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Tales from Vairë's Loom  by Fiondil 445 Review(s)
Kaylee ArafinwielReviewed Chapter: 10 on 8/16/2017
Dearest Atya,

Two and a half years. It's been two and a half years since Lord Námo took you from us, and almost eight years since you posted this tale. I've reread it often.

There's a solar eclipse coming up that will travel across the United States. I wonder if you knew it was coming. I wonder if you knew that when you wrote this story. It's been in the news a lot lately, as I'm sure you could imagine.

I suppose you've got the best seat in the house to watch, and you haven't got to worry about eye protection, either. *tearful smile*

I miss and love you every day, to the end of Arda and beyond, Atto. I'll use this tale to remind me that Darkness will never wholly overpower the Light, even if my heart feels darkened with grief.


Your yelde indonyo

Kaylee Arafinwiel

Amony Reviewed Chapter: 44 on 8/26/2014
poor ellon :( , to stay there while no one even acknowledged his existence, it tore my heart when he looked wistfully to the food, wants to taste it or even feel it but can't :'( , rather reminds me of (Pirates of the Caribbean) when the pirates were mere ghosts. when his body was moved, did his soul finally find rest in mandos?

Author Reply: Hi Amony. Aragorn will never know for sure but he hoped that his actions helped the Elf find rest in Mandos and we're hopeful, too. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Midnight PromiseReviewed Chapter: 6 on 7/30/2014

I am going through your fics again and enjoying it just as much as the first time. :-) I read this one and wondered if Elros every met any of his relations that might have come from Valinor? ;)

Thanks for your work,


P.S. Will there be another story for Maglor??? I am dying to know how his meeting with his family goes!

Author Reply: Hi MP. I'm glad you're enjoying my stories the second time around. I have no idea if Elros ever met any of his Valinórean relations, though I'm sure he met the elves who came to the island during his life time. And I can't promise another Maglor story at this time, but it's not outside the realm of possibility, so you never know. Thanks for leaving a review. I appreciate it very much.

Amna Abou Elela Reviewed Chapter: 17 on 7/26/2014
Well can you please add another chapter about the Winter Solstice, you haven't yet made it so, I think it well be very interesting, not to mention hilarious :D :D :D

Author Reply: Hi Amna. At the moment, I have no plans to write a sequel to this story describing what they end up wearing for the Winter Solstice. I'm afraid you'll just have to use your own imagination about that. I'm glad you enjoyed this one, though, and I appreciate you leaving a review. Thanks.

MongwenReviewed Chapter: 35 on 1/25/2014
Pardon me for picking nits here, but I think the date stamps in this chapter and a previous one are wrong. If I remember right, The Hobbit took place in T.A. 2941 and Estel was 10. The date stamp on this chapter is 2839, though, and the one in a previous one is also 28something. Just thought you might want to look into it. I'm one of those lurkers who reads and rereads and rereads your stories and several other authors, but doesn't write.

Author Reply: Hi Mongwen. Thank you so much for pointing out the error in the date stamp. I can't believe neither I nor my betas or anyone else noticed. Argh! I'll go hunt for the other story you mention and make the correction on that one as well. I'm glad you came out of lurker mode long enough to let me know about this. Too embarrassing.

shireboundReviewed Chapter: 30 on 7/7/2013
"We’re doomed!" Voronwë screamed. "The Valar hate us!"

"No!" Elendil screamed back. "So long as I draw breath, I will never believe that. If I die, I will die faithful to my oaths to them. They may indeed abandon us, but I will never abandon them. As Eru is my witness, I will remain true."

How marvelous and inspiring! Such an exciting scene.

Author Reply: Didn't expect to see a review of this after so long, Shirebound. I'm glad you found it so inspiring and exciting. Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it very much.

LaikwalâsseReviewed Chapter: 46 on 6/23/2013
finally someone is focusing on Celeborn. He surely deserves more attention. I can so sympathize with him knowing that something bad will come (at least from his POV) and he can do nothing. I agree with him that his wife is not fully innocent on this matter. She is playing matchmaker after all. Your description of Celeborn and Galadriel sounds so true. Galadriel searching Celeborn´s wardrobe was priceless. Thank you for this little piece. Lai

Author Reply: Hi Lai. He does indeed deserve more attention and I'm glad you think my descriptions of him and Galadriel sound true. I liked the image of her raiding his wardrobe for Aragorn's sake pretty amusing. Thanks for reviewing. I appreciate it.

CairistionaReviewed Chapter: 46 on 6/20/2013
I really enjoyed this, your giving Celeborn a well-deserved moment in the spotlight. He tends to be overlooked a little (okay, a lot) in fanfic (he and Gilraen really could form a support group...) and this story goes a long way in redressing that oversight. I love how "human", by which I mean multi-dimensional and real, with emotional depth, you write him and Galadriel in this story. They had to have had many conflicting and upsetting thoughts and feelings about Arwen's choice, and you've explored them in a way that's well in keeping with their roles as leaders in Middle-earth and as doting and concerned grandparents.

Galadriel raiding Celeborn's wardrobe was a hoot... I hadn't really thought about where she got Aragorn's Elf-lordly outfit but that makes perfect sense. *g*

"'No, you are not. I think you are something more,' Celeborn said quietly" I loved this line. Much as Celeborn wanted to fight it, he was seeing that Aragorn was indeed special, and worthy of Arwen.

Loved how Celeborn sought solace from his wife near the end of the story. Joy is always bound with grief at some level, and it was nice to see Celeborn and Galadriel finding comfort in their own love for each other.

I could go on, but I think you get the idea: I really loved this short tale. Well done on its Teitho placing!

Author Reply: I have long wanted to write something that highlighted Celeborn, because he gets no respect and little press, so when the "Capture" challenge came up in Teitho, deciding to write about Celeborn in this particular situation was an obvious, no-brainer. Celeborn is just plain cool to write about. There are depths to him that few, I think, have explored. Someday, I'd love to write a longer multi-chapter story highlighting him, allowing me to eplore him more fully.

Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed this story, Cairistiona. I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

TariReviewed Chapter: 46 on 6/19/2013
A first place story if ever there was one.

This is the first time I have seen a story focusing on Celeborn's feelings regarding Arwen's choice. Both he and Galadriel had to have felt great sorrow about losing their grandaugter. Tears shed were quite appropriate. It puts them in a much softer light. I had also thought Galadriel was a bit cold.

Author Reply: Hi Tari. Thanks. I am glad that it simply placed.

Celeborn doesn't get nearly as much press time as his wife, so I decided to rectify that omission and Galadriel puts on a good show but she's not a cold as one would think.

Thanks for taking the time to read and review. I really appreciate it.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 46 on 6/19/2013
Outstanding! You captured these characters and the situation beautifully.

Author Reply: Thanks, elliska. I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. Thanks for letting me know. I really appreciate it.

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