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Tales from Vairë's Loom  by Fiondil
A collection of ficlets, vignettes and short stories inspired primarily by prompts from a variety of different sources. Rating is for later stories. My thanks to Alassiel and Ellie for the beta.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Starting from Scratch14
Chapter  2: Waiting for Elwë12
Chapter  3: Morituri12
Chapter  4: A Slight Miscalculation10
Chapter  5: Eönwë Among the Edain 13
Chapter  6: Tenn’ Ambar-Metta11
Chapter  7: The Ban of the Valar7
Chapter  8: Mavoinë6
Chapter  9: To Stand Fast Against the Night5
Chapter 10: Sun-in-Eclipse11
Chapter 11: Beyond the Galvorn Door15
Chapter 12: Daughter of Fate 12
Chapter 13: Instruments of Love11
Chapter 14: The Exilic Noldo’s Guide to Coping with Post-Helcaraxë Stress Syndrome (or PHSS)9
Chapter 15: Estel en-Aderiad9
Chapter 16: A Mystery at Long Lake8
Chapter 17: What We Do for Love14
Chapter 18: The Blue Wizards’ Dilemma7
Chapter 19: Prayer for an Absent Son10
Chapter 20: Broken9
Chapter 21: Breath of Arda10
Chapter 22: The Case of the Balrog-slayer’s Second Best Sword8
Chapter 23: One Last Journey9
Chapter 24: Labyrinth Time11
Chapter 25: Moving On7
Chapter 26: Lament for a Dying Son11
Chapter 27: Milyëanyel12
Chapter 28: A Remembrance of Trees13
Chapter 29: Losing Something Precious12
Chapter 30: Any Port5
Chapter 31: The Last Gift9
Chapter 32: A Conversation with the Dead12
Chapter 33: Seeds of the Future5
Chapter 34: On the Naming of Names8
Chapter 35: The Young Mortal’s Guide to Trees10
Chapter 36: Mid-Summer Reflections6
Chapter 37: The Cost of Friendship9
Chapter 38: An Ostentation of Colors8
Chapter 39: Soul Song8
Chapter 40: A Chance Meeting on a Lonely Road7
Chapter 41: Winter Wolves 8
Chapter 42: Candle Burning Bright12
Chapter 43: From Argwon to Ethel9
Chapter 44: A Winter’s Tale13
Chapter 45: The Shadow of Lúthien8
Chapter 46: Ensnared by Hope10

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