midwife as well as the keeper of the clan's memory. Her story is found in the "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth", which is in one of the Histories of Middle-earth, "Morgoth's Ring". It makes for interesting reading, but it's heavily influenced by Tolkien's Catholic Christian upbringing, just to warn you. *grin*

And I didn't base the snowbird on any one particular legend or folktale and after all this time, I can't even remember where I came up with the idea of them.

And the healer in this story is Vorondil, a character found in "Elf, Interrupted". Ešrnur is mentioned here, but he isn't part of the story per se.

I'm glad you enjoyed reading this. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.

Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 1 on 12/4/2010
Atar Fiondil,

I never reviewed this? Really? I can't believe the very least, I hope I gave you a private review. Well, it's winter again, and I'm rereading this story with joy in my heart. I love Nyereser here, and I'm glad he left the snowbird figures for Finrod and Vorondil. A family tree for Laurendil/Manwen and Vorondil's families would be a nice thing to have, genealogy freak that I am, LOL. snow...make up your mind, Vorondil! Hehe. And Irmo...of course he's always right, that's why he's the Vala!

Hmm...Amdir and Estel, two characters I know and love, besides being two kinds of hope. It really is a pity that Aran Amdir of Lothlorien (although I think it had a different name, then?) never got the chance to meet least, this side of Arda. Perhaps when the World is Remade? *nudges the bunny toward Atar Fiondil*

I'm so glad to have rediscovered this tale and finally reviewed. Eru's blessings.

Tye-melin, atar indonyo!


Author Reply: Hi Kaylee. Well, like they say, better late than never. *LOL* I do appreciate you taking the time to review this story and I'm very glad you rediscovered the tale and enjoyed it as much the second time as the first. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

Eru bless. Tye-melin,
Atar Fiondil

TariReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/16/2009
Beautifully said. I do hope this is the beginning of many wonderful chapters.

Author Reply: Sorry, Tari. This is just a one-shot at the moment. Perhaps some day there will be more to tell, but at the moment there isn't. Glad you liked it, though. Thanks for letting me know.

Agape4GondorReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/7/2009
I knew it was going to snow! I just knew it!!! Poor Vorondil.

I do so like this little view of him - all grown up. Very nice indeeed... though there is still the 'flavor' of the elfling about him.

I have to think this chapter over a few times... well written, but you say so much to my fea - that I must contemplate further.

Another author wrote an ending that I found difficult and I used your name in vain, telling her that you helped me to come to terms about dreams and not losing them...

Ever you cause me to think, Master Fiondil. Thank you.

Author Reply: Vorondil just can't be satisfied... wants snow, doesn't want snow. *grin* Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this one, Agape, and that it spoke to you so much. Thanks for letting me know.

ellieReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/7/2009
WOW! How profound! A wonderful reminder for Finrod and a good lesson for him, too. I never know what little gems I will find in your stories. This one had lots of them. Nicely done!

Author Reply: I'm glad you enjoyed this Ellie. Thanks for letting me know.

KittyReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/7/2009
"I miss him, too, though I donít really know why. At best, he was annoying, and at worst, he was... um... annoying as well," *snicker* Well summarised, Iíd say!

Uh huh Ė and here I thought Glorfindel was rebellious sometimes! But Finrod isnít any better in that regard here, and he very obviously doesnít like being manipulated, either. He was a bit difficult to deal with here. But I do understand Ė it is obvious that he has problems to come to term with Ešrnurís fate, and I thought it rather touching that he is so worried Glorfindel could have a similar fate. But, as Vorondil said Ė itís Glorfindel weíre talking about *grin*
Though I really think Finrod needs to talk to Ešrnur, and soon. He'll feel better after it.

Our dear Vorondil has matured a great deal since EI Ė was enjoying the part where he acted the healer. And he can be very wise now. Quite the contrast to that confused, insecure elfling we know so far. But sometimes the good old elfling is coming through, and thatís fun, too.

The bit with the snowbirds was nice, and to see Nyťreser again, too. And itís so true what was said about hope.

Author Reply: Hi Kitty. I can't believe I didn't respond to this review when you wrote it last year! Mea culpa. Not sure why. I only realized I hadn't because someone just left a review for the story and I saw that I hadn't responded to your review. Sorry about that.

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this story and I want to thank you for your reviews. I appreciate them very much.

RadbooksReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/7/2009
I really enjoyed this... oh, yes, love and trust are so very, very important, aren't they? It was nice seeing Vorondil grown up and in 'healer' mode. Reading Messenger I hadn't thought about them worrying about Glorfindel being in a similar situation, but that would be such a natural reaction. I had a feeling Irmo knew it was going to snow when he promised no rain... sneaky Vala! :)

Very enjoyable tale.

Author Reply: Hi, Radbooks. I'm glad you enjoyed this tale. Obviously we know that Glorfindel's situation is completely different from what happed with Ešrnur but their friends don't know this and can only hope that he is well. And of course Irmo knew it was going to snow instead of rain... that's why he's the Vala, as he said. *grin*

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/7/2009
I see that my Frodo isn't the only one to rejoice in the first snowfall of the season! Heh!

And trust is necessary for them as it is for Aragorn and Frodo and Sam.

Author Reply: As the Valar keep saying, estel (hope/trust) is what lies at the foundation of the universe. Without it, we having nothing but chaos.

Independence1776Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 1/6/2009
*snickers* I love that Vorondil wants snow in the first part of the story and complains when he recieves it later on.

"'Iím always right,' Irmo interjected smugly. 'Thatís why Iím the Vala and youíre not.'
All three elves stared at the Lord of Lůrien in disbelief. EstŽ rolled her eyes and muttered something too low for them to hear; Irmoís smile only broadened." Disbelief is right! And I am very curious as to what EstŽ said.

Oh, dear. Yes, Finrod has some issues to work through, and they are completely justified in my opinion.

Methinks Finrod needs to actually *talk* to Ešnur.

Yup- I like Nyťreser more and more each time we meet him. He knows exactly the right thing to say, no matter how painful.

"You little understand the burden of foreknowledge that Lord NŠmo endures, the necessity of allowing events to play themselves out as they must." I don't think any beside the Valar, and perhaps not all of them, understand the burden he bears.

I do not envy the Valar their task. Their's is the task of any leader, only writ larger than we can possibly comprehend.

"For one thing, this is Glorfindel weíre talking about and for another, it was not the Valar who asked Glorfindel to return to EndůrŽ as you well know." Hmm... I can think of two possibilities: Eru or Ešrendil. But I'll wait patiently for it to be revealed in EI.

Love the working of Finrod ah Andreth- fits the story perfectly. And I hope Finrod does follow his own advice!

Love the two snowbirds at the end. Did Nyťreser make them?

*snickers* Snowball fight!

Wonderful, thought provoking story.

~ Indy

Author Reply: Thanks, Indy. I'm glad you enjoyed this fic. I tried not to give too much away about Glorfindel or what has happened to everyone else since much of the backstory still needs to be addressed in EI2, but Rhyselle wanted a story from after The Last Messenger and I had to be careful not to give too much away.

As to who made the ceramic snowbirds... I think Nyťreser had a hand in their making. It's just the sort of thing he would do. *grin*

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