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Holding Back the Flood  by shirebound
Frodo is safe in Rivendell, or is he? When one of the Nazgūl makes a last attempt to reach him, Sam, Legolas, and Gimli are also caught in his snare... and Elrond’s powers are tested to the limit. Book-verse AU, h/c, and plenty of hobbityness (of course). The canon timeline has been altered to allow Aragorn to play a major role.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Sorcerer Prepares32
Chapter  2: A Fellowship Forming20
Chapter  3: A Clash of Cultures21
Chapter  4: Unexpected Consequences17
Chapter  5: Fire and Water26
Chapter  6: Taking Charge24
Chapter  7: Leaf and Stone17
Chapter  8: Channeling Hope21
Chapter  9: Songs of Power17
Chapter 10: Endurance19
Chapter 11: Breaking Through19
Chapter 12: Feeling No Pain21
Chapter 13: His Brother's Keeper20
Chapter 14: The Morning After16
Chapter 15: The Company of Friends17
Chapter 16: Contemplations17
Chapter 17: A Puzzling Tea Party25
Chapter 18: Thanksgiving17
Chapter 19: Let the River Run23

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