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Holding Back the Flood  by shirebound 389 Review(s)
Cuthalion97Reviewed Chapter: 19 on 3/2/2019
What an interesting way to tie everything together! I like the idea about that white jewel . . . I think that one of the joys of reading Tolkien's stories is that they tie back to themselves and each other. . . Perhaps a little bit like reading Dickens? Hmm. I'm not sure, but either way, you do that overall feeling justice with the white jewel.

As for the rest of the story, I liked Glorfindel very much. I am one of those people who despise badly written characters, and Glorfindel is all-too-often, if I may use the word, mutilated. :) He is good here, though! And Elrond uses his powers, which is always great to see. My favorite part was the part with Glorfindel, Legolas and Gimli, where Gimli brings in that little tree. :D

Oh - Boromir was well-written. There are two kinds of Boromir authors that I do *not* like: the kind that idealizes his character, and the kind that demeans his character. Neither are accurate, and therefore both are to be avoided, as far as I am concerned. Thus, I was overjoyed to find him well-written here! :D

Author Reply: Oh my, thank you. It's important to me to be as true to the essence of each character as possible, whatever the story. I think I first tried writing Glorfindel back in 2003 in "By Chance or Purpose", and Boromir waaaay back in 2002 in "Avalanche" and again in "Whispers of the Dragon". The characters are as multi-layered as the Professor's tale itself, and it's satisfying to really research and weave them into a new story.

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 15 on 6/14/2017
I first discovered this story back in early 2014, I think it was (or maybe it was in late 2013--I can't remember now). I've read it repeatedly in the years since.

I just love the comfort scenarios that pervade the latter chapters, including this one! I especially love the comfort that Sam is getting at this point in the story.

There's just one thing missing in this story, I'm thinking. Frodo gets to wake up to talk with Gandalf, but Sam doesn't get to--in the scene you wrote, he sleeps through Gandalf's visit. Also, neither of them are shown interacting with Bilbo while they're confined to bed. I know it's too late to add either of those scenarios to this story since it's finished, but would you be willing to write a gapfiller to "Holding Back the Flood" in which a bedfast Sam also gets to interact with Gandalf, and in which both hobbits, while in bed, get to interact with Bilbo? He had to be relieved that Sam was safe, no less than he was about Frodo. What do you think?

Author Reply: What a compliment to know that someone re-reads one of my stories. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. I'm insatiable when it comes to comfort. My first introduction to LOTR fanfiction was in early 2002 when I was scouring for stories in which the hobbits received healing and comfort.

No current plans for a gap filler, but... you never know what the future will bring. :)

PSWReviewed Chapter: 12 on 10/19/2016
I've been reading through this again, and am reminded of how much I really liked this one. And then I come across 'Don't get your foot hair in a frazzle.' :-P Nice....

Author Reply: Thank you so much for re-reading! That line is actually my favorite in the whole story. *beams*

PSWReviewed Chapter: 19 on 11/11/2015
And, a good ending! Enjoyed this story, it was fun to see the Fellowship interact before they were all on the road in danger. :-) Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: I'm so happy you enjoyed this. *beams*

PSWReviewed Chapter: 17 on 11/11/2015
Ha! This chapter was fantastic -- Boromir so confused, and the hobbits (and the rest of them, really) like herding cats... :-P And 'do not mistake innocence for ignorance.' Yes, I like that...

Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: Thank you! It's such fun to write humorous banter (and hobbit logic) into encounters with the Big Folk. They're so easily confused. :)

PSWReviewed Chapter: 14 on 11/10/2015
*Sigh* I have to go to bed now -- I was trying to finish, but it's not going to happen. But, I just wanted to say I am really enjoying this story! I like your take on Legolas and Gimli here -- is a nice approach to think they might have started to get to know each other and get along before the Fellowship headed out. As usual, Aragorn is fantastic :-), and I do like Sam to get his time in the sun, as it were -- I think he's my favorite hobbit, though they do all have their charms...

Thanks for writing!

Author Reply: Thank you so much! I love true "fellowship" stories, even if at this time they hadn't quite formed their bonded group yet. It was nice to give Sam so much attention for a change... usually he's the caregiver, or quiet helper of the group. :)

KathyGReviewed Chapter: 19 on 4/21/2014
I just love this story! I loved it on, and I love here, too.

You should write more Sam H/C stories! I love reading them. =)

Author Reply: My apologies for such a late response to your review, Kathy! I just discovered your kind comments for this final chapter. I absolutely loved writing this story, and am really happy you enjoyed it so much.

PipMerReviewed Chapter: 1 on 6/5/2010
I have been reading last year's MEFA winners, and have just now started reading this. Great beginning, Janet! I know you finished this awhile ago, but I thought I'd leave you a drive-by review :)

Author Reply: Many thanks, Pip! I hope you enjoy the story. It was a real challenge to write, and great fun to let it unfold.

Linda HoylandReviewed Chapter: 18 on 5/22/2010
What a lovely description of the feast. I felt as if I were there! The candles must have looked stunning and the tables.I'm pleased Aragorn could be present this time.

Author Reply: Thank you, Linda. I spent a lot of time trying to picture that feast hall, and what it might have been like. Aragorn deserved to be present at *one* feast, at least!

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 19 on 3/16/2010
Finally got to finish this! I love Pippin betting Merry over who will win the horse race, and Frodo slipping Pippin the basket while he was otherwise distracted. :D I also love that the crystal found its way back to the Fellowship, and lifted their hearts during a dark time. This is a great finale to a wonderful tale!

Author Reply: Thank you very much. I didn't know all the details about how I would wrap up the story until I started writing this chapter. So pleased you enjoyed it! :D

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