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JAM AND PUNISHMENT  by Grey Wonderer 17 Review(s)
6336Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 9/25/2011
Oh, what a con man Pippin would have made or a door to door salesman or even worse a telemarketer!


Author Reply: LOL Yes, he might have been very good as a con man. Merry sees the truth but everyone else is missing it. Thank you for reading this one. I love getting reviews on my older stories. It reminds me what I've written. hehehe

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/30/2009
I love this disclaimer! Pippin should do the disclaimers from now on. He makes them very entertaining to read! :D

Author Reply: He'd going to get a swelled head now. LOL
Maybe he can do every other one. Merry is going to want equal time.

GamgeeFestReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/30/2009
Saradoc was starting to wonder if anyone ever told this small child the truth about anything. Merry was lying to him about warts, Pervinca was trying to scare him into sharing biscuits, and Frodo was lying to him in order to keep him from crying. Who, exactly, was the little lad to trust?

ROTFLMAO! *wipes tears from eyes* Oh, GW! That was hilarious from beginning to end. I do love your impetuous Pippin and the ever put-upon Merry, the only one to ever see through Pippin's act. Poor Paladin! He must live in perpetual bewilderment with all of Pippin's stories. No wonder he can never manage to punish the lad! Esmeralda and Frodo have it right - let Merry do the punishing. Sure, that will mean more lies, but at least Pippin will learn not to leave a mess. :D How did Pippin ever grow up to be normal?

Author Reply: So, now you think that Pippin is normal? I bet Sam would argue that point with you. hehehe
So glad you liked it. You've given me quite a few good laughs this year so it's only fair. Thanks for reviewing!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/25/2009
ROTFLMAO!!! Oh, that little pipsqueak, lol! This was a complete delight to watch the *real* Master in action. ;-) Perhaps this answers why Pippin was so good at getting himself and Merry out of that "sticky" situation with the Uruk-Hai. That's our Pip! :-)

Author Reply: I am guessing that all of the lies told to Pippin made him very creative when he needed to lie about something. The poor Uruk-Hai never saw it coming, did they? hehehe

I do enjoy letting Pippin put folks at a disadvantage just with the amount of talking he does alone and then when he has a chance to give them back one of their lies, like with Frodo and the pancakes, I really enjoy doing it.

Glad you liked this one. Hope you're having a great week!

PIppinfan1988Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/25/2009
LOL -- *that* was cute! Very clever, and very creative. :-) I love your prologues; they're never boring. :-)

Author Reply: Why, thank you. I really do like trying to find ways to make the prologue more interesting and it's been a fun challenge to find new ways to do it. Glad you liked it.

AndreaReviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/25/2009
So, I guess I’d need to leave a mess even if the food was awful so folks would think I enjoyed it.


I know why Frodo is not particularly fond of this story!

But I really don't know if Pippin actually believed all those lies or if he just used them for his own advantage.

P.S.: If I remember right, Pippin said in *his* disclaimer that *the author* could not be held responsible (or sued). So, *you* are the author, but not Pippin :-D

(But no-one would harm him, he's far too charming!)

Author Reply: The bit about the mess is complete Pippin-logic. He follows his own drummer most of the time.

I really need to write something that Frodo can enjoy. It's been a while since I've given him one.

I think at that age, Pippin believed most of what he was told. I think he used it to his advantage, but I think he believed it. Later, I am quite certain that he didn't believe a word of it! hehehe

Yeah, Pip forgot to protect himself in the disclaimer, unless *he* actually wrote this and I just posted it...hehehe

Pip needs to research legal loop-holes better, doesn't he?

Thanks for reading!

harrowcatReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/25/2009
I love your disclaimers! Dare I even admit that your great works sit alongside THE Great Work on my reader!

Author Reply: Now, I am flattered beyond words.
Thank you!
The disclaimers started out as just something kind of silly and now they seem to have taken on a life all their own. Who would have guessed?

6336Reviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/25/2009
Good disclaimer, covers all the essentials and a joke too!

Author Reply: Everyone can use a joke now and then. : )
Glad you enjoyed the disclaimer.
In a way, the disclaimers have become my 'little joke'. hehehe

6336Reviewed Chapter: 1 on 5/25/2009
Conniving little rascal isn't he!

Author Reply: He wears them down with constant chatter, I think. Oh, and looking innocent and adorable might be of some help. : )

AndreaReviewed Chapter: Prologue on 5/25/2009
“I knew you’d approve of that,” Merry said rolling his eyes. “You’re in the real book much more than you are in this story.”

Frodo continued to smiled. “That, Meriadoc, is why the real book is considered to be a classic.”

LOL!!! Great disclaimer, G.W.

But a certain Peregrin Took should really be more careful about who he calls "less-than-clever". Someone might sue him ;-)

Author Reply: Why thank you. We do try with this disclaimers but I fear soon I will run out of ideas for them. They've become the real challenge to posting for me.

Hey, we can't be sued! There's a whole, long, disclaimer here. Didn't I cover the characters insulting people? I did, didn't I? Uh-oh, maybe Pip needs a Shire Lawyer. hehehe

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